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  1. Maxpreps shows it Boerne 7, Hidalgo 0. I guess someone is salty
  2. Final! Raiders double up with teams going to state!
  3. Lumberton makes it 3-0 with 10 min to play!
  4. 2-0 still after a massive PK save by lumberton! 17 min left
  5. Lumberton scores to start the half off a corner!
  6. 3-0 final and a return to state! Boys up next to try and make it 2 for 2!
  7. And another! Quick goal at the start of the half to make it 3-0! Lady raiders cooking!
  8. Pretty even half, but lumberton scores again with 3 minutes left in the half to go up 2-0!
  9. Lady raiders up 1-0 early!
  10. Lumberton wins and advances to face El Campo tomorrow. From what I saw today they should be a solid favorite against them.
  11. Calhoun dominating this half with the wind.
  12. Lumberton up 1-0 at the half.
  13. Lumberton D made a huge goal line clearance after a Calhoun player had dribbled the keeper on a breakaway.
  14. Lumberton boys up 1-0 over Calhoun mid 1st half. They’ve controlled play so far, and are unlucky not to be up more after hitting the bar on one shot and the post on another.
  15. I was flipping between a couple of games. At some point lumberton subbed out their goalie, and I’m not sure why. Don’t know if they play both regularly or if the starter got hurt. If the starter is hurt that could play a factor if Lorena does a better job than Bay City did at putting shots on goal.
  16. Bay city looked a lot better in the 2nd half, but lumberton has done a great job of limiting their quality chances. 3-0 still with about 2 minutes left, so the 409 has at least one team moving on today. We’ll see what the lumberton boys are able to do next.
  17. Lumberton scores to go up 3-0, this on an own goal off a corner. All three of them have come off of set pieces, 2 of them off massive bay city mistakes. Lumberton has been by far the better team so far. I wasn’t expecting them to roll bay city after the two teams’ last game results.
  18. Lumberton lady raiders up 2-0 at the half. Bay city grew into the game a little bit, but didn’t create much. They’ll have the wind in the second half, which has played a big role in the all the games I’ve watched today.
  19. Lady raiders extend the lead to 2-0 after the Bay City goalie badly misplayed a free kick. Raiders taking advantage of the wind while they have it so far.
  20. Lady raiders go up 1-0 early!
  21. The two lumberton teams our last chance to have a local team advance. They both have a shot, but the boys have a slightly easier matchup. The girls play Bay City, who is 26-2 with their only losses coming a 6A playoff team from Houston and 1-0 to salado, who’s already advanced today. They’ve won their 3 playoff games 8-0, 9-0, and 10-0. The 10-0 win came against Columbia, who came into that game with a 21-3 record.
  22. Usually is for the teams that make it this far. Just a gulf in class once we start getting teams from outside the area.
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