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West Orange-Stark (27) @ Silsbee (48) - FINAL


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6 minutes ago, Mr. Thornton Melon said:

ridiculous to change our update format so a bot can understand us

Whether you are right or wrong, doing what you did tonight was juvenile and uncalled for.  Silly way to show your frustration. Please send a message to a moderator about your issue, not leave the rest of us wondering what is going on.  

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3 minutes ago, MackLewis said:

WOS defense is not very good, but IMO, the offense is a bigger problem.


Not very good up front, and the QB is very inaccurate.   He’s their best weapon, but only when he makes something out of nothing. 

I said it weeks ago...WOS needs to start learning how to find and train QB's....I was mocked on here....and I played at WOS LOL!!! But now they need to find a coach...MY GOD!!! blown out by 20 to Silsbee???

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8 minutes ago, astros4141078 said:

I think everyone in setx saw this coming wasn't sure it would happen this fast but it will only get worse in the coming yrs. Lcm will start poaching talent away from wos they have a great coach and will win

They’ll drop to 3A D1 and have some playoff success. 

The scary part is that it won’t be role players jumping ship, it’ll be the cream. 

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