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  1. Series: LCM leads 15-13 First Meeting: 1982, Vidor 21-13 Last Meeting: 2021, Vidor 21-12 Last LCM Win: 2013, LCM 17-13
  2. The bottom 3 are going to be good football gameS.
  3. Prob Pierce coming on here and having some fun😂
  4. No I agree 100%. Sean Payton got suspended from the nfl and was a Youth football Offensive Coordinator For his son’s team and got beat in the Super Bowl. That team was running the single wing offense. He had to call Bill Parcells and get him involved to defend it and they still lost the game. Theres no doubt that athletes and gimmick offenses at lower level plays a part of football. I was just saying Youth football coaches get bashed too lol Heck one got murdered this year in front of his kid during a game in Dallas.
  5. Might as well go watch hockey or soccer if that happens.
  6. Its sad to see you cant play old school football anymore. Its starting to be 7 on 7 rules
  7. They didnt have that when we ran the wishbone in the 90’s lol
  8. Im pretty sure LCM is preparing for Vidor. They were not happy last year that they had to share the district championship.
  9. Yes Sir. My friend daughter lives in the west end of Beaumont and goes to Vidor.
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