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  1. Joubert program struggled the last couple of year not having the athletes he normally has, I think Davis took over a great program and can we really say the program is better now since Sutherland left?? I don’t think so but some might think so…I think Jeffcoat (LCM) and McDonald from ofield does a good job. I think Mitchell is the the best up and coming coach in the area with what he’s done at Lumberton is pretty impressive. I like Kevin Foster at Big Sandy he’s done really well
  2. I heard Evadale has players moving to Kelly is that true?
  3. Yeah and got ran out I think at slocum when he was girls head coach, Evadale in a bind
  4. This will be like his 4th job in 4 years. Not a good look by the girls coach.
  5. Why would he leave his hometown to go to WOS? I think that is a backwards move.
  6. That’s a good a hire, coming from a good program and great coach that has groomed him, congrats coach
  7. Fannett was fully healthy against Silsbee and Silsbee whipped them
  8. He’s from the Houston area, that dude is a heck of a coach. I think United was pre-season ranked number 2 and 1 in some polls, they will prob win it against next year green did a great job job, you had about 4 coaches in the area that could have gotten it, all 4 great coaches but I’m not mad that Mitchell got it over those 4...can’t go wrong with Green, Mitchell, Sutherland, or Prouse they all had great years and 2 out 4 of those coaches really had seasons that nobody expected they would have, United and EC they were expected to make a run at winning it all this year.. just like every year they are expected to have a shot.
  9. Yeah the kid could play, he lead that team to history this year.
  10. lumberton beat Silsbee at Silsbee, Fannett got 4th, Lumberton won first district title in school history how is that silly?? Huffman is in the Houston area. Coach Prouse did a great job with that deweyville team and had a great player in menard, haters will hate
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