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  1. Tough night for the Cards. Hopefully they will start playing well again like the beginning of the season. Right now I am thinking about 30-25 before conference tournament and about 12-12 conference if they continue to play like they have these past 8 games
  2. Nice win for Lamar. Scored well, but must start hitting better to continue to win. Cleveland came on and did a nice job on the mound. They do have a few relievers that are struggling on the mound. They will have to get that fixed if they want to continue winning. A nice start to conference with a 2-1 record. They still have to play the top 4 in conference with the majority of those being on the road and for some reason they never play well vs A&M CC. Hopefully they will continue to win conference series
  3. Simply not pleased with the state of Lamar athletics They have had a hard time winning at any sport the past several years. I went there and hate to see the programs this poor year after year. I guess Lamar is not appealing to good athletes.
  4. I do not like losses, especially to weak teams (New Orleans, St Louis, Penn) , I do not like poor play, and certainly I do not like poor coaching (especially on a hire that should never have happened) In my opinion, your comments suggest that you are either one of the coaches, or maybe you do not care if they win or lose My comments are usually positive if they win and negative if they get beat by teams that they should beat, as the 3 mentioned above
  5. Well the Cards did not play well today. The poster that said that it is asinine to expect 19-22 year olds to consistently win has low expectations I tell you what is asinine in my opinion is to pitch a guy in a conference game that has an ERA of 13.50. That wonderful Lamar ERA you mentioned, doesn’t look to wonderful to me. In my opinion it was a horrible coaching mistake. The result was not good. The news worse than that is that they play the 4 worst conference teams at home and the top 4 on the road and the way they have played the past 5 of 6 games is not good. They could start conference 1-2 at home the way they are playing now. Yes you are correct in stating their hitting is lousy now as well. As I have mentioned several times Davis can’t get the job done
  6. They are 1-3 in district after tonight. Near the bottom in district They will possibly split with Lee, Sterling, and GCM, and lose twice to Crosby. 6-8 will get you nowhere
  7. Rough season for the Bulldogs tough to win at any sport when you don’t have the athletes. Looks like baseball will miss the playoffs also
  8. Back on the winning track. Nice come from behind win
  9. I simply state the obvious The Cards started out well and have not played well the past few games. Conference begins this weekend and hopefully they will get it back together and do well in conference
  10. They should improve from last year. They were horrible last year. If you look at Hooks record at Lamar, I would say that it is pretty bad
  11. I do not care about ERA. I care about wins. Missouri 10 runs with 6 HR’s, 7-3 9th inning choke vs St Louis, followed by a 1st and 10 th inning choke. I would say the past 3 games have had poor pitching by the Cards
  12. Lamar started nicely at 9-0. Now they have lost 6 of the last 10. I can certainly understand the losses to LSU and Missouri, but the 2 losses to an average Penn team at home and now 2 chokes vs St Louis, a team that is worse than most of the Southland conference teams is not very good baseball. I do not know who coaches the pitching staff, but they are doing an extremely poor job. Unless they change things in a hurry, they may not make the conference tournament Hopefully they will improve quickly
  13. A close one Lamar’s pitching staff is struggling Hopefully win the next 2
  14. Back to crappy softball by the Cards
  15. Bulldogs can’t hit very well. Yes I agree that BH is usually good, however you have to have some offense to win. If the Dogs do not get at least a split with PNG, they will not make the playoffs
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