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The 2022 High School Football Season is Almost Here! 

The countdown has finished!


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  1. What school is he going to so that he can now get the Big time looks?
  2. Yea I dont see that happening again any time soon. Week 4 and 6 will be your ln tough games in District.
  3. What was his dads name? I knew a Reescano at BH and he had a cousin I thik names Alton at Hardin.
  4. Have you been to a GCM game? That offense hasn't rolled in 6 years lol.
  5. Man parking sucked again lol.. Then some smart Crosby fan in a white SUV had a whole parking lot blocked in with their dumb parking ability's. And i would be surprised if a few people from the neighbor hood didnt complain to some one. Couple Pissed crosby fans dropping f bombs on them as they asked them not to jump the curbs. reminded me what it was like dealing with idiots..
  6. I knew y'all were visitors. Reason I asked was last year Crosby's side was sold out and i was stuck on the purple side lol..
  7. Got my tickets but i could get GA tickets. They dont specify Home or away. Anyone elses like that?
  8. Is this where they played last year. If so man i was hoping a different field. Parking sucked. Lol
  9. We all can say yea they shouldnt have passed it on 3rd down. If the ball isnt tipped #10 was wide open in the flats.. Run it on 3rd and get stopped short of the 1st ok. Clock still gets stopped as AMC had 1 TO left. Now it would have been nice if they had stayed in bounds but high school kids in the moment.. You never know what you gonna get.
  10. Could Bh make that magical run Crosy made last year. I mean that already started with #2 right..
  11. Idk how you are taking it lol.. Im speaking from 1st hand reference. I played for the team that 1st went with Blue helmets and Lord I think the old timers wanted to Fired the coach lol..
  12. Unfortunately for BH they now have to play the 4th quarter. Let’s hope they hang on.
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