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  1. Not one player can make a team... That being said I agree with you for most of your statement.
  2. In District 9 I have Coldspring, Diboll, and Woodville as the favorites that can either be 1,2, or 3. Shepherd, Westwood and Crockett will battle for the 4th spot. In District 10 I would definitely keep Anahuac as district champs but I would switch Orangefield and East Chambers. Tarkington may surprise this year as I have them and Buna battle for 4th.
  3. Of course I do... I'm not the only person that is saying that around our area but hey we will see this season an hopefully I'm proven wrong that's something I'm willing to admit.
  4. Trust me I'm always on that bandwagon I'm a die-hard fan but if they pull the rabbit out of their you know what best believe I may the first one of us on here that will be cheering from them... On the Dayton issue I knew they was going to do good from someone I know that way that is close to Liberty and Dayton and from what I'm hearing Liberty may make some noise in district this year (take that with a grain of salt though I've never personally since I've played Liberty now this goes goes back to '02 that they have never not to my knowledge have ever went pass the second round of the playoffs let alone the first... If I'm wrong someone please correct me.)
  5. And personally given what you said how our team may reach state this season coming up which you said in another thread (I highly doubt that Coldspring makes the playoffs this upcoming season but that's just me) I would definitely like another shot at Franklin.
  6. Most likely either them or Elkhart or both. Then there's Franklin they could move back into the district as well given that Tarkington may move up.
  7. I've been saying that for the longest... As long as they keep building up on 59 these areas will grow. Mark my words Shepherd before long will in be close going to 5A if this continues and if the UIL isn't pushing for 7A
  8. For me it's... Coldspring/Shepherd=Battle of San Jacinto County (It been entertaining as of late) Coldspring/Cleveland=I miss the after game fights lol... Just kidding Longview/Marshall=One of the best rivalries in the state Willis/Huntsville=Rivalry has died down since Willis moved up to 6A but they can possibly find a new rival in Cleveland Huntsville/Livingston=Used to be district rivals
  9. I've had the honor to play against Gilbert Moye when he went to Diboll... I had hit him so hard (as a DB) that he smooth cussed me out. Needless to say that the next play he scored a TD.
  10. A lot of guys from Coldspring respected him and Coach Bradford.
  11. And for the record not to sound cocky or anything like that but this particular decade almost every team was afraid to play Coldspring.
  12. Hey @89Falcon I think you would find this interesting. But I wish our teams now was at least like a team like this when Coldspring was one of the best in the 90's. That's why our coaches show it or the 92 season to us each year. @AggiesAreWe Check out the game that year between us and Cameron Yoe I think you would find the field to you liking. For all you Woodville, Lumberton and Newton fans I advise you not to watch because it will bring back haunting memories of #12 Doug Reece #26 Johnny McHenry (R.I.P.) and #33 Issac White.
  13. Ok my mistake it was Jasper he played for... He definitely was a damn beast. He looked like a grown man against boys out there. Not to Adrian Peterson standards but boy was he a big one.)
  14. As good as any all time in this area.
  15. I remember this very well... Y'all was in the same district as us at the time before we went back to our old district. Jasper had the Dawgs then... I was only worried about #5 Sean Weatherspoon or whatever his name was from Silsbee back then. Nobody in the district (Coldspring, Jasper, Shepherd, Buna, or Kirbyville could handle this man.) I want to say he was the district MVP that season.
  16. Lol if we are going by that then my astrological sign is a sign you don't want to argue with. (Aquarius)
  17. Yeah the first 2 times y'all won. Yours truly happened to play on both of those varsity squads in the playoffs. The first time I want to say was Earl Thomas' last year and he and the whole team put out heads in our arse for real. The whole time we talked about how we was going to stop him instead of how we was going to stop the offense.
  18. Trust me I know so me and you are in good standing with each other.
  19. In this instance he's rooting for us but I don't care who pulls for us this season coming up we need all the support we can get.
  20. It would be nice to play y'all again. We have a tie-breaker in the all time series between our teams (2-2) that needs to be settled and addressed. I was looking at the archives yesterday looking at the 2011 playoff thread against these 2 teams and I forgot that thread was pretty live.
  21. Shepherd was the only other team that manhandled the Trojans this past season. (Which that was a surprise in itself.) I've watched all of Coldspring games this past season and your right a few mistakes being corrected and they would have been 9-1 or because of the Shepherd loss 8-2 at the most. But back to what I've said and seen this past season I just don't see them going no further than the first round and just going by eye test this particular season I see them being the 3rd or 4th place team as the majority of the teams in the district will lose players this season. We will have our work cut out for us no doubt but competing in a district like this it's very doable.
  22. And as good as they are historically they hardly ever make it past the 2nd round.
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