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  1. Personally I think you can just due to the fact that he got the job because he was in the click and by the time he was run off there were less than 30 kids on varsity and would have been less than that the following year. IMO what success he did have was because of the remnants from the Stewart era. No one wanted to play for him (as was shown in his next job) so it was going downhill. But you got your opinion I got mine…… to each their own.
  2. Compared to what Dayton has hired the last 3 times they have. 😂😂
  3. Same here, very surprised if this is true, I also think he would be bringing lots of talent with him. MAY be hope for Dayton yet!
  4. Going to be shocked if the rumors are true but I sure hope they are, my apologies that I can’t mention the name
  5. Seems like someone told me that he had left coaching and opened an insurance business or something but I may be mistaken.
  6. Agreed and I think Dayton is already a perfect example of that, and from what I’m hearing it’s not looking promising. Rumor has it that lots of coaches are not interested in taking the role due to the folks above them that they would have to deal with. So hopefully we end up with a coach that happens to be a diamond in the rough but even then you have to wonder how long someone like that will stay based on the rumors of the issues.
  7. Certainly hope not, nothing against him but that would be the same thing as hiring Hancock and Nations and we all know how that worked out. If they were serious about it they would combine the HC/AD and go after someone proven.
  8. Not to mention the last 3 hires were buddies/ insiders, I think that has reduced the number and quality of applicants(along with the ridiculousness of having separate AD/HC roles for a school the size of Dayton). I would imagine a lot of potential applicants are figuring that’s what’s going to happen again. IMO
  9. I’m not saying that all of the politics even happen at the state game to select the state game officials. Have a very close friend that is a white hat and according to him the bulk of the politics take place with the jockeying to get the cream games as well as the volume of games during regular season and playoffs that put you in place to be considered for the state game selections. Also heard that the shortage of officials that we have seen in the last several years will be worse next year and the years that follow unless something changes and that is partially due to the politics that have recently occurred. So your right in the sense that you’re not going to change my mind due to in-house information I have received.
  10. Not sure you understand politics, I bet you’re a wealth of information around election time
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