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  1. Where’s he going? Article is behind a paywall for me
  2. It’s just boring. I have no issue with them making a living doing it, but they’re not getting anything from me. I don’t mind ncaa women’s basketball. I do think it’s funny how they think they should make more money when the league is operating at a deficit. Saw a funny video where one of the players claimed they don’t want equal pay, but they just want equal revenue %. Then the video figured up that with the amount of money the league lost each year, if they were on an equal revenue split as the nba they should each be paying the league $81,000 a year 😀😀
  3. Tough case all the way around. The guy had a lot of online activity come out where he made racist statements and statements about killing BLM protesters and looters. So when he then goes out and does it, it looks really bad. I've seen a lot of videos where people have driven through protestors, defended themselves against them, etc., and didn't bat an eye. This feels different, but that doesn't necessarily make it murder, either. His account of the events that happened vs. the witness accounts were both very different, but I'd also expect both sides' accounts to be self-serving and inaccurate to fit their narrative. Not really sure what to think on this one.
  4. And you continue to blame the other side for not bowing to the situation that your side created. Can't believe those idiots won't vote for the guy we knew they wouldn't vote for but insisted on nominating anyway. How dumb are they???
  5. But not on the republican voters to provide an electable option in the primary. It's always the centrists and lefties who are the dumb ones. Tell you what, I'm going to open up a fine dining restaurant in Caney Head. Really good, really expensive food. And when it fails, I'm going to blame the locals for being unsophisticated. After all, this is really good food. Then I'm going to wait a couple of years, reopen in the same place as the same restaurant, serving the same expensive food, and blame the locals when it fails again. Then when someone with a shred of common sense suggests I start serving hamburgers and chicken fried steak, I'm going to refuse to serve food that would be successful in that area, instead standing firm with my menu and spending my time complaining about how stupid and poor the locals are after my restaurant fails for a second time. As an aside: Trump can be a turd sandwich and also have been a good president (i'd say pretty decent, but close enough). But when the turd sandwich part outweighs the good or decent president part for a majority of the country it becomes a major issue. It cost him the election 4 years ago, and it's a bigger problem today. The only reason he even has a shot is because Biden may be the worst president in history. But hey, let's not change anything, remain unappealing to over half of the country, and blame everyone else if we don't win!
  6. back to the old "the voters are stupid if they don't decide our turd sandwich is better than their turd sandwich" argument. first and foremost it's the party's responsibility to put out electable candidates (both failed). Then the party line voters are responsible for picking an electable option in the primaries for the general election (both failed again). And finally, once you get to the general election, it's the entire country's responsibility to pick the best option for the job. 85-90% of the country's vote is decided before a candidate is ever named (and everyone commenting in this thread falls in this category). And to be completely honest, the left has done a better job of pandering to those 10-15% who actually decide the presidency, they're just screwed here because they have the sitting president and he wants to run again. Lucky for them the right are throwing the same guy at him that lost the last time, and nobody likes him any more than they did 4 years ago. If we'd picked literally ANYBODY besides Trump in the primary it would be a cakewalk. As it is, it'll be a tight race likely coming down to tenths of percentages in a handful of states to decide things. But hey, instead of doing what's necessary to win elections, let's just insist on doing the same thing that didn't work before, demanding the other side completely adjust their politics without any concessions, and then blame them for being stupid when they don't agree to our terms and just vote in their own not very good candidate.
  7. The right choice is whoever ensures Biden isn’t re-elected. I think she’d do that.
  8. It would be a savvy pick, were he actually savvy. Maybe he’ll surprise me.
  9. I sure hope not. I will not vote for a ticket with MTG on it. Doubt I would with the pillow dude either.
  10. The problem as well as that all of the social justice warriors, influencers, and instigators repeat these lies in the immediate days after the event, garnering outrage. But when they're proven false they never go back and rescind their outrage-causing posts, they just move on to the next one.
  11. I just find it really hard to believe that Trump will select a VP based on the votes they bring him. He's going to want a Trumper that will affirm his every move and stoke his ego. I'm hoping I'm wrong, but I doubt it. And as you said, in these battle ground states a few tenths of a % point may be enough to swing the whole election. Trump can't afford a VP who will cost him votes (Noem would cost him full points, not just tenths), but also needs a candidate that will bring in as many votes as possible. So hopefully whichever Trump disciple he chooses has some political appeal to swing voters.
  12. Big drop, but still a massive deficit. Not happening.
  13. that'll never happen. but he could flip enough swing states to win. should be a simple task for the right, but it's not going to be. it'll be very interesting.
  14. The agenda has been in place is what I’m saying. They’ve allowed gay scout leaders and members and females for the last several years. So the only thing really changing at this point is the name. Kind of a dumb move, IMO, because it just brings attention back to that point. But who knows, around half the country is liberal, so maybe they figure they can tap into membership on the other side of the aisle since most conservatives are done with them at this point.
  15. Probably right. Scared support, even.
  16. Yup. All they’re doing is changing the names. Girls have been allowed in for years
  17. Was referring to the politicians passing the legislation in southern states
  18. There is undeniable irony and hypocrisy in the fact that Trump has the unwavering support of conservative republicans across the country who've pushed legislation that makes it much more difficult to access her on pornhub.
  19. Nice to get a win where they started a bullpen guy and got 5 good innings from him
  20. we can. I believe the Dallas brothers are both in the minors right now.
  21. I hope it does. Although I'm sure the big city low division teams will still find ways to make sure they're in the lower division in many cases. I love the idea of the 4A playoffs having a division that is actually made up of mostly smaller community teams.
  22. While I maintain that she's an idiot in this situation either way, my opinion on how big of a deal this actually is depends on what actually happened. That said, can y'all please quit acting like there's more than a 50/50 chance that her account is accurate? at least add the caveat "she claims" to these statements about it killing chickens and trying to bite her, instead of presenting it as fact.
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