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  1. Lol I know the feeling but we appreciate what you do here.
  2. I work for Huntsville ISD if my post makes since especially I mainly work at the high school.
  3. Thanks to yall beating Huntsville now I have to hear a lot of students with unnecessary trash talk now lol
  4. I've seen this particular board last week. I'm not sure Liberty Hill fans are sure they will win this game. Personally I don't think that they will especially with the O-line PNG has.
  5. Exactly so it really doesn't matter but we got it. On to some easier games I'll know we should win.
  6. Oh ok gotcha... Playing back to back like that you can kind of expect a loss.
  7. Yea especially with Bama winning today like they did. Right now Florida St. is in the redzone but having trouble scoring.
  8. Did Coldspring play Woodville twice today? I saw on Maxpreps.com that Coldspring loss to Woodville.
  9. I couldn't miss it either... We need Florida St. to lose tonight and we will get in the playoffs. Right now it's still 0-0 in the 2nd.
  10. Good season for the Hornets for making this far and congrats PNG
  11. Especially since our team has to do the most traveling since geographically-wise we're are the southernmost school in the district and the 2 closest to us is Crockett and Diboll simultaneously.
  12. I figured that yall may come back into our district again.
  13. Do they have any predictions on 3A-D1 yet?
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