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  1. High Island 3-1 over Kennard. Played in Cleveland tonight
  2. Just finished year 29 of HS Baseball. Taking it one year at a time now. The disrespect from fans and players was the worst I have seen in a long time. Most coaches do a great job of controlling their players but some seem to let their players do and say whatever they want to umpires. The parents feed off all the taunting. I actually had to eject a fan at a small school this year and I don't recall ever doing that before. [Hidden Content] Read this article I can relate.
  3. I found that surprising also. Denny and Seymour can coachem up.
  4. I think it is a good rule. If a batter was allowed to jump back out of the box when a pitch is being made, it would be distracting to the pitcher. The keeping one foot in the box is a speed up rule put in place many years ago. It is currently a rule in college. If a batter keeps stepping out of the box in between pitches, I just quietly tell him to stay around the box. If he wants to give me attitude about it, maybe the next close pitch is a strike, just sayin.
  5. Stepping out of the box without time and a ball is thrown it is an automatic strike. As far as a second strike not in this instance. A strike can be called if a batter leaves the box for no reason. There are reasons why a batter can legally step out between pitches. Very rare situation. In 28 years of high school ball I can maybe think I called this 2 or 3 times.
  6. What I see is a media source just reporting what is on the minds of the local people. I guess you see this different than national news pushing an agenda? You have to report on what is the current vibe in your circulation. Next article could be about another candidate for HC @ WOS.
  7. I understand there are many new baseball coaches in the area not mentioned. I do not know names but if you do please post.
  8. The future will depend on what coordinators are hired not so much as the HC. If WOS continues to win then the kids will continue to play hard and not want to leave for the north side as some call it. Start losing and this snowball will be hard to stop.
  9. If they have a TASO hat on they are a member or a former member. Hats really don't matter anyone can buy a hat online. I have no incentive to help train umps at Ford Park.
  10. No Ford Park, I do help on the TASO side. This will be my 29th year in 2022. Mostly just give advice at scrimmages and regular season games now.
  11. t won't be back at RR. Coaches meeting at 9 am Saturday
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