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  1. Problem with HF reaching the regional tournament would be facing Silsbee in the 3rd round if HF wins their district.
  2. Tremaine Hancock, Beaumont United assistant, has been named head basketball coach at Corpus Christi Carroll. Hancock has been an assistant at United since Coach David Green took over as head coach. Tremaine has been head coach at East Chambers and West Orange-Stark. Congrats Coach Hancock and good luck at Carroll!!
  3. Never said he couldn't be a great player. I agree he has great potential. But let's don't get ahead of ourselves. I don't think its fair to him and all involved to label him great. Of course, one's definition of great differs from others.
  4. Not sure you can label him a "great player" just yet. I personally could use more sample size to make that call. I saw him play three times last year so I have seen him play.
  5. When I got told about this yesterday I thought the person was making a joke. Then several other folks told me the same thing. Not sure I ever heard of an AD/HC being let go for selling snow cones. But, this was just the icing on the cake and an opportunity for BC to get rid of him for cause and not owe him anything.
  6. For Silsbee it's very debatable.
  7. I was shocked myself when told about it yesterday. Bridge City is supposed to make announcement today.
  8. Got word of it this evening. Details should be coming out tomorrow.
  9. Those were the numbers at the beginning of school. Yesterday's enrollment number at the high school was 529. The 8th grade number was 140. This year's senior class as of yesterday was 121. This info came from someone in the know at the high school (looks at the enrollment numbers daily). Take the 121 from 529 and you get 408. Add the incoming 8th grade's 140, you have 548 for next school year.
  10. Orangefield will not be moving up. They currently have 529 in HS. The 8th grade class is a descent size class but will not push them over the top to get them into 4A DII. My source says they may get to 550 but that will still be short of 4A DII.
  11. Word I got was this is a coaching move for Barrier and not so much shopping his son. Rusk is definitely in play since Barrier used to work with the head coach when they both were in Jacksonville and the two are very good friends.
  12. If you insist on keeping score, it's 1-7. Aggie women's golf team just beat lady horns.
  13. Why are the Barrier's looking elsewhere? Did Neece fire Barrier?
  14. Silsbee defense will find it hard to replace WRS award winning linebacker Jayron Williams. Also lose two key defensive back players in Harper and Martin. But they have some really good returning players (five all district players on that side of the ball). Offense will not miss a beat with the new transfer QB from San Antonio. Need a couple of OL to replace but majority is back. Two of the top three RB's return and 3 WR including WRS winner Miller. I pick Silsbee to win district.
  15. Silsbee went 1-2 in pool play and failed to advance to qualifying round.
  16. I have always said just send 2, but I'm old school that way. But, if you are going to send 4 teams, make sure every district has a minimum 7 teams in it. I don't like 4 teams going out of 4, 5 and even 6 team districts. Also, every #1 seed (district champ) should host a 1st round playoff game. Another incentive to win district.
  17. When did Hull-Daisetta join this district and are they going to be THAT good?
  18. The Barrier duo has decided not to go to Nederland
  19. Basketball is no longer in the equation for Dre'lon. He will be there.
  20. I have not received a message here from you. I have not received a message on Facebook.
  21. No idea why he hasn't received a confirmation email. Sounds like operator error. I have not received a message from Mr. Scales.
  22. In regards to that last comment, yes it can. Got too much beachin to do.
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