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  1. I agree Livingston should be in the top 4. But honestly i dont know about LCM. I wouldn't at all be surprised if they missed the playoffs
  2. Liberty by 7. Jk Wos takes this one. Coach T sitting on the stang side this week
  3. I agree but LCM and WOS isnt in the same district and he refused to sign off on two players. I guess he is trying to keep parents/kids jumping ship.
  4. Samething would happen if WOS spilled in to BC. Better coaching and holding the kids accountable probably would be productive. Coach Hickman wont sign off tho lol
  5. @OleMoe was probably coaching the game snd calling the plays
  6. I agree cant get deep in the playoffs with the lack of dicipline
  7. Its all nonsense. If they would have taken care business this game could have been put away early.
  8. Its embarrassing to see all these bone headed flags. If Silsbee wants a chance at state they need to be more discipline
  9. Yes i think Lumberton and Vidor for 1 and 2. Buts it early im looking at pre district standings and matching up teams. I still think the district is very weak and will not make a far playoff run.
  10. Yes Livingston is. 0-4. The three teams they have played are 4-0 and one 2-2. LCM beat BC and HJ 0-4 and 2-2 with wins over two 3 a programs. Legacy beat livingston 42-28 that is who beat jasper and LCM plays this upcoming week. If LCM knocks them off ill say im wrong and LCM is the real deal
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