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The 2022 High School Football Season is Almost Here! 

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  1. I've heard conflicting stories through the grapevine. A LCM football coach has said it probably won't be ready for homecoming, while a high school administrator has said it probably will be ready for homecoming. So who knows
  2. I used to work in public accounting, and part of that work required interacting with the IRS on behalf of clients semi-regularly. Believe me, that agency needs all the help it can get lol.
  3. Its impossible to be too careful while driving on 1130. That curve in the road where they wrecked is a legit 90 degree angle.
  4. very surprised that lcm93 wasn't the one to break this news
  5. Vidor thrives as the underdog, so I won't be surprised if they make some noise again this year.
  6. Surprised that Vegas has Texas as the favorite, and A&M as the longshot.
  7. Boston shot 12% better from 3, +8 on the boards, shot 16 more free throws, got a very bad Steph shooting game, and ended up losing by double-digits. C's just keep beating themselves with turnovers.
  8. Hey now don't lump us all in with one guy that struggles with reading comprehension lol
  9. My jaw hit the floor when he dropped it. They had a spot in the championship game all but sewn up, I feel sick for those kids.
  10. Rylan Galvan for Sinton is committed to Texas. They have some studs.
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