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  1. Lol. I'm sure you want WOS not to get good coach.
  2. The old Bancroft school district. Almost 100% of FM 1078, parts if FM 1130, and past FM 1078 going up Hwy 62 toward Mauriceville. It cuts from 62 east, to the curve north of Country Corner Store on 1130.
  3. This is not a self coached sport.
  4. So, you were just shooting your mouth off. Perfect. That solves lots of problems.
  5. No, it runs quite a way past Cowboy Church, toward Mauricevile. This is the old Bancroft school district.
  6. I hate to hear this. I am in West Orange District, north of LCM, but I hope they catch and prosecute them heavily.
  7. If a United front cannot present itself at the Board meetings, nothing will happen. The other people there tonight addressed s hool problems. I addressed education, extra curricular activities, the school, kids, community, school board responsibilities, and the deterioration of the football program
  8. You sure don't have a clue what has been going on for the last 3 years in the administration.
  9. I live north of IH10. I guess you don't know that WOS school district runs almost to Mauriceville?
  10. You have not been to WOS school board meetings, or you would have heard all of the things you listed.
  11. We have 16 return starters from a team thar went 4 deep in the playoffs last year. What do you think.is the problem.
  12. You should have been there to hear what I said. I will also tell you I was a volunteer at the school and compiled more hours than any volunteer in any program.
  13. They heard about the poor school performance. I quoted a tual scores and how i was mystified how we got a B- rating, because it should have bern much lower. I stressed the importance or extracurricular activities and how they have let the one excellent program, football, we had, go down the drain. I talked about how good schools build good communities. I took up my full 5 minutes.
  14. Whos going to the School Board meeting tonight, to talk about the program decline?
  15. Don't blame the team. Blame the WOS School Board and our Superintendent Rickie Harris. Both need to go.
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