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  1. There’s four teams I keep an eye on Newton, WOS, Jasper and Kirbyville. Pulling for WOS even though it might get rough. Kids got to remember their tradition. Time to wake up stangs
  2. Should be an Eagle victory. They still have some things to fix.
  3. If you really think they should be here, then take them into your home. Let’s see you tell them to come on into your house.
  4. Newton, if they clean up their mistakes. Can’t be going 1st and fifteen or twenty.
  5. Not something the president can do, tired of all the tyranny. Time to impeach the Democratic Party.
  6. Do away with current tax system and go with a flat rate and no exemptions and no refunds.
  7. First game of the season, we’ll see who has what. Newton wins. Homer pick.
  8. Don’t see how inflation is only 9.1%, gasoline and chicken eggs have doubled in price
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