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  1. Well, can't say I didn't call it. I just wish I would've been wrong. Everything I said about us making the Joe Willis hire this offseason is exactly what played out. If you watched all the Tyler Legacy games I did this past offseason you would've most likely come to the same conclusion as me that him going 2-8 last year and backing it up with another 2-8 this year isn't a coincidence. Before the season started I said "This isn't Cedar Park", meaning all of the built in advantages that he had there or even Colleyville Heritage, do not exist at Crosby. People on here that know absolutely nothing about our program had strong opinions on my remarks regarding why I don't think the hire "fit" Crosby. I said he was an older, lower energy CEO type coach that didn't fit our culture. I said he ran a system that didn't fit our personnel and actually exacerbated issues Riordan and Prieto covered up so well, like good coaches do. We've kind of always been on the lower end of the the participation scale. I said before the season that if kids and parents didn't like what they saw that they would just transfer out to one of the other nearby schools, and they have. Depending on how convicted some of the other parents are to their remarks I heard them make this year, we could be looking at a major exodus of talent from the lower classes over the Spring semester and Summer. I didn't comment all year because there was nothing positive to mention and there was no point in running the coach down every week for things that everybody could turn on a game and see themselves. It was the worst play-calling we've witnessed since Flannigan, the worst scheme we've seen since Flannigan and the worst personnel moves we've seen since Flannigan. This is magnified by the fact that no assistants wanted to come work for Willis so we have a bunch of local guys with very little actual coaching experience to help mitigate the issues. I think Willis is a good coach and I can see the end intentions on a lot of the things that didn't play out the way he thought they would, but he's an old coach set in his way and convinced they'll work. Not sure how long he's going to be here as I've heard he was only given a two year contract but what I will say is that outside of him finding the easiest non-district games he can for next year, I wouldn't expect Crosby's record to look much different than it did this year for the foreseeable future. *Today Crosby votes on a new $85M bond for another elementary school, a second middle school, an expansion of the 5 year old high school and general facility maintenance. Bond says they expect Crosby ISD to get 5,000 new students by 2033 meaning a projected high school enrollment ~ 3,800. Basically the new alignment will be the last two years Crosby has to try to be competitive before going in to the 6A abyss. Sad state of affairs what an administration can do to a program but here we are, had some fun times though.
  2. If you only knew🤦🏾‍♂️ Not to mention my little guy just lines up in the slot and block and runs pass route now
  3. 0-10 is a real possibility this year. But hey, at least we have a gray coach according to the people on this site. Dude is awful, he’s exactly what I said he would be. We run an offense that doesn’t fit our players, players are playing out of position and the play-calling is pop Warner level. I was told by a coach that Crosby was getting lucky winning all those games. We were unorganized on defense and played bad technique. We only stopped people because we blitzed a lot. Said we didn’t have the talent to be winning this games we did. If that’s the type of staff we had were destined to become bottom feeders. “Give him time”, huh? Dude is screwing over one of the more talented teams Crosby has put on the field in recent years. Kids probably checked out after tonight. Y’all were in me in the Summer when I told y’all this dude wasn’t the one for Crosby, unfortunately I was spot on.
  4. It’s hard for your team to get fired up when the head coach tells them it’s a scrimmage. Meanwhile our old coach is apologizing to his new community for taking a non-district L. No fire, no swagger, no anything. Practice is like a business meeting. I’m not exaggerating when I say this is Kevin Flannigan all over again. Outside of the MS athletic coordinator who came from North Shore we don’t have any coaches on the staff who came from winning program at this level or higher. The CEO style coaching works at a lot of places with a different type of kid. It’s just never been shown to work here. Coach Willis is a great dude but again, doesn’t always mean you’re the best fit.
  5. Yes, they’re that much better than Crosby with this coaching staff. No, they’re not light years better than last year as the score may indicate. They’re better at QB but offense is still the same basic “get out in space and make a play”. QB run threat is about equal to last year with Davis. O-line is a little bigger but still just ok in general. I’m not sure they’re better on the defensive line than last year after losing the Baylor and TCU kids but I think their DTs are more solid. Secondary is their strong suit as usual and the speed is typical of what you see from them. You have to see them against a better coaches team but I would say in general that this is their most complete squad since those state finals teams they had.
  6. Nah bro, I’m done. I just pray the kids stay healthy and make the playoffs. It’s really going to hit the fan when y’all come to town and embarrass us in our own stadium.
  7. Absolutely need to update it. We’re nothing like we were under Coach P’s offense and Coach Poth’s defense. In past years we pounded away on them, with this coaching staff we run the scat back right up the middle 15 times.
  8. Absolutely. Worst performance I’ve seen since we lost to Ennis like 15 years ago under Flannigan. If it wasn’t Ennis think the last time we lost to 5A team by this much was maybe Dayton in the playoffs. One night Dayton killed us Flannigan told Stewart “Good game.” Stewart told him “Yeah, but I would win it all if I had your kids.” This is the level of coaching we have now, maybe. We stay on this path and the participation rate will nose dive just as I said they would if this happened. This is HISD level stuff.
  9. Man, this is Kevin Flannigan level coaching. Maybe it works other places but it doesn’t/didn’t work in Crosby. Hard to go expect kids to win a football game when the head coach tells them “This is nothing more than a glorified scrimmage.” Kids are like “What coach, we’re playing FBM?” Smh. Definitely a different program. I’ve never seen a Crosby team so unprepared to play and we had a rough first month under Prieto. Defense doesn’t have a clue but hey, the DC was highly recommended by a state title winning coach. Pushed out the old guy that actually had some skins on the wall. FBM ram the same play CEK did last week and for the 2nd week in a row we cover three WRs with two DBs. Our DT was killing their center, FBM probably rolled 50% of their snaps back to the QB. He had time to pick it up and still run the play every time, no pressure sent at all. Maybe that’s what you do in scrimmages though? When we hired him I said in order to be successful in his system you need to be elite on the o-line like CP was. That’s why this system struggled in Tyler even with SEC talent in both sides of the ball. What do we do? Magnify the issue. Crosby is out there lining up double TE, one WR split with two backs. Depending on the alignment you can tell what play we’re running. Your 1st team all-district RB from last year just blocks and runs decoy routes now, Crosby should’ve gotten shut out but the backs switched positions for one play and he scored from about 50. Again, maybe this was scrimmage coaching as they were told? It’s just bad football all the way around. One thing for sure though, when you hire an old coach set in his ways nothing is changing. Kids don’t even play with any emotion, tough to watch. I’m just hoping for the seniors they can make the playoffs. Last time I had a son that was s senior Crosby’s playoff streak was broken. Looks like we’re on the verge again.
  10. This is going to be worse than last week. Completely unprepared to play. Trying to be positive about the coaching but when we hired Willis I said his style of offense wasn’t conducive to the type players Crosby produces. Going to be tough to make the playoffs with the kids being coached like this.
  11. Houston High School Sports talks about some of their big games this week: [Hidden Content]
  12. Don’t let last year’s record fool you, they play in HISD’s district. Plus the 5⭐️ safety transferred to IMG Academy this year. I am glad to see some excitement down on the island though.
  13. Dude, all of those teams suck. Just get the “I really don’t think FB Marshall is all that good anymore” or “FB Marshall really should’ve won” lines together.
  14. I think tomorrow you’ll see the difference between a good program and one like BH. Crosby has 0 advantages tomorrow. New coach that runs an offense 10X more complicated than anything these kids have ever seen against a coach’s program who has one of the best records in Texas the last 5 years. 8 of the 11 starters on FBM’s defense alone already have FBS offers, most of them have P5 offers. Crosby only has two kids with P5 offers. We’re playing in Fort Bend this year instead of Crosby where we barely won in OT. We only brought back 9 starters of a 4th place 6-5 team, plus we’re on the way down in general. No reason we should have any chance in this one. I’m actually surprised you’re only picking them by 14?
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