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  1. Lol I knew someone from Silsbee would comment on that statement. I just think the weather bothered us more than yall that night. Just my opinion and everyone has them. It’s all good though, y’all won and that’s that. But as far as being better than our record indicates, well I don’t know about that. We beat a very bad Nederland team and barely got by LCM. We could easily be 1-4 right now. Good luck to Silsbee the rest of the way, I’ll be supporting y’all come playoff time. Unless we meet up again! Lol
  2. True. WOS gets back in the win column though this week 29-21.
  3. This is so true. I always felt that CT and his staff did their best coaching job in 2018. Remember that was right after 4 straight trips to Dallas. The talent level seemed to have dropped that year and at one point the Mustangs were 2-3 just like this year. But even though they were struggling early you could tell there was improvement each week. They ended up winning district and going 4 rounds deep. I still think without the monsoon they played Silsbee in, they would have won that game and advanced to the semifinal. But that’s an argument that’s already been hashed over many times so no need to go over that again. Point is even with talent level not as high as normal the coaching staff that year did an outstanding job of getting the kids ready, coaching them up and putting them in situations where they could be the most successful.
  4. I don’t know if WOS would have won last night even if CT was still there. Silsbee is just very good this year, but I do know our defense would have played better.
  5. That’s what LCM used to say. Well we lost but it wasn’t that bad. They always played that way. Not to win just not to lose really bad
  6. Four weeks straight Mustang defense has given up 20 or more points. Guess the Mustang defense doesn’t strike fear in other teams like it used too.
  7. I don’t see a #20. Maybe I overlooked him though. Wonder if he’s not suited up?
  8. If you want a great steak while your there go to Perini’s Steakhouse in Buffalo Gap Tx. Not that far from Abilene and they have some great thick West Texas steaks!
  9. I don’t think talent is down. I wish I could find the podcast from early August where the 3 guys from Texas High School football made their predictions for the state championship games in all classes. All three of them picked a WO-S-Carthage matchup and two of them picked WO-S to win it all.
  10. Possibly. But also could be a reference to the the great old chain gang defenses WO-S used to have since Shoemaker is running the 5-0. “Link it Up”.
  11. That is awesome. Toby still has some blue and silver in his veins.
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