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  1. it was more how bad PAM played but they did their best.
  2. Last game starting RB/QB and one of the receivers were all out against PAM.
  3. Not sure what the exact injury was because the QB was suited last week he just didn't play. You could see him giving signs and trying to help the offense, he had pads on. I would assume if he was the replacement in case of injury last week that he might be good to go this week. Then again I have no information other than what my eyes tell me.
  4. I believe he said he was fishing earlier this week without reception. I don't think he's dodging anyone.
  5. Yea, we'll eat our crow for a year or so, but dang are we going to remind them.
  6. We leave the district for 5 minutes and yall can't help but let a lowly highway 90 school run the district.
  7. Yea, that's why the one PAM fan is so triggered by facts.
  8. wasn't a pick needed help as the #4 team, gosh that must be infuriating.
  9. Congrats memorial, got the W that's all that matters. Waaaay more talent on the other side of the field tonight. Good tough game form the cougars, offense has been bad all year. We end up losing by 7. Better team won.
  10. Crosby played a backup Qb and a backup RB the whole game and you're supposed to be the 4th best team in 5AD1
  11. Wasn't a pick. I have video review no where close. Zebra saved you but hey it's all good PAM is the better team, just sad a good game has to end with that.
  12. PAM just got bailed out by the refs. Doesn't matter # matters when.
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