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  1. I'm hearing it's going to be named after Monte Barrow and that it will have the name BARROW PRESS BOX on the side in 5'x5' letters. Locals will refer to it as "Tha' Monte", similar in naming to "Tha' Butch" *** From a very reliable source @ PN-G ***
  2. He's saying, BCs higher interest in the baseball program directly effects the football program.
  3. Mike Leach installed his offense for the same reason teams installed the Slot-T. Different strokes !
  4. He was the most qualified and has a winning record. You're right, It would've been interesting
  5. Correction : It's now Interstate 10 - Vidor 6 and we're cool with that.
  6. It is a buddy system hire but he will do better than Mathews. He was the one responsible for Mathews most successful seasons. Mathews would never recommend a great coach because it would give the fans something to compare his career to. Control Freak !! I wish VISD would have explored the best possible candidates and that they would lose the mindset that Vidor can't run anything else but the Slot-T. It only had a 50% winning percentage there but it's a culture thing
  7. πŸ˜ƒThrow your V's up throw throw your V's up πŸ˜ƒ
  8. It's no secret that Jeff promised the job to Dwayne years ago.
  9. No scouring of the state going on in Veedor ,Tejas. They would have posted the job somewhere other than the district website, which they only did because they had to. It's a buddy hire. I'd love to be wrong .
  10. Today is the last day that VISD will be accepting applications for AD/ Head Football coach πŸ€” . We never had a chance ! [Hidden Content]
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