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  1. How would you know if you had a QB that can throw the ball if you never throw the ball and the QBs running the Slot-T we're put into that position with the intent of not throwing ?
  2. You're right but He still thinks Hiawatha Tyrone is a good coach that didn't weasel his way into a position that he didn't deserve
  3. *** Moved to High School Baseball Forum***
  4. Png athletes are average and coaching carries them. Joseph would win anywhere he goes but png wouldn't win with just any coach
  5. The poster was talking about Liberty opting up the 4A-D1 from 3A. Hid post was in reference to Libertys team itself and not the coach
  6. I'm sure he may want to end up at a big school eventually and that groves is a stepping stone. The golden triangle doesn't have the best quality of life , hard to want to stay there unless you're from there and trapped . Just my opinion
  7. When will Joseph takeover for his father at Katy ?
  8. The kids looked to be having the time of their life in this vid.
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