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  1. The press box hasn't arrived yet. I will try to get some when it does if I am around at that time. I believe it will be a single story box.
  2. Also true, and you also have a lot of refinery projects starting up as well. That will take up much of the workforce. A three year job building a unit/refinery vs a short term project is tempting job security.
  3. Yep, I am fine with them waiting until all the sports are done. They just need to get the site work done before its ready.
  4. I agree. My biggest issue was the bathroom and stands project last summer. They really didn't start until mid-June, when they could have started in April and not affected any sports going on. They weren't done until the end of September. I know they had supply problems with the metal and some issues with workers but some of that was self-inflicted with the other bond projects going on. NISD finally got on their case about it and it got done. It looks like they learned some lessons from that and will get the press box started ( and hopefully) done much quicker. Also, I think the press box will be pre-fabricated and then lifted in place so that should save some time. Hopefully the pre-fab is done and its just the site work that needs to be completed before the press box is put in place.
  5. Probably a little of all of that. I think the school district wasn't pushing as hard, some of it was shortages of building materials and also the contractors are building a new high school and adding on to the four elementaries (manpower shortages). Anyway, since they aren't starting in the middle of June like they did with the new restrooms last year they should have it finished before the season starts. Since a lot of the pre-work is being done I see them starting the actual build not too long after the festival ends.
  6. Maybe, but Covid didn't do it any favors either.
  7. Yes. I don't think you need consent of everyone in the home. Something similar would be a parent calling the police and saying "Come search my adult son's room, I think he's doing drugs or involved in illegal activities" The son isn't going to consent (obviously) but the parent does and is the lawful owner of the home.
  8. This has to be the longest title for a thread I think we have had in a long time.
  9. That can be developed, but they would need to start earlier than varsity to do it.
  10. If the QB is not developed early on, such as middle school then you won't have one ready by the time he gets to varsity. If the system is changed it will need to be on the lower levels as well.
  11. I tend to use the site I linked, since it is using Joe Lee Smiths numbers and he was a known historian of the game and usually pretty accurate.
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