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32 minutes ago, Reagan said:

How many returning starters on offense and defense?

Off the top of my head, roughly 9 or 10 on defense, and 9 or 10 on offense, but note that my post said "players", not "starters".  Depends on how one defines "starters", since there were various starters due to injuries. As an example, #16 and #6, starting Sr linebackers, missed several games due to injuries, and #26 a Jr, and #43 a Soph, "started" against Dayton, Texas City, Willow Ridge and maybe 1 or 2 more games. Others that came up and played included RB #15, and WR #88, both Sophs if I'm not mistaken, and also #42 on defense. Others "started" on special teams, and were back-ups or otherwise saw playing time. The speedy WRs, #18, #10, #84, will be hard to replace, player for player. But the offense may have a slightly different look, presuming #19 becomes starting QB. Adams will be more of dual threat than Crippen was (with all due respect to Crippen); and he was a pretty good QB in middle school and part of his Soph season before he was moved up to varsity.  Next season will be interesting. 

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2 minutes ago, BMTSoulja1 said:

Dang.  Silsbee making a living off of Beaumont transfers.  Started with Calvin Tyler, the Jones kid (QB), now this WB kid.  It even goes deeper if you want talk about the other major sports.


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