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The 2022 High School Football Season is Almost Here! 

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  1. Sad. For as much as Gary and his staff/station did for the community it’s very sad the local community couldn’t support them enough.
  2. Was there any reason why they started so late on this? I’m sure there is but does anyone know? Seems like March or April would have been a better time to start.
  3. Going to be very different on Friday Nights for sure.
  4. The Mustangs have always hung their hat with defense, has been that way since 1977. I hope it continues. I too like always having a defense that’s feared and respected. I sure don’t what to see WO-S become what PN-G was under Coach Faircloth. Great offenses but no defense. If so get ready for basketball type scores😕
  5. Actually I do know some that won’t be going since it’s in Bmt. Some work till 7 Thursday night and some have to get up at 3 Friday morning for work. Had the game been at WOS they would have gone. Now agreed it’s not that many but still.
  6. I Wonder if Peevey tried to get it played on Thursday at WO-S? Mustangs JV should be playing in Nederland. Wonder if he asked? Maybe he just didn’t want to? Maybe he asked and Hickman said no. Just seems like it would be better for LC-M to play in town than in Beaumont. I know there will be some who will not go to Beaumont but would drive across town. It’d still be basically a home game just not at Bear stadium.
  7. That is true but like Coach Peevey stated in his interView with Step, last year they were the hunters this year they are the hunted. They won’t sneak up on anyone like last year. Playing at home in a tight game just may be the edge needed to get the W.
  8. We just had a gully washer of a storm come through the LC area, dumped a lot of rain, and now looks like we may be getting round two soon. Just drove by the field and it had everything shut down and looked liked most workers had left. It’s a big wet muddy mess. Week 2 May definitely be out now.
  9. Went by there around 7pm. Looked like they still had a lot of people still working. Guess there will be a lot of overtime the next 4 weeks
  10. Can you elaborate on the hiccup?
  11. Turf is pretty but I prefer grass.
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