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  1. Brutal. Led for 75 minutes, and gave up probably only the one good chance the entire game
  2. El campo wins it 1-1 (4-2)
  3. El campo miss, east chambers make. 3-2 after 4 rounds
  4. El campo make, east chambers miss el Campo up 3-1 in the shootout
  5. El campo make, east chambers make.
  6. El campo make, east chambers miss
  7. Tied 1-1 after the first OT. El Campo gets the wind in the second
  8. After being in control the whole game, EC gave up a silly free kick with 15 seconds left, and because it was a card, there was a clock stoppage and El Campo was able to get everyone up in the box. El Campo just tied it at 1-1 on a header with 10 seconds left, so they’re going to OT.
  9. EC up 1-0 at the half. Better team so far, but with the wind at their back. Cracked the crossbar with a couple minutes left in the half. PNG girls down 2-1 at the half
  10. EC goes up 1-0 in the 4th minute
  11. BH lost 1-0. Didn’t catch the LCM final.
  12. LCM down 5-1 late. Barbers hill down 1-0 late. Both games with under 10 to go
  13. Barbers Hill still down 1-0 midway through the second half, but just barely hanging on. Their goalie is having a nice game or this one could be ugly.
  14. Lorena with 2 more goals in the first 4 min of the second half. Great season for LCM!
  15. Both games same score at the half. Both of our local teams were getting run pretty good, but also appeared both might be going into the wind, LCM for sure, so hopefully the second half goes better.
  16. Lorena up 2-0 over LCM in the first half. georgetown up 1-0 on BH late first half
  17. As fun as the tournament was with all of the upsets, I can't think of a final 4 that i've been less interested in.
  18. agree. it seems he may have dodged a bullet. Like finding out your fiancee is crazy a few weeks before the wedding.
  19. School superintendent candidate says job offer was rescinded after calling two females 'ladies' in email (msn.com)
  20. It was a great game. Lumberton obviously has the more talented team, but it wasn’t a beat down by any means
  21. Maxpreps showing lumberton up 5-0 on Huffman in the 2nd half.
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