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  1. I will never understand why someone cares what decisions a family makes regarding their own child? Maybe Joe Burrow learns great life lessons from burning up all his eligibility sitting behind Justin Fields at Ohio State but I’m sure him and his family feel like they made the right decision by transferring to LSU, becoming the #1 pick and now being the highest paid QB in NFL history. Same for Kyler Murray, Baker Mayfield and Jalen Hurts at their first stops. I think it was more beneficial for Reggie Branch to transfer to Crosby and end up having an opportunity to play for a state title versus staying at GCM and learning life lessons while he loses and probably doesn’t go D1 because his team is a perennial loser. If Robinson throws for 2k yards this year it’s going to be a lot better for his recruitment purposes than sitting on the bench at BH, not to mention he’s going to get significant looks because of the kids he’s on the team with and the offers/commitments they’ve already made. He’s not being taught to run from competition, he’s being taught to gamble on himself just like all those other guys I mentioned did.
  2. FBC transfer most likely will. He’s already been on several recruiting visits and has been looking decent on the camp circuit for only being a freshman. I don’t think his family will let him sit past this year though. JV kid is decent but he’s not really anybody I think you want to rely on competing against good teams with. He has some moxie but he’s smallish and doesn’t have a lot of arm talent. I think he would stay and be a backup no matter what or switch positions if the FBC kid stays.
  3. I guess you heard wrong? All of the sophomore studs he grew up with are on varsity and several played great in the Spring game, 4/5 will start and the others are in the two deep. Only kid I heard about going to Dayton is the receiver that left to go to North Shore and he hasn’t even been playing football. Leaving was what he felt was best for his kid, sometimes you have to make those choices. My son would’ve left last year too if he could’ve gotten eligible, doesn’t mean I would’ve liked Crosby less.
  4. There aren’t a lot of people that are more hard core Crosby than I am but his dad is one of them. I think he stays at Crosby no matter what, plus he gets to play with the kids he grew up with again. Willis is already giving him a bunch of run so if anybody left I think it would be the FB Crawford transfer. I’m thinking he would end up somewhere like Channelview
  5. Willis has a ring and was a great play from Ennis’ receiver in the title game from having two. No doubt BH’s system fits him better but he has an opportunity to play earlier at Crosby which he’s always had outside of the time Coach P was here. When his dad talked to Coach P they came to the conclusion that it was best for him to go elsewhere so it wasn’t really a situation where they left because they wanted to in the first place.
  6. The transfer back from BH has a good chance to start if he figures the offense out. His mobility has always left something to be desired but he can improve that and will certainly need to in Willis’ offense. What’s never been in question is the arm talent. FB Crawford transfer would’ve eventually been the starter at some point this year but I don’t think he beats out Robinson. JV kid will most likely get pushed down to 3rd on the depth chart if the two sophomores both stay at Crosby. Willis already plays his son at other positions so I don’t even think he’s in the mix by the time camp starts. Yarborough just committed to Arizona today so Willis will probably try to feed him early in the season like he did to start last year and we have another sophomore RB that’s Austin Walter-like with the ball in his hands. I think they’ll help ease the transition of whoever Willis decides to go with. It’s going to be an interesting dynamic if both Prieto and Robinson are starting in the opener against Dayton.
  7. Yeah, I’ve know him for over 25 years. I was hoping you wouldn’t actually mention his name but as sure as my father is buried in Evergreen cemetery I assure you we’ve discussed NS’ talent acquisition process and also my sons playing there. I ain’t on here selling woof tickets but what else would you expect from a guy disputing what came out of someone’s own mouth. I’m going to the driving range, you can have it from here on out ✌🏾
  8. There are only two high level administrators in the GPISD athletics department. Find out who the one from Crosby is
  9. He didn't go there specifically for the coach, he went after Willis got hired and everyone got p.o.'d which is when his dad said they were out. The coach that left Crosby had already accepted the position at North Shore in February. What you outlined about a kid following a coach is a blatant violation which I have particular experience with even at an open enrollment school. Where is the report with Johnson on it like you said? Where is the one with the Crosby kid on it that just came this year? You said there is a report with ALL transfers into North Shore over the last four years. Where is the report so I can verify Johnson is on it, or was that just weird a statement as you saying MOST of the athletes come from the only two schools they can come from without transferring? The administrator I talked to was your boss' boss, or at least one of his technically two bosses.
  10. Bro would walk into a confession with a serial killer and tell the detective he didn't do it because "I have behind the scenes information".
  11. Dude, you literally just verified everything I'm saying. You can't "decide to come with a coach". Smh, the kids is eligible and I want to see him do well so I don't want that to change, plus I'm good friends with that coach. Nobody is arguing Coach Price's prowess, I'm speaking about getting kids into high school. Particularly a situation with a certain receiver who was one of the first receivers he offered after taking the UTSA job. Obviously you're unaware of what he told the kids at Crosby. North Shore only has two middle schools. If only the majority of them come from those two schools then where do the rest come from? Can you link this report you're speaking of so I can see if it shows LaVonte Johnson on it? I wan to see if it shows him transferring from CE King last year? There are a few other names I would like to check to see if they're included too? [Hidden Content]
  12. Kid ended up at North Shore after Coach P left, you can talk to his dad like I did about who got him there. He's eligible now and that's all that matters. Didn't speak to a coach at the track meet, I spoke to a GPISD administrator You said the DM wasn't meant to be taken as a recruitment, he admitted it was. You can ask him why YOU think he lied to the UIL, I can send you his contact information. He drove my son and one of NS' o-linemen to a visit. A couple of staffs ago our guy was Coach Mann, partially the reason we ended up with a D1 offensive lineman from North Shore. Lots of kids were "familiar" with Coach Price at NS prior to him taking the UTSA job, you can ask Tre Dixon's mom about it if you want more information. My cousin was an All-American at NS under Aymond and currently coaches at Desoto, the whole I-20 corridor has "talent acquisition" guys on the staff literally all the way west to Arlington ISD where another one of my cousins coaches at Bowie. My co-worker's son was the starting QB at CE King before he transferred to New Caney, I could tell you who the coach is that acquired the QB who led to my co-worker's son transferring but he's still on staff at King.
  13. Obviously the UIL got it wrong because Coach Izzy "really knows what happened", they just randomly hand out 3 year suspensions for DMs.
  14. Dude, North Shore just came and got our star '27 receiver. When Coach P was at Crosby he pulled up in Barrett Station one time because he thought/heard a North Shore coach was trying to acquire his kids during some training sessions. So a head coach with zero connections to the area was already concerned about his kids being poached by North Shore. Furthermore, at the area track meet in BH last year I was offered a "way" for both of my high school sons to come to North Shore. Again, you can parse the words whichever way you please but the UIL just agreed with my point of view so it seems you're the one making baseless statements even though you "know what's going on behind the scenes".
  15. Yeah, I know all about it. I can show you several pictures where she took my son on recruiting visits this fall while I was on T/A. My classmate/teammate is the assistant AD at North Shore so I'm pretty familiar with the talent acquisition process. All my cousins played for Aymond, North Shore was "acquiring" kids from Forrest Brook, Smiley and CE King way back when Corey Redding and Andre Gurode were on the team in the late '90's when NS first got good. I saw the DM, so we can debate the semantics of the word "sketchy" but the UIL doesn't investigate things that are above board or at least appear to be. That being said, I don't think anything should happen to Coach Cam or NS other than a "Don't do it again" slap on the wrist. I was at a 7 on 7 tournament in Dallas a couple years ago watching one of my buddy's kids and one of the parents showed us a DM from a coach offering to help her get a car so she could more easily bring her son to a certain school. If the UIL isn't going to take active measure to police it all then North Shore shouldn't be singled out but if I was a coach on another staff and saw that DM I would probably make the same assumptions he did, you would too since any coach is going to automatically assume the worst.
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