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9 hours ago, KF89 said:
Splendora Wildcats 4A Division I- Open AD\Head football coach position
Laine Sambrooks resigns after three seasons. 1-9 this season as Splendora makes the jump to Class 5A-Division II from 4A.

that will be a job for someone who just wants a AD/head football coach on their resume.

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51 minutes ago, KF89 said:

I have not seen anything on the Timpson head coach leaving yet.

On a side note Timpson head coach Terry Therwhanger won two NCAA Division II national championships in the long jump at Angelo State – indoors in 1985 and outdoors in 1986. His best jump was 26 feet, 4 inches.

Teneha got a new head coach also.

He went to admin and one of the coordinators took over.

Dont know if that will be what happens in Timpson.

He said he was staying until TB/10 graduated 

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4 hours ago, warpaint101 said:

It sounds more like a false secret ,than a rumor. A rumor would be circulated and told!   😆 

This was told to me by a mother of one the returning players.  Have to tread lightly with this one.  Not sure how well known this one is.  Heck may not be a secret at all.  Look, the jobs not open yet.  And if this rumor is true, and not well known, we don't want it to be thwarted by those that would be opposed to it.  At this point, I'm not sure if this is a wish or actual contact has been made.  I'll see what more I can find out.

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