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  1. Disappointed in this years programs. Want to see more UFOS/UAPS and less nonsense like Kirt Falcon. 😂
  2. Well @WOSdrummer99, since you and I are the only two capable of grasping this type knowledge, I’ll pass along starting time tonight on History Channel - 9pm / 2100 hours military.
  3. To repeat myself, if you have a running QB with a half way decent arm, that offense is virtually unstoppable, for now. But with all offenses, the Veer, Wishbone, the Spread, defenses will catch up (ketchup) some day.
  4. Saw part of it. Never a fan but am now, on a personal level.
  5. It’s the big one Elizabeth. My old ticker can’t take the shock.
  6. Gasp, a Slot T team? Tell me it ain’t so. I guess they didn’t get the memo at Liberty Hill. Outdated. Can’t score. Can’t win. Yup, this is crazy stuff here.
  7. Here’s a quarter call someone who cares. I’m with you Travis. You want to be whatever, fine, just don’t ram it down our throats. [Hidden Content]
  8. Been on a many a moon. Still, folks never cease to amaze.
  9. Amazing that here on this Forum there’s so few giving DuBois a chance. Just what the Vidor program doesn’t need, having their heads filled with doubts over the new Coach. Hope the players get behind him 110% and prove all the naysayers wrong. Go Pirates! ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️
  10. Based on her statement, admitting there was cocaine in the home, and her allowing the search, I’d think the search was legal based on PC. Just an observation - I’m not sure many lawyers would be cognizant of all these little “technicalities”, or make better Police Officers. Based on the number of overturned cases, it’s evident many Prosecutors aren’t.
  11. Here’s a trivia question - which political party rules the three most powerful countries in the world?
  12. Lol, didn’t need a map, just follow the clean & waxed cars with mag wheels and dual exhaust. If I had a dollar for every time I made that trip, we’d all be rich. Gas mileage? No worries mate. That 383ci 4bbl Plymouth Fury got 13mpg, but it was a short trip. Lol!
  13. If DuBois can find a passer, and will throw some, the Slot T will work great. And like I’ve heard, he has a great bunch of Juniors to be coming up, he should have a great two starting years. 2025 will tell the tale if the first two are successful. To my knowledge his previous HC jobs were at schools not previously running the Slot T. Kids in Vidor been running it since flag football. And again, Best of luck to Coach Dubois.
  14. Born on Monday? Circuits in the brain not wired right? Got a SIL close to that. Very intelligent. Like a beautiful car with bolts missing. Wrong fuse system? If you ever figure out why, please tell me. My only solution so far is nailing a 8’ high 2” X 6” board to the inside of my home to beat my head against. Temporary at best but this attitude beats my four aces.
  15. [Hidden Content] Who provides the blanket of protection this guy resides under so he can spew his insane male bovine feces? Love to see him go through Navy Seal “Hell Week”, or even “The Crucible” all Marine recruits must complete. Essentially, back in my service days, I’d like to have b-slapped him until his face looked like a red man. What a lick.
  16. I don’t know enough to ask a decent question. This is your balliwick. You’d need to start it off. I could ask you a question. Saw cops on radar. Two cars passed at 10 mph over limit. Both changed lanes after passing patrol officer. One used his blinker & one didn’t. He ticketed the one who didn’t. Everything else being equal, would you have done the same thing?
  17. They’d have to be simple, and we’ll still miss most. On the plus side, we’d learn a few things.
  18. This one - Had one eye. Saw 2 plums, took one & left one.
  19. Legitimate question with a legitimate answer. No one has ever answered yet. So here we go: A man without eyes saw plums on a tree. He neither took plums nor left plums, so how could this be? You have until Friday afternoon. Use them lil old gray cells that have sit dormant. 😂😂😂👽👽👽😂😂😂
  20. That’s the real secret. A kid who can run and has a decent arm.
  21. The Slot T with no passing 👎. Slot T with an effective passing attack thrown in 🥇🥇🥇🏆🏆🏆🥇🥇🥇. I’m no Coach butttttt, if you run the vast majority of the time, receivers will be open. It’s not rocket science. The spread team RB’s eat steak. Pass, pass, pass, give it to the RB. A hole. A big hole. He’s a great RB. Primarily great because the down linemen are in pass rush mode. LB’s are either backpedaling or blitzing. Wow, a hole. Big hole. Now turn it all around. Slot T QB fakes handoff, drops back to pass and hits wide open Slot man for huge gain. I’m no Coach butttttt. If you disagree, watch this film from 2019 were the “passing” Pirates beat the better Crosby. Shouldn’t have. Crosby much better, but they couldn’t handle the pass. Crosby’s only other District loss was to Barbers Hill. Never saw Vidor do this again. Why? That’s the 64 Million dollar question. [Hidden Content]
  22. But when the Pirates go to Regional next year, there’ll be a bronze statue of him on Main Street. 😂😂😂☠️☠️☠️😂😂😂 All seriousness Coach, best of luck to you. Heard you have a great bunch of Sophs, soon to be Juniors. Make winners out of them.
  23. Btw, for those of you that think the Slot T is boring, you must not have seen the 32 Wham out of the “I” formation from Coach Brown. Personally I thought the world of him, but his play calling left a lot to be desired. My son played OT & DT as did the other tackle (1986 I think). Both ended up joining the Marines. Figured the jarheads couldn’t throw anything at them they hadn’t already seen. On a side note, they were some of the first troops to land and met each other on the tarmac in Saudi, and was in Desert Storm. Other young man passed away over a year ago.
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