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  1. You taking about Alvin Credeur or his son?
  2. Coach Reagan he has 7 years to produce a ring
  3. I was there today, i didnt see any work being done.
  4. LCM lost a 3 year starter at qb. That right there was a downwind spiral. The defense was young at linebacker position. The lack of depth at LCM is a major problem. Alot of players going both ways. Peevy is a better coach then Crouch. Peevy is more of a motivator. Maybe this upcoming season they will be better but we are losing some players to graduation that are going to play at the next level
  5. I thought the justice system made them good citizens.
  6. Turned into sabine pass over night
  7. Sounds like the slot t will still be around
  8. You got to let the ppl of vidor have hope coach. Vidor is a great place to live.
  9. If Matthews retires or leaves. Vidor should stay in the slot-t pay some money to the OC at Liberty Hill to see if he can translate the program to Vidor.
  10. According to @AggiesAreWe westbrook is fighting it. He played for kelly as freshman. He is enrolled in silsbee
  11. Miller is a junior right now. I believe they are losing 8 seniors. Losing the linebacker, QB and. Wr. I cant think of anyone els. Qb roy Jenkins. Offers Houston Cool3 QB, 0 Commits Lamar Cool0 QB, 0 Commits Texas A&M Cool4 QB, 0 Commits Texas Tech Cool4 QB, 0 Commits UTSA Cool3 QB, 0 Commits
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