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  1. You want to make a friendly wager he doesn’t do one day in prison?
  2. Oh-oh big girl will not like that. She probably doesn’t believe it anyway.
  3. Maybe he should have taken his ass to Canada, like he said he was, after Trump was elected, and this would not have happened. But wait, he probably couldn’t make the millions that he does without living in the good ol’ USA. Truth be known, he was far more prosperous under Trump than any POTUS before him. But, those pesky mean tweets. Would you agree CardinalBacker?
  4. The Clintons were part of this. Don’t think those scumbags will be arrested.
  5. Why the show of this enormous raid? Trump had been cooperating fully. The warrant was issued on a Friday, and nothing happened until Monday. Seems really urgent, wouldn’t you agree? This is nothing more than a political stunt by biden and the Dim cronies. Of course you have the inability to see it for what it is.
  6. The person heckling Beto is surely a Republican. Republicans have a tendency not to let words bother them and blow it out of proportion, unlike the Dims and those pesky mean tweets. Those same tweets that CardinalBacker is always referring to. They seem to bother him.
  7. This dog is probably a friend of big girl
  8. Nobody is crying about a dirty word. Those only matter to snowflake Dems as yourself. Beto directly called someone an MF’er, that is the issue.
  9. Did he ever call someone an MF’er? There is no cure for your TDS! I guess that same TDS is what led you to cast a ballot for him, twice.
  10. Do you think Hunter and Joe should be locked up? Joe probably won’t have to worry about it, his sorry arse will be dead by the time his crooked ways come to light. Hunter will be done once the “big guy” is six feet under. Again, we agree! Lock the po💩 biden up.
  11. That’ll be easy to prove, but yet you won’t believe it. Your hatred has blinded you. You must be one miserable human being. You are the same soul that said biden did not try to negotiate a quid pro quo during Hunter’s dealings with Ukraine. And you denied it, even after he was heard on live TV saying it.
  12. You do know there is no evidence of wrongdoing. Trump was cooperating fully before this. This was done to try and sway the low info voter, such as yourself. Purely a political stunt by biden and garland. 2024 could be the year the biden’s are locked. Those two are the criminals. Cue up the feds not doing anything about hunter and joe!
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