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  1. Played with their coach back in the day. Best goalie I ever played with or against, and I played college ball. With better opportunities in a bigger area he might could’ve been pro caliber. From what I’ve seen the last several years, he’s an excellent coach as well. I try to catch a GCM game every now and then to catch up with him.
  2. Huffman and Scarborough tied 0-0, with Huffman winning the shootout on the 8th pk to advance
  3. I don't think this is as much of an indicator of Biden being "evil" or "bad" as it is him being senile and losing touch with reality.
  4. Ugly. That second half is the kind of offense that plagued Texas the last several years. They’d been dynamic all tournament, and really most of the season. It seemed like carr going out really hurt them, and even when he came back they couldn’t regain the momentum. an aside: with a tie game and 1:00 left, Cunningham is blocking out and a guy jumps over his back and flips. They call it on Miami and then change it. Instead of two free throws for Texas and a lead with a minute left, Miami hits both and goes up by two. After an empty trip by Texas Miami scores and its game over. But how is that not over the back? How can you even block out if the guy behind you can just jump up and fall over and get a foul called? Even the Miami player knew he’d fouled him. He thought he’d fouled out and was holding his head in his hands on the floor.
  5. Was just getting on here to say that he’s more than earned a contract at this point. What he’s done with this group under the circumstances will serve him well recruiting the next couple of years. Even better if they keep winning.
  6. That was national championship quality basketball tonight from both UT and Miami. Should be a great one Sunday. The most impressive thing to me is that the horns did it without Disu, and also the calls felt like they were going against them a little as well, and they still blew them out. A twelve point loss is pretty flattering to Xavier considering how badly UT outplayed them
  7. I hope they stick to it, and don’t let the vocal minority convince them to change their mind.
  8. This is the sort of stuff that will hopefully slow the insane move to the radical left. It’s all fun and sounds good on paper until you become the victim of it.
  9. You’ve literally described yourself on the other side of the argument perfectly.
  10. and your statements about your witch doctor only prove that you’re willing to swallow anything that someone feeds you as long as it coincides with your personal belief systems. Her other insane beliefs, combined with the many, many studies showing the lack of effectiveness of her medicines, make it a certainty that she’s lying about her results. Can you provide me studies from her results? Because someone making outlandish claims on video does not make it real. I can certainly provide many studies showing that ivermectin and hcq didn’t work. Is it even believable that a doctor treating thousands of patients in a short time would have any clue what happened to any of them at all after she treated them? Most of whom didn’t even show up to her office, but merely used her teledoc system? That defies belief in itself. Hundreds of them could die and she’d have no idea. All of the sanctions medical associations took against her make this seem likely as well, although I’m sure that’s just part of the coverup. Is the MDA covering up the spirit husbands ruining our women’s reproductive abilities as well? I read an article where she prescribed ivermectin and hcq over 100,000 times in 3 years through her teledoc services. My price when I pay for teledoc is $45. God knows what they charge the insurance on top of that. If it adds up to even just $100, that’s TEN MILLION DOLLARS, and I’m willing to bet she’s billing insurance companies more than that per call. But I’m sure she’s just doing all this because she’s a good doctor who won’t be silenced, and the thousands of other doctors out there who disagree are all part of the conspiracy to shut her up and push vaccines. I’ve stated before and still believe that anyone should be able to take these medicines if they want. I don’t care. But a doctor making millions of millions of dollars dishing them out against the medical advice of every medical association, every available study, and the beliefs of the overwhelming majority of other doctors (most who are more qualified) doesn’t sound like courage, it sounds like corruption. And with that, I really am done on here. At this point we might as well be debating if Bigfoot is real because one biologist (who’s also on record claiming to have met the Easter Bunny and rode in Santa’s sleigh) states without proof that they’ve met dozens of bigfoots, even though every other biologist says they don’t exist. Because that’s the quality of argument you’re trying to push when you start quoting Dr. Immanuel.
  11. your statements are contradictory and hypocritical on this subject. You talk about “not defending the effectiveness of a vaccine that you know nothing about like a fool”, but you’ve spent 3 years and 52 pages demonizing it, and anyone supports it, supported it, or believes medical studies over your witch doctor and the “#1 cardiologist in the world” (still waiting for you to quit deflecting and defend that statement). You’ve posted no studies, but roughly 100,000 Twitter posts. All this while claiming you’re for free choice. I hope nobody reading this thread made their decision based on the nonsense YOU’VE posted. There are several studies available for you to ignore that show the death rate of unvaccinated was 14-15x higher than vaccinated people during the initial, more serious strains of COVID. You can say that’s not success because “people who got vaccines still got COVID” if you’d like. .
  12. We’re not going to change each other’s minds at this point. But I do want to point out that your source there, Dr. Stella Immanuel, is on record stating that endometriosis, miscarriages, STDs, and infertility are caused by spirit spouses. She also believes that aliens and the Illuminati are controlling our government, and has stated in the past that vaccines were made from alien dna, and the government is working on vaccines that stop people from becoming religious. I wish I was making this up, but I’m not. So is she outright lying? I’d say it’s a possibility. She’s clearly not a reputable source of medical information. Although it’s good to know my wife’s infertility is a result of her cheating on me with a spirit. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  13. I don’t disagree. I took exception to people trying to force the vaccine. I think it should be a choice, and thought so two years ago. I also take exception to people who do the same thing on the opposite side and try to make the vaccine evil simply because they didn’t like the way the govt was forcing it. It cuts both ways.
  14. Sounds great. There are countless studies showing those drugs are ineffective, but people believe what they want to believe. I was never opposed to people who wanted to take those medicines. As long as they weren't proven to harm, who cares? My only issue is that the demographics who tended to want them also tended to villainize everyone else who didn't agree with them, and were (are) considerably more likely to spread misinformation about them and other treatments.
  15. It's a weird situation. They want things to be democrat, but not psycho left democrat. But my thing is if you choose to go to a republican state, you're choosing their ways of life and their politics. Same for immigrants: if you're choosing to live here, maybe fly the American flag instead of the one from whatever country that was so terrible you fled it with nothing but the clothes on your back. Another major issue for Colorado is that they were the pioneers in the weed legalization game. I think weed should be legal, and I don't think it's any worse than alcohol. That said, when Colorado legalized, people from all over the country moved there. Their problem is they weren't getting doctors, scientists, or other educated people, their move-ins were homeless, or fast food workers, or baristas. Colorado is a totally different place now than it was 15 years ago. It's still beautiful, but parts of it are wasting away.
  16. Shift in San Francisco politics serves as warning from Asian American voters to Democrats in 2024 (msn.com) another enjoyable read.
  17. I saw this earlier. I'm all for people being whoever they want as long as it doesn't affect other people. When a man wants to be a female athlete, it affects many females. I'm glad there are people who are willing to step up and speak out against this.
  18. Column: California's population is on the decline, and high-income earners have joined the exodus (msn.com) A fun read for those who don't like California. It looks like some people have had enough.
  19. @SmashMouth to answer your question.
  20. I agree. And there's plenty of greed on both sides. Lots of people lining their pockets on both sides of this thing. Unwoke's messiah doctor is getting richer by the day peddling information that's been proven wrong by dozens of medical studies. But hey, the koolaid he's serving tastes great, and for $16,99 you can buy a cup on amazon!
  21. No, you just said he was the best cardiologist in the world. but then again, you think ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are effective against covid, because your cardio messiah says so. maybe you can start making tinfoil hats with his picture on them. Study Finds No Benefit to Taking Ivermectin for COVID-19 Symptoms | Duke Health of course, your heart doctor that's making $16.99 apiece from sheep for his paperback, and however much a speaking appearance says differently. I'm quoting medical studies, and you're quoting the twitter doctor. Wait, I mean the best cardiologist in the world. Amazing that you can get caught in that nonsense lie and in the same breath talk down to anyone about how dumb they are for "drinking the koolaid." you worship this guy so much you're attributing the #1 ranking in the world to him based on literally nothing at all, and anyone who says differently is a moron. Including well over 90% of the medical community. It's all a conspiracy, and he's the one getting rich "exposing it". There's really no point in going any further with this. You post baseless accusations about me, and your proof that I'm wrong all comes from a discredited doctor who you've ordained the best cardiologist in the world (but you keep taking shots about me being an expert). And you still refuse to address where you've come up with the lie.
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