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  1. yet Vidor has beat WOS more times than most teams in the area. Silsbee may have caught up recently
  2. Lumberton won 2 gimme playoff games I mean thats great and all but we have some true contenders still playing that we could be following . Time to lock this one down !👀 😄 👀
  3. It's past time for bears to be hibernating. Send them to the den INDIANS
  4. Be sure to hide some snacks and drinks in the wifies purse proir to this one. Don't wanna send the kiddos to the concession stand every time with a hundo . Once snuck a 18 pack into minute maid via a diaper bag , both my brother in law and I enjoyed big savings and the game.
  5. The Chapel Hill / Livingston score may deceive many. TCH by 3 scores and the train gets pulled into the station for rebuilding
  6. lumberton wins then the reality sets in against CH. Dont let the CH/Livingston score fool you
  7. This isn't a good scenario for Vidors game plan. Not built for being behind
  8. Someone posted in another thread that there are two places on facebook. 18 Thirteen or The Vidor Pirate Broadcast team. I dont have a FB account so I cant watch
  9. Vidor 5 wide QB sneak. 😄 Go Pirates Go !!! Show the world that the score is not Interstate 10 Vidor 0. Or Hwy 105 Vidor 0 like the late 80s- early 90's
  10. Okay its time to lock this thread. Enough is enough 😃 Just Kidding !!
  11. Remember BH smoking us during a monsoon in Vidor with passing ? Vidor had a great backfield with humble and leckelt but couldn't keep their footing enough to gain yardage.the BH receivers had a field day because they knew their routes and our secondary would fall everytime their receivers made a double move. The game that led to bhisd complaining and us getting turf. Fortunately we won't be playing in gumbo mud this game.
  12. Congrats to Lumberton on their first outright DC in school history
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