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  1. If Nederland had their typical team and Tha' Stangs didn't squeak by LC-M , WO-S could very well be 0-5 right now !
  2. I used to be all on board with the slot-T 15 years ago but it has grown old over the years. They changed the plays to be within the new cut blocking rules. We used to call audibles at the line then we went to this damn hurry up version which leaves no time to read the defense. They started telling the RBS to cut inside the tackles on that quick pitch since cut blocks were only allowed there. It may be time to change it since it is now limited by the blocking rules
  3. Tha Broncos can win but with the game being in Nederland they will need more than a one score cushion going into the fourth quarter. flags will fly
  4. 🏖️🌂☂️☔⛱️ My prediction is: The umbrella song will be played in the 3rd qtr
  5. How was the score 62-1 ? Did the wolves have a td called back after they already made the extra point ?
  6. Children make derogatory statements and resort to name calling. I do neither, that's youre forte'. Have a good night and a great weekend
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