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  1. They have “4 persons of interest”, according to the news
  2. beat me to it! Especially that prom my sophomore year (older date) that fell on my birthday...
  3. according to some folks most of the right wants trump to run again. Wanting to vote for him and having to vote for him are two different things, and at this rate that's going to apply to both candidates in the next election.
  4. Yup. Could have a heck of a winning streak right now if they'd found a way to close those two out.
  5. I remember that team. HJ was really good then, but never could get over the Jasper hurdle.
  6. Voters say neither Biden nor Trump should run in 2024 - Reuters/Ipsos (msn.com)
  7. I’m all for people doing what they want and being who they want to be, no matter how silly or crazy it seems to me. But the second that those choices affect other people, whether it be in sports, or little girls having to use the restroom next to grown men, or any other related issue, my support for your “rights” drops to zero. The idea that the feelings of .5% of the population are more important that the fairness and safety of all women is absolutely absurd. I’m reminded of a little blurb from Family Guy I saw awhile back. A bartender walks up to a lady sitting at the bar on her phone and says “excuse me ma’am, no porn at the bar.” She replies “oh, it’s okay, I’m transgender.” And the bartender says “oh, I had no idea. Do whatever you want, all the time.”
  8. I don’t drink beer, but if I drank bud light I would still drink it. I just don’t care. That said, this was obviously not going to work out. Your buyer base is conservatives. The crowd you’re trying to cater to isn’t going to give up their craft beers and IPAs to start drinking bud light, but now you’ve angered your devoted buyer base by celebrating arguably their worst trigger in the middle of the biggest culture war our country has ever seen. Stupidity.
  9. The dumbest part of this whole this situation is it could've literally just as easily been the same officers knocking on the same door intentionally to ask if they'd heard any part of the domestic dispute across the street. Reading the number wrong has no bearing on anything. If they'd kicked down the door and rushed in guns blazing, then yes, but that's not what happened here. The police weren't the aggressors, they didn't make assumptions, and they didn't do anything wrong besides confusing a 5 and an 8. The dead guy brought the fight to them, and death unto himself.
  10. Gotcha. Then it's safe to assume you're cool with the old man shooting the black kid multiple times unprovoked because he knocked on the wrong door, and the guy who killed the chick in the car that was backing out after they pulled into the wrong driveway and realized their mistake without even getting out of the car? Because literally the only difference between those cases and this one is that the victims (the police) were able to defend themselves when the crazy dude decided to "protect" his family instead of doing any of the many sane options available to him.
  11. oh, it's a conspiracy now? So is it your supposition that they ran up and smashed on his door to start with, while screaming at the top of their lungs? Then when that didn't work, they walked away, walked back up and calmly knocked on the door and announced their presence with normal voices?
  12. Honestly, have you watched the video? It really seems like you haven't. If you have, your fear/hatred of the police is leading you to greatly exaggerate what they were doing that night. They were knocking on the door, not beating, and they were announcing their presence, not screaming. And the ONLY way that he would know they were "armed to the teeth" was if he knew they were police officers, as he would've seen their uniforms when he saw their guns. Your efforts to defend his actions are becoming as inexplicable and indefensible as his actions themselves.
  13. The Rangers have gone 8-2 in the last 10. Oakland is 3-16 on the year, and Cincinatti is 7-11. Would love a sweep of oakland and to take 2-3 from Cincy. Would put the rangers at 17-7 on the year. It seems doable, but who knows.
  14. Nobody needs to ask him, you already told us previously. And I quote: "The homeowner was terrified, and protecting his family". It makes total sense. I mean, who isn't terrified when someone knocks on their door when it's dark out, and who's first instinct isn't to come out with their gun up ready to kill? #amirite? To be honest, based on the man's reaction, the cops very well may have saved the next person's life who accidentally knocked on crazy's door.
  15. Last comment here, because you're clearly hellbent on blaming the police for this guy's moronic response to a knock on the door. Have you ever knocked on the wrong door? Have you ever had someone knock on your door and be at the wrong house? Even the police are allowed to accidentally knock on the wrong door. They knock on hundreds of thousands of doors in this country a day (maybe millions), some of which will undoubtedly be the wrong address, and don't have a single innocent person come out in a shooter's stance forcing the police to defend themself.
  16. And how many times in the course of a day do police knock on doors down the streets from crimes looking for witnesses? Watch an episode of the First 48. Dude gets popped at the gas station on the corner, or in the apartment complex, and the police mobilize and start knocking on doors. They might knock on 50-100 doors, and it might be 2AM. Surprisingly enough, none of them ever get shot.
  17. If a person is texting and driving and rearends someone, and that person gets out of a car and shoots them dead, it's clearly the texter's fault, right? Had they not made a silly mistake the guy would've never gotten out and shot them.
  18. I assure you TVC has forgotten more about the penal code than most lawyers will ever learn.
  19. 1-hit the royals tonight, but degrom left after 4 with a sore wrist. Hoping it’s nothing serious
  20. Off to a nice start. Don’t want to mess up the Astros thread with rangers talk.
  21. This is the exact same scenario as the other shooting except the homeowner got shots off. Someone knocked on the door at the wrong house and was shot for doing so. In the police shooting the homeowner was acting the same way, but when they saw the gun the police responded with force.
  22. very much enjoyed this series. It's nice to have some hope again as a rangers fan.
  23. So those of you in favor of charging the cops, y'all all agree that this shooting was justified, right? Homeowner shot teenager who went to the wrong house in Kansas City, lawyers say (msn.com)
  24. Some people are so blinded by their hatred of police that it robs them of their common sense.
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