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  1. Anyone know what kind of team Legacy has?
  2. I don’t think the word “shutout” is in the Mustangs vocabulary anymore.
  3. According to my research, WOS leads the all time series 26-6. Someone I’m sure thought has better records than I do so those numbers could be off a little.
  4. I’m a long time WOS supporter and graduated from there in 84. Seen a lot of Mustang football over the years. If Silsbee does somehow lose this game it won’t be because the Mustangs outplayed them. If will be costly mistakes on the Tigers part. I hate to say that but I’m looking at things realistically. We are a shadow of what we once were.
  5. He was just answering my question that didn’t the schools play some in the 80s and 90s because someone had posted the results of the most recent games
  6. Conditioning for WOS has seemed to be an issue in the 4th quarters this year. Especially the last 2 games.
  7. Has anyone seen the stats from this game? I’d like to know how many rushing yards Newton had
  8. A CT coached team may have not won either but I guarantee they wouldn’t have given up 58 points!
  9. 124 points given up in 4 games by the defense. Averaging 30 points a game. Total disbelief that a Mustang defense would have those kind of numbers
  10. Anxious to see the stats for this game. Wonder how many rushing yards did Newton have.?
  11. Remember some years the Mustangs barely gave up 58!points in entire season??
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