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  1. I mean, can you blame him? The community painted him as a racist and sent him off in shame… now they’re destroying his legacy. I don’t think I’d want to sit with people that did me that way, either.
  2. It’s not a “bad” loss on the board, but just an overall poor product on the field by the Stangs. They’re leaving a lot of meat on the bone over there. I had the same thought. They’re not a bad team, they’re just better than what hit the field last night. WOS fan is coming to grips with being a good team, not a great or elite team anymore and it stings a little.
  3. That was a very emotional game, and I’m almost certain WOS only drew one unsportsmanlike late in the fourth for a late hit out of bounds on our sideline. That’s having your team under control… something neither coach can claim tonight.
  4. I'm thinking about going to this one... Trying to decide on which side ima sit. Should be more room on the WOS side, but I DID get to see a pretty decent fight (or should I say, co-ed intramural boxing match) amongst the Silsbee fans last time I sat with the maroon and white.
  5. I think it's Silsbee's game to lose, but we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that WOS just hung 50+ on Newton. I don't think Silsbee's defense has been tested yet this year. It shouldn't matter at the end of the day, but I wouldn't be surprised if this game is more of a shootout.
  6. Rivalry games are too hard to predict, but this one is Silsbee's to lose on paper. I think it'll be a higher scoring, closer contest than a lot of people are expecting.
  7. They’ve got two more wins than expected for the season
  8. Absolutely. They claimed CT was racist and needed to go. [Hidden Content] Edit…. That’s all ancient history now. We should be talking about the 2023 Stangs and what can be done to help them improve.
  9. I think it’s time for the Mustang Faithful to realize that the past is gone forever and isn’t coming back. You can’t simply hire an old assistant who has struggled elsewhere and expect a return to greatness… that ship has sailed. A decent coach will get y’all some wins, but unless you land another HOF level guy (and none of the former assistants y’all are yelling for are even winners, much less HOF level guys), you’ll be above average most years and that’s about it. Personally, I’d like to give a big shout out to all of the people who signed the petition to run CT out of town. Y’all got what you ordered… eat it up.
  10. No… it might be a bad year for the Mustangs, but it’s a bad year for us, too. We just gave up 50+ to Lum, but couldn’t score 50 of our own.
  11. Is this what they mean by the 50 defense? Giving up 50 points a game? We run it, too.
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