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  1. Well, as always, you’re completely wrong. There were 168 million registered voters in 2020. Do more than copy/paste. [Hidden Content] Table one…. But I’m sure you won’t believe it because it’s not some right wing nut job with no sourcing throwing the information out-THOSE guys you believe, lol. All they need to do is make a meme with something about election interference and you’re like “See?!!! PROOF!!!” Y’all are making people rich by buying their lies.
  2. It’s been explained over and over, you just can’t handle the truth. They’re running it back and Trump will lose bigly… again. Reading the same book twice won’t change the ending. Biden wins a cakewalk in 2024.
  3. And that’s where I’m strange I guess. In my mind, the grown men who would start a thread blaming the current President for creating an event that originated 12 years before he came into office (and 15 years before today) because it “interferes with OUR holiday” is probably the wussiest thing a “man” would ever do. Let’s be honest… most “conservatives” today are just old-school racists and homophobes. It’s why they get so uptight about crossdressers, black presidents, etc…what’s Joe Biden done wrong? “You mean Joebama? He’s just like that no-good…”
  4. You’re gonna lose your mind when you find out what the rest of us do at Mardi Gras, lol. That’s part of your most holy Easter Season, I’m pretty sure. I’m betting that you refused to watch MASH because of Corporal Klinger, too.
  5. You got it backwards. The Trans day was designated as 3/31 EVERY year. The Christians decided to have Easter on 3/31 this year when it literally could have been on any Sunday in March or April. Y’all should take a break from worshipping the “Two Corinthians” guy and worry about your own souls. [Hidden Content]
  6. A jury found that he did it. Then Trump lost two subsequent lawsuits for defaming the person that he raped. I guess she just wasn’t very found of being grabbed by her fematalia, huh. Words have comsequences… even when the so-called “Christians” chalk it up as locker room talk. The best part is that if Trump declared Easter Sunday to be transgender appreciation day, every single one of y’all would all be rummaging around in your wives’ closet trying to find something to wear. Kinda like being proud of Trump getting us a vaccine at “Warp Speed,” then refusing to take the thing after Biden/Harris hung it to him in a free and fair election.
  7. Let me get this straight…. Easter can only happen on a Sunday in March or April, but you believe that back in 2009 Joe Biden picked 3/31 for Transgender Day because he knew that in 15 years it would fall on Easter Sunday just to ruin your Easter Egg Hunt? As a Christian, I’m more upset about the rapist peddling star-spangled Bibles.
  8. Y’all believe anything you read, as long as it’s bad and about the democrats. First off, Transgender Visibility Day is on 3/31, every year. “Biden” didn’t proclaim anything. Secondly, Christians pick what day upon which Easter will fall based on astrology and some old calendar. Like witchcraft, almost. “The Eastern Christian churches still determine the Easter dates using the older Julian Calendar method. The usual statement, that Easter Day is the first Sunday after the full moon that occurs next after the vernal equinox, is not a precise statement of the actual ecclesiastical rules.” A more accurate headline would read “Christians try to cancel LGBTQ day by picking that day to also celebrate Easter in 2024.” Stop making people who think differently than you as boogeymen. You realize that you won’t make it into heaven if you have hate in your heart towards any group, right?
  9. To be fair, I hate on EVERYBODY. Silsbee just seems to come up in the rotation more often.
  10. Some kids just have a lot of quit in ‘em. Jk… in Silsbee’s case, I think that it’s a community/personality thing. Sometimes being really gifted athletically is a hinderance to the hard work and sacrifices it takes to win it all. We haven’t had anywhere near the success in baseball that Silsbee has had in basketball, but the communities are alike in that they have certain expectations for one program and completely lower expectations for their football programs. I’ve got the opinion that the Silsbee community doesn’t have the stomach for a coach that would demand the behaviors necessary to win an SC. You’re not getting better at football by playing AAU games or select ball… and when a lot of your best athletes focus on a sport other than football, the football gods will make you pay.
  11. [Hidden Content] Another Republican Rep has announced that he’ll be leaving his office by April 19th, cutting the R majority in the House to ONE. The same day Majorie Taylor Greene (remember her? She was the one in the Trump hat at the SOTU making a fool of herself) today introduced a resolution that will call for the new Speaker of the House to be removed, just months after the bruising fight to replace the ousted MCarthy. What did Johnson do? Well, he brought forth legislation that (GASP!!!!!) had bipartisan support. So he has to go, huh? And to make their plan work like last time, the handful hardcore righties will have to work with the Dems to make it happen, lol. The sane Rs won’t touch this nonsense with a ten foot pole. The American people will NOT put this dysfunctional group in charge again, guaranteed. The republicans don’t deserve to lead anything until they wrestle the control of the party back from the right wing nut jobs that are currently calling the shots for the Rs. They got the House and all they want to do is fight over who gets to be the Speaker. It’s just insane. On a similar note, today Ken Paxton announced that he is going to file charges against Hunter Biden for over-inflating the value of his paintings. I can’t believe how stupid the Rs are these days.
  12. And if my aunt had nuts they'd appoint her to a high-ranking position in our military.
  13. Fair enough.... I can only speak about the ones that I've watched, and they weren't state qualifiers.
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