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The 2022 High School Football Season is Almost Here! 

The countdown has finished!

SETX Baseball History and Factoids

History of Area Races as well as Local Players Done Good!

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    • Not sure on any scores. Tarkington beat Chester to win the Gold bracket. Warren beat Anahuac to win the Silver bracket. East Chambers beat Kountze to win the Bronze.
    • Democrat Lawfare ….using your taxpayer dollars to keep continuing non factual lawsuits going to politically bludgeon Trump is not going to work.    As to the title of this thread you can screen shot this.  The DOJ affidavit is based on that NY Times article Maggie H wrote a while back, mixed in with hearsay and innuendo. That's why they won't release it. Watch an see. Just another Russia Hoax. Our FBI and DOJ is corrupt.  
    • Oh, and speaking of the above - keep a few dollars somewhere besides a Bank/Credit Union.  Many years ago we were discussing a “what if” scenario - like the crash of ‘29 when everyone went down & wanted their money at the same time.  My boss (yes, college degree) said, “there won’t be a problem, your money is Insured by the Feds”.  I said, “Whoa, tell me you don’t actually think there’s enough money to cash out for everyone if there’s a run on everyone’s savings accounts”.  Ain’t no way.  The Feds could print money for a year & there may not be enough, so don’t let that FDIC & NCUA insurance put you to sleep.  It’s made to save individual institutions.  No way could it cover all the accounts.  There’s about 1.5 Trillion dollars in circulation.  On paper, there’s about 40 trillion dollars - see the problem?  And if they did print all that money it wouldn’t be worth nothing.
    • my friend,  ya know the Ole Miss Rebels won the NCAA College World Series back in June.
    • Just like your call over the fraudulent election. I need proof. Frivolous lawsuits do not proof make. What a clown. 
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