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  1. [Hidden Content] I would vote for Silsbee to have one but the other voters wouldn't come through
  2. So buddy is the OC and AD and you have a head football coach interesting
  3. Ill say this the 50 defense benefited WOS on how athletic they were. Not saying they couldn't run a 4-2-5 or 4-3. But they had tremendous speed from the outside. Linebackers played gap football. Maybe it was just how Coach T taught the defense. It was the best in SETX.
  4. We will see if the OLine will be better. That was the weakest link to a stellar team.
  5. I think WOS will underachieve. I think they should be the favorite for DC but will drop a couple of games.
  6. You have more faith than some other WOS fans😂
  7. They were undersized no doubt. But thats football. Hopefully this year there will be more beef up front
  8. Dang i cant believe they past up on Cornel Thompson
  9. Thanks, thats to late for me to drive up and back
  10. They have had 61 applications. They plan on having someone hired around march.
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