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  1. District opener following a bye week? Our band will be READY. Go Cards!
  2. So why did 50+ coaches apply for the PNG job? It’s an ego trip, or they’d find a job with better hours.
  3. WOS gets back in the win column this week. I predict a BIG win for the Mustangs. They’re not great, but they’re still better than most.
  4. Don’t get mad at me… they said it.
  5. I agree completely about student athletes NOT being called out. They’re kids. I’ll abide by the rule about coaches, but it’s dumb. If a man wants to take on the role of coaching with all of its financial rewards, prestige, power, etc… and expects to bask in the glory and praise after wins, he/she should have to face the criticism when it comes. There’s a big difference between criticizing a kid who threw a pick versus criticizing a highly paid professional who made a questionable play call, or is even having problems after deciding to install a new philosophy despite the old one being pretty doggone effective. Should people stick “for sale” signs in his yard? Absolutely not. But should that man be spared from any form of criticism, too? I don’t think so.
  6. Big game here... Winner is still in the DC hunt... Loser not so much.
  7. Yes… i believe that they finish somewhere between second and fourth. Jasper and HF will make it also IMO.
  8. Ya’ll are tied with us for last place in the district! 🤣😂🤣
  9. They’ll drop to 3A D1 and have some playoff success. The scary part is that it won’t be role players jumping ship, it’ll be the cream.
  10. I understand that in addition to swapping into the 4/2/5 and renaming the chain gang, Hickman also was the mastermind behind the scorebot.
  11. Isn't it weird how this board can't ever seem to talk about the obvious story of the day when it's NOT favorable to Trump? The NY scenario honestly seems like a giant hoax to me, and takes away from investigations that seem to have actual merit in my opinion... like the 1/6 inquiry (not so much), the Georgia Election Interference Investigation and the Mar A Lago Docs investigation...
  12. I'd rather be trashing in winning that whiny in losing any day of the week.
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