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  1. Oh no doubt 😂 I can hear it now…
  2. I’m sure Art Briles biggest cheerleader on this board is already at Lamar Athletic Department begging him to come to LU…. You know who I’m talking about lol
  3. You would remember but didn’t Basha the one from Arizona come get beat down by a DFW school years ago? Has anyone from Texas ever play St. Frances from Baltimore?
  4. PNG will win, not going to predict a score. Coach Joseph comes from a Championship pedigree he knows how to win. The new DC they got us one of the best in the state, He’s completely transformed that defense. Last year BH team everyone counted them out and the Hill punched FBM in the mouth and won. If PNG does this they will win! Good Luck PNG this Bulldog is rooting for y’all!
  5. I talked to a lifelong friend that graduated from PNG that moved off to Dallas years ago. Him and another png grad are car pooling to the game. First game he’s been to since png played Texas city inside reliant years ago
  6. Win the coin toss then you have no say so. Willis has came and played PNG at BISD during the playoffs
  7. 1.) North Shore 2.) Atascocita 3.) Katy 4.) CE King 5.) Longview 6.) Aledo 7.) Mansfield Timberview 8.) Fort Bend Marshall 9.) PNG 10.) Tyler Chappel Hill 11.) Kilgore 12.) Cuero 13.) Silsbee 14.) Carthage 15.) Llano 16.) Whitesboro 17.) Newton 18.) Bells 19.) Gunter 20.) Joaquin 21.) Timpson 22.) Lovelady 23.) Chilton 24.) Rankin 25.) Bluff Dale
  8. David Bailiff just became available… he would be a major upgrade with lots of Texas connections. The only downfall is he is up there in age and in a few years Lamar would be looking for a head coach again but he could get Lamar going and start winning rather quickly.
  9. A&M at the bottom of the sec is what they paid for? 💀💀
  10. I thought the same thing a few years ago but Marshall Mavericks wanted to play at NRG against Nederland.. we didn’t even flip for it. So you never know,
  11. That’s what he did, if he decides to stay I know with new regime lots of players come and go…
  12. They didn’t even offer Fuselier and he ended being a star… not saying the whole team needs to be from setx but just 1 or 2 recruits from local area is not cutting it.
  13. Barbay offense can beat SEC schools lmao
  14. And that’s why they are in the unemployment line.
  15. Who ever Lamar brings in must have Texas ties, coached here knows there way around the state good relationship with hs coaches, and promise to recruit this area better. I know everyone wants to open up the pocketbook for the head coach but dont forget it takes a village, they need to pay those coordinators and assistant coaches as well..
  16. Kevin Barbay does not want Lamar.
  17. He’s within in his 7 years for a state championship tho at WB? The jury is still out for Lumberton coach if he can win a state championship within 7 years tho.
  18. When WB transfer QB came in there was a lot of noise and talk about playoffs…
  19. 1.) Galena Park North Shore 2.) Humble Atascocita 3.) Spring Dekaney 4.) Shadow Creek 5.) C.E. King 6.) Mansfield Timberview 7.) College Station 8.) Georgetown 9.) Friso Wakeland 10.) Fort Bend Marshall 11.) Austin LBJ 12.) Kilgore 13.) Lumberton 14.) Waco Connally 15.) Silsbee 16.) Columbus 17.) Orangefield 18.) Hitchcock 19.) Newton 20.) Centerville 21.) Cooper 22.) Beckville 23.) Timpson 24.) Bowie 25.) Lovelady
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