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  1. If he can stick around long enough, I hear Buna has a pretty good group of 3rd graders coming up.
  2. District 10 Anahuac Buna Coldspring-Oakhurst East Chambers Hardin Kirbyville Orangefield What 4 make the playoffs? Will it play out as it has in most years with several teams fighting it out for that 4th spot?
  3. I agree with you. Could be The DC.
  4. Agree 100%. Surely they’ll name someone by the end of February or before spring break.
  5. Beginning to lose interest seeing how this opening continues to drag on.
  6. 6-6 overall 4-1 in district which was 2nd place maxpreps
  7. Well that doesn’t sound promising.
  8. What does Hemphill have coming back next season? Might be a tough row to hoe even dropping to 2A.
  9. You might be right if he doesn’t win the Pine Cone Bowl!
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