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  1. The podcast alone is worth the yearly fee. I have been a member for 4 years and have never received a magazine, but haven't really worried about it because i am mostly a subscriber for Stepp and Tepp.
  2. I believe he has always maintained residence in Crosby, so going back there isn't an issue. He went to BH in JH, so it wasn't an issue then either.
  3. I also suspect he's positioning for a return to Silsbee when Sigler finally retires.
  4. I guess I cannot argue with that, but I just cannot understand the mindset. Like I said, there are plenty of good reasons to make a move in these situations, but the reason's stated for this particular move are baffling to me.
  5. You just made my point for me. When the goal is focused on the individual player, football loses its differentiator. When the kid is more worried about getting "D1 looks" than he is doing his part to help the team succeed, he sets himself up for failure in life. You mention Reggie Branch, and I'd agree, the move to Crosby was the best thing for him. Not because he couldn't get "D1 looks" at GCM, but because GCM has shown no willingness to build a successful program. Playing for Coach P was a game changer for Branch and ultimately landed him at UIW. He has since transferred to TAMUC, but that is a whole different conversation. In the case of Robinson, he is an incoming Sophomore in a BH program, with a top tier coaching staff, that is poised to become a perennial mainstay at the top of the state rankings, and he leaves to go back to Crosby? Crosby has crashed and burned when Willis arrived. They won 2 games last year and you were one of the main voices on here last fall shoveling dirt on Wills. Now all of the sudden Robinson will be flanked with D1 talent and might throw for 2K in an offense you complained about last year for being too run heavy? Man, please!! All the kid has been taught is to run from competition. Two years ago, it was because Jerry Jr. was there, and he was the coach's son, so Robinson had no chance to beat him out.....flee to BH. BH coaches and community rave about the Freshman last year and say he has a chance to start but they won't promise the kid the job in the SPRING OF HIS FRESHMAN YEAR.....flee back to 2-8 Crosby because Jerry Jr. is gone now. It's pretty pathetic.
  6. This statement is why Warren will never be successful in football.
  7. That's a heck of a guess, and could apply to some there, but I wasn't taking direct shots. Just simply stating I understand moves for that particular reason.
  8. No school in particular, just a general statement. They're all over the state.
  9. And just for the record, there's a difference between running from competition and moving to another district because the one you are currently in has shown an unwillingness to build a championship program. Figured I'd clarify that before it came up.
  10. I will never understand the mindset of a parent who thinks teaching their kid to run from competition is what is "best for the kid". Stay and fight it out, if you lose the position, find somewhere else to contribute and help the team. This soft azz mindset is what is wrong with the younger generation and it's not even the kids fault. I am old enough to remember when football was a game that taught life concepts and grew boys into men. Now, it's just like every other sport and treated like a meal ticket for parents, regardless of what the underlying consequences of those decisions may be. Everyone looks for quick returns on investment instead of working to prepare these kids for the tough breaks in life. Makes me sad.
  11. Anahuac will run through district and make a healthy playoff run. Write it down.
  12. Yeah, so hard core Crosby he moved his son to BH because he couldn't compete. Also, I hear a lot of those kids he grew up with are putting horseshoes on their helmets next year. I guess we will see.
  13. If Robinson doesn't win the job at Crosby, where will he go then? Maybe Liberty?
  14. This is insane. What a waste of a football career for this young man. A sophomore and has already run away from two situations where he could compete for the job. Unfortunate, because I heard they were high on him in BH, but it's unreasonable to think a school like BH would designate a Sophomore as their starter in the Spring of his Freshman year. Pitiful.
  15. Sophomore move back in? Not the kid who left because Prieto's boy was there, is it?
  16. Yes. He was offered by Central Michigan at the end of last week.
  17. Unfortunately for Mr. Berry, it seems that every candidate he latches onto and endorses ends up losing their race. There was a long period of time where he wouldn't endorse at all, and still doesn't in many races, but he has latched onto a few candidates here recently. As much as I enjoy his show, it's clear often that he is operating off of pure opinion and rumor with no real basis for the things he says. As far as Phelan goes, I was not a supporter, but lots of folks were. Lots of influential BMT local politicians were pushing Phelan and that was probably enough to get him over the finish line. Roy West in particular had a huge hand in him winning Jefferson County by the margin he won. To me, it's as simple as that and not as underhanded as Berry would have you believe.
  18. And he left for a private school. Yikes. Either he pissed the wrong school board member off, or it's a move for family reasons.
  19. Yikes. Another young coordinator will get his first shot to go 1-9. Where's Smithey heading?
  20. Honestly, I hope this means he is making a move to 11-man football. I'd love to see how he could compete at the 11-man level and I am sure it would do nothing but help him recruiting having some 11-man film to distribute.
  21. These folks stake their careers on the performance of 16–18-year-old kids. If they're not making decisions for "the success of the program", they shouldn't be in those positions.
  22. Isn't a lot of his movement tied to his dad oscillating between jobs?
  23. Just that list alone very impressive. HJ has a situation on their hands with this hire.
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