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  1. These positions are government jobs so pay scale is available online here [Hidden Content]. Last year Smalley was making $103,800
  2. Yes this has been a rumor all year long. With even a lot of the team believing it, and some of his actions tend to lean this way. Be he had mad a public statement denying it. The latest rumor is that he was leaving for BC and either Prouse from Deweyville or Peevey from LCM will take over. That was the one I heard after the loss to EC. Rumors are just that rumors but i cant help but think there is some truth even if its the tinniest thing him mentioning to a friend that it wouldnt be a bad job and some one passing by heard it. LOL.
  3. Silsbee for the win but I am really only hoping to see a clean game. It would be a nice change to see. Its getting to be more and more common occurrence that the refs let the tension build up because they aren't calling the obvious fouls. Because as the fans always yell out "Let them Play Ref" "Its football" LOL. I was surprised both EC and OF didn't have at least one kid ejected each.
  4. In order for Orangefield to even make this a game they will need to find 11 players that want to be there, and the coaches will need to get over the "Its the seniors last game" and play the best 11 players on both side of the ball. Otherwise Woodville by 30.
  5. Kirbyville will take first with the win over OF and EC. EC and Orangefield fighting for the second and third spot. Not really sure on the 4th spot with Buna win over Tarkington.
  6. Them Wildcats came to play ball. Great game and congrats on district championship. Orangefield better be prepared for EC next week.
  7. Im slightly new to all this, but was there a reason this game was not in the you pick em's this weeK? I agree Wildcats with the win on this one.
  8. Good thing they have 2 weeks to prepare. Couldn’t be a better week for a bye IMO
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