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  1. He probably not only has NIL deals in the making but Alabama, Texas, A&M, LSU and the other Power 5 schools have already promised a full ride, his own dorm room and what ever type of vehicle he wants. And he is just the #2 rank in that age group. Can you imagine what they have for the #1 ranked kid that age.
  2. EXACTLY!!!!!……..but there was a little more behind the Fairclothe stuff.
  3. I’m glad I’m through with this stuff. When my son played there were three teams. They had a purple, a white, and a gray team. We had a draft and all the kids were available for a three teams to draft. If you had the crappie team then you just sucked at drafting. This 💩 of making an A and B team and splitting it where the good kids go to the A team and the others go to the B team is strictly for the Dads. I know they do it in school but that is different. The problem at the STJFL level is you are supposed to coach these kids and teach them what the game is about. These coaches now days are all about making themselves look good and don’t want to teach. This could come back and bite them in the arse. Through all my years I have seen kids that may not have been as good as the others but come high school some of them are beating the other “studs” in junior league out because those “studs” hit their peak already. These other kids are hitting their peak at the right time. I’ve seen it happen for years and when those “studs” aren’t playing in high school. Those are the parents that you hear all the bi___ing and moaning from.
  4. I’m just waiting to see who follows. There were a lot of highly ranked recruits waiting to see where he was going to commit. Will the dominoes start falling? Guess we will see.
  5. I agree. Hooks and Thompson had full control and administration and the board ha no control over them. They had their way and that was it. Now they have someone that they have full control over and the rules ways of doing certain things are about to change. The kids and certain parents are going to whine about some things need to be changed and they will be changed to cave in to the cry babies and it will all snowball. The days of the way things were run under DH and CT are gone and that will be the end to what was a great program.
  6. I hope he can convince Lamar to give him a bigger athletic budget to be able to turn the programs around. It’s been operating on a very small budget compared to other schools their size that are competitive. Plus most of the other schools have more things for students to do around town then Lamar has to offer. What does Beaumont and the surrounding area have for the students to do for fun? Go swimming in the Neches River?
  7. Roccaforte is from PNG. Christian Curtis is a Freshman pitcher from PNG that is at Texas A&M but had to have surgery to correct a previous surgery so he started the year but didn’t get to finish it.
  8. I passed by LCM yesterday and it looked like they were working on it.
  9. I know a perfect person for this job but I don’t know if she would apply for it so I’m no going to mention her name. But, she is a former player at Lamar, she coaches at a prominent high school and has been to the state finals twice in her three year stint and has won one title.
  10. PETA may complain about these names being offensive to nature.
  11. Not everybody is reporting their teams HR’s like they used to. I know PNG has some but not sure who the kids are. I don’t know the kids of this group all that great and I sit in the outfield so I don’t have to listen to the people in the stands grip about things they have no clue about. I’ve noticed other teams have not reported any either.
  12. I have a cousin who is married to the twin brother of NCTC’s head coach. They said Wetherford’s pitchers were talking smack to the coach. Saying stuff like, “is this all you got? Send someone up to the plate who can hit the damn ball.” This was said after two batters had struck out. There was more stuff said too. But when the guy hit the go ahead home run he did mouth off to the pitcher. I probably would have too if the pitchers were trash talking my team. The thing that gets me is the third base coach doesn’t even move or warn the poor kid rounding third. He slaps his hand, sees the pitcher headed that way and does nothing.
  13. Coach Carter is a great baseball coach as well as a great man. My son enjoyed playing for Carter and learned a lot about not only baseball but life. He is a great mentor for these young men at PNG.
  14. Agree 100%. The Beaumont/Port Arthur area has declined drastically and there is nothing for college age students to do. Lamar itself doesn’t put hardly any emphasis on its athletic programs like they use to when they brought in good coaches, instead of retread’s or first time head coaches with very little experience, and had good teams that people would actually go to watch.
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