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  1. Zach was my brother's classmate and I somewhat keep up with them from time to time. Both of them were good QBs for Shepherd.
  2. Seth was a classmate of mine when I was still in school at Shepherd back in 2004-2005. Very capable of getting these guys ready to complete this year especially if he has learned anything coaching knowledge from his father. ( A very good coach and even better man).
  3. Even though that gives Brenham more of a home field advantage... I don't see why Gilmer would agree to this particular location unless they just want to play on a different field. I would have thought that either Corsicana or Palestine would have made more sense.
  4. If this holds I will definitely will be at this one.
  5. I forgot about the fact that both Tarkington and Onalaska would have to lose in order for all 3 to clinch
  6. @AggiesAreWe since Coldspring plays Shepherd Friday would only one of those teams would clinch a playoff spot while the other still have to win next week? Then you have the matter of the district championship because as far as I know Coldspring is leading but also currently tied with Crockett although the Bulldogs have a better record (1 win and loss separate both teams) but I was wondering how does that work out?
  7. But I'm pretty sure that this one will be at a neutral location.
  8. I'm thinking I'm making that drive as well if it's in Brenham.
  9. A little bit off topic but I saw where Gilmer will be playing Brenham this season coming up. Looks to be a good one.
  10. Yes they will but I'm pretty sure that the PNG fans will pack that stadium out... A nice looking stadium but not very big.
  11. Definitely take New Waverly out for sure and put Shepherd in the mix. Coldspring-Oakhurst, Crockett, Shepherd and Onalaska are the top teams in 23-3A for now.
  12. Just looking at the last 3 minutes of this one (I'm assuming that them) but Kountze bench players are pretty good too.
  13. The Crockett and Rusk game is going on right now: Crockett 64 Rusk 44 in the 4th
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