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  1. I guess biden finally grew a pair!! Should have happened somewhere in the Pacific.
  2. You show me proof of all of those, then I’ll give you credit. You won’t be able to. As far as hiding behind mommy’s skirt, I’m plenty big enough to handle myself. Seems you’re the one getting butt hurt when someone calls you out on something you deny. I’ll give you vilifying liberals, you have all lost your minds!
  3. This site is populated by the most condescending people I believe I’ve ever seen. These are your words, if you need to be reminded. Your brain must be as mush as biden’s.
  4. You must have me mistaken for big girl. I was referring to your condescending remark.
  5. Hopefully you liberal democrats are taking note as to the weakness of biden and his administration. They are a total joke. Does anyone think China wouldn’t have already taken action if we were doing this in their country?
  6. They’re just making sure biden is following orders.
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