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  1. The despicable moniker should be placed directly on you (and Big Girl). You have fallen for one of the oldest and very obvious political tricks. That is: Name a bill and provide as the purpose of the bill some noble help for citizens, then insert all of your pork projects that can't pass on their own. When anyone dares to vote against it, accuse them of hating Americans. The Democrats, and to a much lesser extent, Republicans, have been doing this for years. And here we have two supposedly educated people falling for this obvious trickeration. How despicable. This is just the first article I found from a simple search. More evidence is readily available. Congress Piles the Pork into Hurricane Sandy Relief | The Fiscal Times
  2. Since both the Republicans and Democrats have no desire or willingness to deport illegals from this country, should we at least assess a surcharge to companies that employ people that are illegally occupying our country? Both parties claim to put American citizens above illegals, but everyone can see that is an outright lie. If companies are forced to pay more for employing an illegal worker, would that increase the value of unemployed legal Americans? Would the extra revenue afforded the government go to good use? Would this put a strain on our economy to a point that implementing this strategy actually hurts the country? Should only certain jobs have this caveat? How high of a penalty should companies pony up for utilizing illegal labor? What are your thoughts? Since I have no desire to allow anyone that is illegally residing in our country to remain, I have no argument to make one way or the other. This topic is about as mute (or moot...you decide) for me as you can get. But I'm curious as to how others feel about this idea.
  3. He and his dad (Curtis) are legends at HF. He was a good high school RB. He flourished at Rice. He went from a finesse runner at HF to a power runner in college. I was very impressed with his transition to the college level. Reminds me a lot of the transition Roschon Johnson made on style of running. I keep wondering if Anthony Semien was the RB in 1991. I think he graduated in 1990 though. My memory is way worse than 20-20.
  4. I can't remember off hand. I'm guessing Spencer George and Kenny Porter.
  5. Not even close. HF won 70-0 in 1991 to set the record. The Rice Bowl was discontinued for almost a decade after that game.
  6. Of course...done on purpose. It wasn't near as pompous as his posts, but I was working my way up.
  7. Are you really misinterpreting my post this bad? Really? This is not about your opinion of the game. This is about you spending the majority of your posts running down Hamshire-Fannett and their facilities. If you want blunt analysis...it seems you are a simpleton that gets his feelings hurt when called out on your posts... so much so that you have to attack by deflection. I'm sure you will not understand this post, so get a middle schooler to explain it to you. If you would like to continue your passive pissing contest, move it to an appropriate section. I will be glad to show you how intelligent you are. I find it odd (not really) that you refuse to "debate" in the political section, then spout off political rhetoric in the High School football section. Do you even realize the irony of that? Of course not! Someone will eventually explain it to you. So if you want to continue bashing opponents facilities, or if you would like to get political (like you've already tried), then mosey on over to the political section if you dare. We will be okay, but I doubt your sensitive dairy-air can handle the bluntness. Maybe this topic can now get back on track! Any childish retorts need to be moved to the political section.
  8. You might want to save your money on English and grammar courses for yourself. If you want to get into a pissing contest, meet me in the Political section. I will be more than happy to go down in the gutter where you reside. Until then, how about keeping it classy in this section.
  9. If you send a check to Hamshire-Fannett to cover the cost I'm sure they will build a field that meets your prima donna expectations.
  10. The raid on Project Veritas' James O'Keefe's properties in order to steal/suppress the diary of Joe Biden's daughter needs to be added to the list. The FBI basically told journalists and the world that if you dare obtain dirt on Biden, we will come for you. Some in the FBI should be facing prison time for this act alone, let alone the other atrocious acts listed.
  11. Because he can. Would you rather censor the "radical B.S."? Would you like to refute the article or attack the messenger? Why do you think it is radical? Could it be maybe this is mainstream and you are the radical? Who gets to decide? You? I think not...and I didn't even read the article. Please provide your rationale for declaring this article "Radical Right B.S."...just to peak my interest enough to read it for myself so I can judge your intelligence.
  12. Did you see what the FBI/DOJ did to many of Trump associates (with the media's blessing)? Did you forget to mention that? Of course you are too blind to see it. Again, the Liberal media has made you a laughing stock of the board. Own it big boy!
  13. All you can do for a reply is lie! lie! lie! The Liberal media has made you a bumbling fool. Own it. You deserve it.
  14. Wow. Just wow. You posted this video months ago, and got torched for it...by practically everyone on the board. Did you not learn your lesson? Here you are posting it again. It proves you have zero comprehension of anything that has to do with Trump. If Trump said it was going to snow in Southeast Texas tomorrow, you can sure well bet that it was tongue-in-cheek, mocking the biased media and their sheeple (like you). The media would easily convince you sheeple that he was serious. And you would fall for it just like you fell for your above post. How can you not see this? I still laugh at your TDS, but feel a little sorry for you because it's pretty much clinical now. I keep hoping you will come out and say you were just joking the whole time...but that would reveal you to be really, really "deranged".
  15. You are not readily cognizant of your own inferiority to understand that you cannot comprehend the extent of your deserved shame. Translation: you should be embarrassed. I guess your next post will be that "Trump worshipers" love chicken and watermelon. Is that what your Liberal media Gods have conditioned you to repeat. (No question mark needed.) I don't know...the Liberals keep conditioning their chickens to espouse their nonsense in unison...and you are a prime example. I have a feeling you will try to retaliate with another brainless response...and I encourage that. It will give me an opportunity to say how I really feel.
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