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  1. Weather should be alot better than what we had Saturday I look like a sunburned albino 😆 Hysterical
  2. 1. Humble Atascocita 2. Galena Park North Shore 3. Barbers Hill 4. Port Arthur Memorial 5. Dayton 6. Fort Bend Marshall 7. Texas City 8. Jasper 9. West Orange-Stark 10. Little Cypress-Mauriceville 11. Silsbee 12. Newton 13. Coldspring-Oakhurst 14. Diboll 15. Tarkington 16. Hemphill 17. Buna 18. Anahuac 19. Woodville 20. New Waverly 21. Joaquin 22. Timpson 23. West Sabine 24. Chester 25. Oakwood
  3. I would like to see dedicated feeder schools for each HS. Then the head coaches at said HS can put their systems at the lower levels. From what I understand, there were some shenanigans concerning old SPMS and now it's Peatzch-McArthur which those kids were lost to United for a bit. If and when BISD gets this settled, then you will see a more consistent product on the field NS could loss 1000 kids to GP High and still run the region. They have been this since the days of Tiki Hardeman and nem
  4. KP 1st and goal from the 9. Up 25-22 whoops, make that 32-22 3rd
  5. So, Beaumont with a population of 115K with one high school. I submit as evidence Alief and Plano as ISDs with huge schools and no success in football. When the UIL works their majic in '24, the 6A cutoff number will rise, which should drop WB and BU to 5A D1. All the growth is west of the Trinity river
  6. Yep. Use to workout with him and when Spencer was in town back in the day
  7. That's like he bought a house and added a couple of rooms. If SLC had no early success, then your point is valid. And, what about the stops between North Texas and Westlake?
  8. I stand on what I said. SLC were winning in the 90's in 3A. Westlake was always Westlake. KF put the records out of his previous HS starts. Not a builder, but a maintainer.......
  9. I think he was the best to maintain what was already established. SLC and Westlake were already winning under previous regimes. He couldn't build anything at the other HS stops(names escape me) and North Texas. So, there's that
  10. That's the name, and I know him and his dad, that I forgot......
  11. I'm thinking those Semien, Malveaux teams of the early 90's
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