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  1. Does anyone know if this one will be streamed anywhere? Maybe NFHS?
  2. Not sure about y'all but I see a very well prepared team executing...I wasn't sure I wanted to watch because of all the "Franklin by 30+" (I lie. I was watching anyway) Go Panthers!!! Make it 39-4!
  3. Let's go Pirates!!! The Lil' Red Machine! Small, young, inexperienced but scrappy, gritty and well coached...they will fight it out. Lovelady's resume` this year is extremely impressive...8-0 Undefeated beating teams to sleep.
  4. So grateful for the KOGT crew for always showing up for the folks around here. They do an amazing job!
  5. Ouch! Deweyville might not have the talent or the numbers to make that a game but I guarantee you the Mighty Mustangs would be out coached! 🤣
  6. I'm thinking it will be a mail in ballot for which fan base is the most unhappy with their coaching staff. WO-S advances in a landslide.
  7. Congratulations to Coach Prouse, Staff and their very young group of Pirates on the River Bowl victory!!!
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