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  1. As to his offensive and defensive strategy, Whitmire said he’s not locked in to one system. “I evaluate the talent we have and play them to their strengths.” What a concept. I like him already..
  2. I suppose anything's possible. I'll refrain from putting money on that, though. Disclaimer: They'll probably be much better with the enrolling of his kid.. from what I hear.
  3. A lot of schools are close to lakes. Again.. my point remains. Don't be mistaken.. I'm happy for him and his family if this is what he wants. I'm just saying that when you go from a small, traditionally bad football school to an even smaller, traditionally bad football school.. Then location of school has officially taken priority of the win/loss column.
  4. I was once told that there are two types of coaches: 1. How you coach is more important than where you live. 2. Where you live is more important than how you coach. I'm not certain that going from WH to Colmesneil is a career move.
  5. Not a fan of this. Taking away the necessity of hitting the front end of a 1and1 potentially changes strategy. Just my opinion.
  6. But 4 seeds still beat 1 seeds in football. Every year. I'm not a fan of that many going either, but when a 4 beats a 1 it's justified. Even if very few times. It truly shows that some districts are just weaker/stronger than others. In all actuality, 3 beating 2 shouldn't technically happen either but it's extremely common.
  7. This forum is literally turning into Facebook. My post was in response to anyone that might think experience takes precedence. By the way.. it's not always smart to assume posts are sarcastic. Especially on here. And also considering that no response was given to a post before mine responding to the same statement in a similar, but shorter manner. "Welcome to setxsports.com . Go ahead and post on our public forum.. someone that takes issue with it will be in touch shortly."
  8. You would literally run out of head coaches as they retire if they had to have experience as a HC. If some kind of stipulation per school district.. some schools would have to be willing to accept a HC with an extremely poor history of success due to small applicant pools. What if the only applicant with HC experience is 4-46? That's better than an applicant with coordinator experience on a state championship team? Every coordinator.. every head coach.. every coach.. was a 1st timer once upon a time. Sometimes you gotta take a chance on it turning out ok.
  9. I'm sure there are more reasons than many think. There usually is. When coaches leave on their own.. and it's not a huge pay raise... it's sometimes multiple reasons.
  10. I heard a story recently.. and, if true.. the school needs much more than stability.
  11. Again.. I didn't say a single thing about Vidor's facilities specifically. Not even at all. Someone mentioned that they couldn't believe how little support the new hire was seemingly getting before even starting. I eluded to the fact that this area is known for that.. along with some other things that the area is known for. Shotty facilities is one of those things. Maybe you don't agree because your specific school has updated facilities. That doesn't make it untrue. Which is also more factual than it is opinion. I agree that people should go to a game to form their own conclusion.. and many actually do that. And still offer little support. Nobody is a bigger defender of coaches on this site than me. I'm even often ridiculed for saying that it's perhaps the fault of talent level as opposed to the coaching situation. But I digress.
  12. So there are zero comments from this thread from people who have watched games and formed their own conclusion who are questioning this hire?.. Or not being supportive? I'm genuinely curious. If there are or have been posters on this site that have gone to games or are in the know, what makes your opinions more valid than theirs?
  13. It’s the nature of the beast. All it ever takes is a few “know it alls” to make an entire fan base seem unsupportive. Surely you’ve seen other examples on this site. Which.. coincidentally.. seems to be the place for people to vent their concerns. Look at what page this thread is on.. go back to page 1 and compare the comments offering support to the ones questioning the hire.
  14. "Amazing that here on this Forum there’s so few giving DuBois a chance" Literally the exact quote I replied to ^^ ( HERE ON THIS FORUM ) When I replied about the sort of support usually displayed... on this site. I know reading for comprehension can be difficult.. just hang in there. I'm happy to help.
  15. Oldshool2 is giving examples similar to what's seen time and time again on this forum. Coincidentally, based on the comments leading up to my other post.. I believe I can successfully add Vidor to my list of schools that don't support their head football coach because (insert excuse). Great job on the updated facilities, though. That's a start.
  16. Did I say that entire post applied to Vidor specifically? I replied with that post describing the area as a whole.. I've personally seen posters make those exact arguments over the years on this very site. Anyways.. my post was also in response to someone that "couldn't believe that people are already seemingly not getting behind the new coach"... which is widely represented in the examples I've seen from this AREA. Only a moron would assume I'm talking about every individual school in the area. There are obviously exceptions. Always.
  17. I remember reading/hearing that the kid led Hardin's 8th grade to a district championship in just about every sport. The same group being terrible... at best... before and after him.. Again, 2nd hand information. But if true, winning district for Hardin boys on any level can't be a small feat. I'm sure that's uncommon. 5A is definitely a different animal, though.
  18. I can only imagine. But some are worse than others for sure.
  19. Not possible that I could deal with being undermined by people in the stands for every decision/outcome that was made. I understand that it's part of the business, but that's why I don't do it. And probably part of the reason the profession is hurting so badly for people. Everyone that's ever watched a professional game or coached a little league team thinks they would win the title if they were calling the shots. What a joke.
  20. Both of those matter immensely. Plus.. take into account that the coaching pool gets smaller every year. OF better not be too picky.
  21. Not uncommon for good programs to hire within.
  22. Same. No chance they open this job up. Maybe because it's "required".. but someone from current staff gets this I bet.
  23. Seriously? Have you not been on this forum long? I understand the game.. but this is the mecca of: number of unathletic kids per unrealistic parents, facilities were good enough for grandpa so they're good enough for me, can't work out during summers because (insert excuse), can't pay for experienced coaches but expect experienced coaches, then fire the coach because they didn't win a title by week 4. You're really surprised? Welcome to the show. By the way.. the players WILL likely get behind him. It's the experts that won't, if anyone.
  24. It's a flawed "old school" thinking to think that moving into a new district might influence how well/poorly a team might do? Or that graduating impact players might influence it as well? Or it's a flawed, "old school" way of thinking to believe that those are two completely separate factors? I don't guess I understand what you meant by that. Educate me, young man. Since my mind is too old school to understand.
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