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  1. There are undoubtedly reasons that you have no idea about. Most importantly.. that it’s completely the coach’s decision. The coach that continues to be successful.. and led EC on a very deep run relatively recently. Yeah, I’m trusting his intuition over.. well.. yours for sure. Certainly you don’t think this kid should’ve played over last year’s district MVP? Certainly not. Yeah.. it’s bad timing for the kid. I really don’t have any idea, but, if the senior is evenly remotely close to the young kid as far as talent… I’d personally go with the younger kid. Because he’ll improve with experience. Who cares if the senior improves.. for next year? He’ll be gone.
  2. There isn't a person here that doesn't feel bad for the kids or the situation. It's definitely a very uncommon thing that their school enrollment has gone the opposite direction of the norm.. especially at such a quick rate. I'm really wondering what's going on over there to cause it... Anyway. Unfortunately.. I don't think it's something that they'll ever live down. The poster that you're referring to, (the one that only shows up when they beat literally anybody).. has ruined it for the school. The four horsemen thing will never die.
  3. I see no flaws in this assessment..
  4. Was football 3 on 3 that year?
  5. As to his offensive and defensive strategy, Whitmire said he’s not locked in to one system. “I evaluate the talent we have and play them to their strengths.” What a concept. I like him already..
  6. I suppose anything's possible. I'll refrain from putting money on that, though. Disclaimer: They'll probably be much better with the enrolling of his kid.. from what I hear.
  7. A lot of schools are close to lakes. Again.. my point remains. Don't be mistaken.. I'm happy for him and his family if this is what he wants. I'm just saying that when you go from a small, traditionally bad football school to an even smaller, traditionally bad football school.. Then location of school has officially taken priority of the win/loss column.
  8. I was once told that there are two types of coaches: 1. How you coach is more important than where you live. 2. Where you live is more important than how you coach. I'm not certain that going from WH to Colmesneil is a career move.
  9. Not a fan of this. Taking away the necessity of hitting the front end of a 1and1 potentially changes strategy. Just my opinion.
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