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  1. Did WOS leave the field without shaking hands?
  2. You have no idea what he is dealing with. He is in a military town and lidscare coming ang going all the time with their parents orders. When he went there, their record immediately doubled and has only got better.
  3. Cornel Thompson would come back if we had a new Superintendent. Toby Foreman would also like to take over. But the Superintendent we have is the problem. Everyone gripes here but no one goes to the school board meeting to complain. I did, and not one other person showed up. They take public comments first, and then you can leave.
  4. No surprise. The only surprise to me is that WOS beat BC last week.
  5. What I saw with WOS was some talented kids that have no coaching. BC had coaching and kids that just play hard but have less talent. The WOS win was from the kids. Hickman should never been hired. Between him and the Superintendant's support, they have destroyed one of the best programs in the state.
  6. Should have never hired Hickman. He has ruined the WOS dominance. What a joke.
  7. Rickie Harris, WO Supt got rid of the coach he wanted rid of and put the coach in place he wanted. Why would he put an inexperienced coach in place of a proven coach? It's obvious to me. It's not going to get any better. I predicted the point spread to be much greater. WOS will not make the playoffs this year. We need a new Superintendent and a new coach.
  8. I bet hick man takes the boys to shake hands this week.
  9. If I got to tell you, They'll kick.me off. Of course. If someone else would have spoke plainly, none of it would have happened
  10. None of your guys would back me up. I went to school board meetings and be the only one tthere.kinda useless, don't you think?
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