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Not if you give them a meal card that is only redeemable at the dorms cafeteria. That is the logical way.


You know the NCAA ain't logical.


My son would receive $50 meal money when UH traveled on the weekends (Thurs- Sun). They probably ate one meal on their own. He usually made $20 bucks a weekend. To a college kid, that's a lot of money. Now the NCAA wants to increase it? Cha ching!

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I think this is pretty stupid.  Any college kid can get a meal anytime they want.  All it takes is getting others to like you and get a meal off their meal plan or get several at the beginning of the week and refrigerate.  You can even scan your card at a dining hall walk in with a backpack full of tupperware, eat your meal, then load up at the salad bar and other food stations for the rest of the week; yes I did this many times. There will be a way to manipulate the system and once the kids figure it out it will spread like wildfire. 

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Oklahoma State is off probation and allowed full practices after they discovered the recent graduation of a player from the 90's. Yes like 1990's. The NCAA is a joke.

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It says he recently graduated. It sounds like T Boone Pickens found an old player that was close to graduating and got him a diploma.

There you go. General studies! It's the State of Oklahoma, it takes most of those guys a while to get through school. And if you have the same amount of commas in your account as Uncle T Boone, you can make the rules.
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@ESPNCFB: Two former UNC athletes sue the school & NCAA over academic failures » http://es.pn/1CmUNGh http://twitter.com/ESPNCFB/status/558379888185737217/photo/1


So I take it these players did not succeed in professional sports?


If the quality if their education was so important, why did they not speak up while they were in school?


Money grab.

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NCAA ‏@NCAA 6m6 minutes ago

The NCAA did not declare Silas Nacita ineligible and Baylor has not requested a waiver for him.

Looks like Baylor got rid of him and tried to pin it on the NCAA. Briles is such a stand up guy!

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@CraigSmoak: Briles did not shed much light on Silas Nacita situation. Said he was unaware of anything until it snowballed here recently.



@CraigSmoak: Briles would welcome Nacita back to team but mentioned it was not something he had control over.






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