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  1. Nobody "found something negative" in your words. Your entire posts were made with a tone of negativity, discounting the points that both posters ahead of you made in their effort to praise coaches. If that's your belief, then whatever, but quit acting like people are finding stuff in your post that isn't there.
  2. One of the toughest parts of being a pet owner is knowing when it's time to let them go. It's a hard thing to do. We want to keep them around for our own selfish needs, but sometimes it's best to end their pain.
  3. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats, and every one of them was a stray. That said, the zoo is full, and I'm not accepting any new entries.
  4. not a cop, but a scholar of these things, and yes, 1000% justified.
  5. they shut down last week because their AC went out, but they got it fixed yesterday and are back open today.
  6. Preliminary reports are that officers responded to a shooting where one was killed and one injured, and then ended up shooting and killing the suspect
  7. 1. Barbers Hill 2. Fort Bend Marshall 3. Dayton 4. Crosby 5. Port Arthur Memorial 6. Nederland 7. Liberty 8. Jasper 9. Little Cypress-Mauriceville 10. Huffman 11. West Orange-Stark 12. Anahuac 13. East Chambers 14. Kountze 15. Newton 16. Orangefield 17. Woodville 18. Deweyville 19. Garrison 20. Groveton 21. Hull-Daisetta 22. West Sabine 23. Brazos Valley 24. Leverett's Chapel 25. The Woodlands Christian
  8. Nobody let him know how cold it is up there for half the year? But all jokes aside, congrats!
  9. I’ve given a highly detailed argument why they shouldn’t be. Care to elaborate on what they’ve done that makes you think they’re deserving?
  10. Should easily win by 7 or 8 touchdowns. more, even.
  11. As the #7 team in the state, Lumberton should blow out every team in their district. A top 10 team should have no problem beating Vidor and Huffman by 28+ points. I can assure you the other teams in the top-10 would not struggle to do so. They should also be able to beat LCM by 2+ scores. That's just the reality of things. The other teams in the top-10 in 4A-D1 would beat Tatum by 30 points. That's also the reality of things. If Lumberton goes through the district and finishes 9-1 with blowout wins over Vidor and HH, and a convincing win over LCM, I'll agree that they're deserving of their ranking. In 5 games Lumberton has played 2 teams that are awful, 2 teams that are pretty solid, and 1 team that is actually good. The one good team they played beat them by three scores, and they beat the two decent teams by one score each. One of those pretty good teams is 4A-D2, and will finish the year at 6-4, best case. The other is 3A-D1 and will finish the year 6-4 best case as well. 1-score wins against pretty good teams in lower divisions don't scream out "Top Ten Ranking" to me. So all that said, my point is not that Lumberton is a bad team, it's that they're not deserving of their ranking, and really haven't done anything this year for me to understand how they've gotten it. In our local 4A-D2 district they'd be in a tight race for 4th place.
  12. L-town still way over ranked. I said that a few weeks ago, and that dominant 6-point win over a 3A team with a .500 record did not change my opinion. They have played a weak schedule, with a bad loss to the only team they'll face all year that will end the season with a quality record. Being in a so/so district will work out to their advantage, rankings-wise at least. Before a certain fan or two come on to defend their honor, I've also previously stated that I think Lumberton has a good team this year, one of the better teams in our coverage area. I just have no idea how DCTF has arrived to the conclusion that they're a top-10 team in 4A-D1.
  13. Ummm, you clearly don't know how things work in Beaumont, and in BISD. I worked for the district for 15 years, how many years have you put in? My statements have nothing to do with the demographics of West Brook or Beaumont United, and everything to do with the neighborhoods those schools are located in.
  14. once spectrum arrived out here we cut Dish in the middle of the night with no warning.
  15. You're getting your facts wrong. Abbott has spent $12M sending several thousand illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities. DeSantis spent $615,000 to send the immigrants to Martha's Vineyard. That said, it would've been more expensive for both states to pay to take care of them, so it's kind of funny to me how the cost of transporting them is the libs' big talking point.
  16. Rush is NOT a better qb than Dak, but he’s certainly showing how much Dak was overpaid
  17. A lot of them still do, but that number drops significantly in middle school and high school.
  18. Beaumont has social dynamics that would never allow it to work.
  19. But I still repeat, the west end folks aren’t sending their kids across town to ozen, and where do you place the high school that doesn’t have half the district traveling all the way across town to go to school?
  20. Where do you put the school? The west end Wandas aren’t sending their kids over to the pear orchard, and I don’t even want to talk about the very valid firestorm that would erupt if you start trying to bus kids of color 30 minutes across town to the west Brook campus, which is the only BISD property that could logistically support a high school with almost 5,000 kids.
  21. As an HF fan, I’m happy with the direction the program is going. Waggoner seems to be getting the most out of this team the last few seasons. 8-4 last year, with two of those loses being by 1 point to Silsbee and to Carthage in the playoffs, and 4-2 this year with 1-score losses to two really good teams. HF is pretty unlucky to be in a district with Jasper, Silsbee, AND WOS. That’s how a team who’s good enough to finish 2nd in most district ends up 4th, and out in the 1st round of the playoffs
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