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  1. Maybe I'm late with this question, but will BUT compete in 5A for basketball instead of 6A as they did in football?

  2. Had a friend go by Merrimann St. this morning and said the scoreboard read "PN-G 7 WO-S 0." Can anyone confirm this?
  3. Freshman at 5. Jv at 6. Varsity at 7
  4. I've met Walter, Jr. A few years back at Delmar Fieldhouse for a Wheatley game. He is a personable and intelligent man. Is he Jay Bilas? Yeah, he does certainly meet some of the same boxes as the old DickeyV. But at least Jay hasn't threatened to "catch someone outside." And in the final analysis, does it really matter? He would not be the first banned member to make his way here again. He has had takes here, good, bad and ugly. But.....who here can say they haven't. Why don't we all just get back to a very good topic and leave the goat getting alone.
  5. Just read some good news from Coach Davis but they still need your prayers.
  6. Prayers to Coach and Mrs. Davis and their family.
  7. With FSSW becoming Bally's Sports Southwest, does this mean a change or the end of the Football Friday Night scores app?
  8. Yes, Alamo Prep Xtra (later Texas Prep Xtra) was the predecessor show to the current football friday night which is now Bally' Southwest.
  9. I had Pfizer. No side effects from either but did get breakthrough.
  10. Sorry that the schedule posting has come to a halt. I have been Hermann Memorial Hospital in Houston with covid related problems. This has kept me away from my laptop and have not allowed me to post any schedules. I have gotten West Brook from Coach Morgan, Harmony Science from Coach Luce and West Hardin from Coach Williams. I promise to try and get some folks to post those for me. Thanks for understanding.
  11. According to their respective schedules, West Sabine at Deweyville on Friday at 5 starting with JV.
  12. According to Buna' schedule, it is in Vidor. The Vidor schedule says TBA. So you may want to contact the athletic office to confirm.
  13. Vidor vs. WOS will be Vidor's 2nd scrimmage the following week.
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