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  1. Forgiven by a po💩Democrat potus that is just pandering for votes. To hell with the taxpayers, that have never had a loan forgiven, that had to pay it back. If the interest was the problem, why didn’t you take out a loan with a lower interest rate?
  2. You’ve got those that are going to vote D, just because their grandparents and great grandparents did. They do not have the ability to think for themselves; see big girl.
  3. A smart person would have went to the bank and taken out a loan with a lower interest rate, wouldn’t you think?
  4. So, you want ppl hired based on skin color and not their merits? More proof of just how racist you really are!
  5. Sounds like you! How many lies did you tell on the application to get that obamacare you were so proud to get. Guess you move in silence?
  6. Everything that obama, clinton, schiff, nadler, pelosi, the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA, the media, and biden have done to Trump has been a miscarriage of justice. And some, if not all, of the aforementioned sorry dims should be charged with what they tried to fabricate against Trump. The way you can’t stand Trump, is the way I feel about D’s.
  7. Especially the shot in the back of the head “suicide”
  8. The democrats shoved it down our throats, after publicly stating that as long as Trump had anything to do with a vaccine, that the would NOT take it. As soon as they gained their power, the ridiculousness started. They showed just how two-faced they were.
  9. Publicly or privately, does it matter? How about the unifier part? It’s all or none, don’t pick and choose pieces.
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