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  1. It's a flawed "old school" thinking to think that moving into a new district might influence how well/poorly a team might do? Or that graduating impact players might influence it as well? Or it's a flawed, "old school" way of thinking to believe that those are two completely separate factors? I don't guess I understand what you meant by that. Educate me, young man. Since my mind is too old school to understand.
  2. I'm not sure what it is about posters on this site not being able to read posts in their entirety. Graduation of impact players..... Reclassification..... those are two DIFFERENT factors that CAN significantly change a school's success from one year to another. When BOTH happen together, it can be especially detrimental. Now.. I can't explain simpler than that. If you still don't understand, then I don't know...
  3. By saying that they were in a different classification... but with the same head coach... for justification as two bad years... you're actually helping solidify my point. That a lot can change in a year. Believe it or not, a decent senior class can have just as much impact on the next year's success or lack thereof as a classification change. If you don't understand the point, then perhaps your intellect is about as sharp as a spoon.
  4. I love the internet.. I love how you left out the fact that Murphy went 2-8 in 94. and then 0-10 in 95. Whoops. Or that during the 96 season, 3 of those 5 wins were by a margin of a touchdown or less. That matters.. especially if you have some key upperclassmen but may the other team doesn't. Either way.. my point remains. It's literally a different team every year (potentially) depending on which or how many impact players graduate.
  5. Was there a classification change? Was there a schedule change? 97 is an odd year.. so probably. Maybe. Surely there were seniors that graduated.. were there any impactful ones that they lost? A lot of things change year to year other than a new coach and new philosophy. It's never mentioned how many things need to go right..
  6. Imagine thinking you can predict the success of a high school football team based on the previous 5 years. Literally 5 groups of seniors gone and 2 and a half potential classification changes. Not to mention move ins, possible injuries, coaching changes, etc.. This is hilarious. I'm patiently waiting for the conversation to turn to who has a better personality based on astrological sign. This has, "we're gonna be good because we won a state title in the 80s" vibes all over it.
  7. Well done, gents. Being the best at scoring the least is still the best at something. Silver lining.
  8. What about quadruplets? Asking for another poster... #4horsemen
  9. What's your take on this hire? Seems to me that you're implying that it's the kind of hire people should seek. Right? This season will be telling for sure.. MV lost a D1 prospect of a QB to injury before this season ended.. and is losing probably the best RB in the state for that classification. Both of whom were huge parts of their offensive prowess.. even the RB solo after the QB went down. I have a friend from that area that thinks MV may struggle for the next little while. Unless your philosophy on coaches holds true to form.. or if he brings some talent with him. We'll see. I never count out schools that are traditionally good or are in an area conducive to move ins.
  10. It's hilarious to me. The Orangefield Coach/Team was emphatically congratulated on the season they had... while running the Slot-T. Coincidentally, the predicted front runner and spread team of the district (Anahuac).. had their season ended by eventual state champ and another Slot-T team (Franklin). It's almost as if people don't realize the irony.
  11. I was being facetious. Coincidentally.. I like the Slot-T. I also like the spread.. and I like most offensive schemes when ran successfully. None of them are designed to fail. No coach says, "We're going to run this offense.. and hope for a few yards or even getting back to the line of scrimmage. And if not, we'll just punt and try again next drive." They're all designed to lead into substantial gains.. Having said that, the slot-t isn't good for playing catchup. So when you need quick scores or to make up ground, it's not good. But, the slot-t wins state titles every year. Hard to say it isn't effective. I like to think coaches do what they feel puts the team in the best situation to win games based on either their personnel or knowledge.
  12. "We need to spread it out because we have speed." - SeTx
  13. It was a joke.. you know how they like to throw around the past. I just figured somebody might say something about historical something in bobcat land (still might).
  14. Who from that list of applicants posted ^ would you have hired? Just curious. Remember... if a person didn't apply, they probably don't want the job. So who is your pick from the list of applicants?
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