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  1. Compassionate, as in protecting the life of an innocent child
  2. Probably the doings of Abrams and Warnock
  3. You’re first post shows you bit
  4. And his racism gets a pass, as does his horrible presidency
  5. Funny how they don’t like R’s of color
  6. Figures, somebody stirring up 💩, and the libs are taking it hook, line, and sinker
  7. Is this an allegation from someone wanting to file suit? Did his wife beating liberal opponent put this lady up to this? Have the facts come out, or are you following the Dim playbook? That would be the in the same playbook as the Russia hoax, or hands up, don’t shoot.
  8. Especially her! I’ve said more than once she wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped her across the face.
  9. Somebody needs to be impeached for failing to do his sworn duties!!
  10. Why is the MSM, DOJ, CIA, and the FBI always chomping at the bit to bring down a Republican? Bobcat, big girl, UT alum, Badsanta, or any other libs care to answer. Why is biden always given a pass on his misgivings?
  11. So, you must not be one of the smart Dims. Not all Dims are down with the wokeness.
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