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    Good luck to the new Head Coach. I hope he is allowed to assemble his own staff and had no preconditions on who he must keep to get the job. How can you justify keeping Nations on as AD? Dayton ISD must have plenty of money to throw around.
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    January 7 games

    @5GallonBucket and @Coach 01 , thanks for the heads up. I have corrected that on the schedule, which by the existence of this post shows hardly anybody ever looks at. Build it and they will come.....YEAH RIGHT!
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    I still like to think of myself as an independent thinker. I’m not a fan of politicians in general, which I think applies to a lot, if not most Americans. So when one actually tells us what he is thinking, whether I agree or disagree with his thoughts, I certainly appreciate it. The fact that “speaking one’s mind” freely and openly has been taken as taboo by a lot in Washington tells me everything I need to know about Washington. And while I think it might benefit him to mute himself on some of his thoughts, it’s just kind of who he is.
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    I agree with you , but I think that's one of the things that I like the most about President Trump. I love the fact that he doesn't act like a politician. I like that he says exactly whats on his mind. It's such a radical change from the lying, backstabbing, only do whats going to help me, screw America, life long politicians that we are used to.
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    It’s nice to have a little equity in this matchup for the first time in several years, but the downside to that is that for the time in a long time southeast Texas doesn’t have a team in 4A with a realistic shot of winning state. I hate that 4A has become filled with “small” schools from big cities with huge player pools. It makes the 4 year run Silsbee put together even more impressive, but it also means that small town 4A State titles are quickly going to become a thing of the past. Maybe this next crop of Silsbee kids will live up to the hype, but it feels like we’re approaching a time where you could combine HJ and Silsbee’s player pools and they’d still struggle to get past all of the 4A schools from Houston and Dallas that have hundreds, if not thousands, of players to choose from that are just a transfer away.
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    best coaches in the area???

    Is Steve Kerr a bad coach now that he is losing? You know , the same Steve Kerr that has won several NBA titles recently?
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    Astros Penalty

    I hate that they did it, but I wonder how many other teams are doing something like this? It can't be just us. I hope the league comes down hard on anybody they find doing it in the future
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    Defense wins championships?

    That’s what I’m saying
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    Alpha Wolf

    Coaching Carosel

    Pay them the money and bring in a top notch coach and staff... Salary pay range is $82,245 - $118,757.00 / Per Year https://bmtisd.tedk12.com/hire/ViewJob.aspx?JobID=2612
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    Coaching Carosel

    Got wind of this the other night when I was at the Hamshire-Fannett/Lumberton basketball game. Arthur was there.
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    Trumps strategy

    Comedy central for political issues is a joke. Very interesting to know what you watch for "news"
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    The Right Move

    Where was the outrage with Bin Laden? Was it because Obama was in office when he got taken down? What about Baghdadi? He was taken out by Trump. No outrage. Bin Laden.....leader of Al Quada (sp.).....terrorist group.....shot by US Seal....no outrage Baghdadi.....isis leader.....terrorist group.....killed himself and several kids.....no outrage Solemani (sp.).....2nd in command of the largest terrorist funding country in the world......killed by a US drone missile........TRUMP is trying to start a war. You bleeding heart crybabies are what is truly wrong with this country. Trump is redrawing the lines that were there before butt kissing Obama and his muslim brotherhood erased them. Take that to the bank.
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    Austin Isd and lgbtq

    Sure are....in the same breath they say “govt is putting kids in cages and separating them from parents“ “it s inhumane ” and ohhhh we need to murder these innocent babies. principals all screwed up it’s hard not to think liberals are scum of the earth.
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    My take from being there and watching first hand was that HJ was able to take away Jasper's bread and butter which is pressure defense, and then that turned it into much more of a half court affair. HJ has a number of outside shooters who were "on" this game and Jasper could not match the scoring pace. HJ then got nice inside scoring as well as the game went on, and then as they say, "it was a wrap".... Jasper was working very hard defensively, and i think that my have affected their shooting percentage over the course of the game. I would also say Jackson's finger prints were all over this game, whether it showed up in the stat book or not...
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    Jasper 75 Cushing 23/FINAL

    This is why I have Jasper ranked high, three girls in double digits in scoring, there are at least three other names that I see on the High Scorers for the team. They have at least 7 girls capable of being the high scorer every night, they are probably the deepest team 1-10. They have height, they have speed, they rebound well and they run the floor. There are teams/players that will cause match up problems, but overall they are a strong team!
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    Best game of the decade.

    Talking locally but #1 statewide Northshore Duncanville from 2018 would top my list too.
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    Tigers beat WT White 91-59.
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    Reginald Samples wins coach of the year for USA Today. Congrats Coach https://mobile.twitter.com/usatodayhss/status/1207699808343011334?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
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    Nederland vs Silsbee

    1 - 0 Ned. Look for Cartwright to get Silsbee on the board soon in a game, though. He was tossing them down easy in warm ups.
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    More playoff teams and more money for UIL seems like it would play a part in the reason for football divisions.
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    Silsbee 68 Hardin-Jefferson 65/FINAL

    Great game!!
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    Trump impeached

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    NY and California will never learn. It is also interesting to note, these two states are where the idiots are from pushing impeachment. Imagine that!
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    As far as the dunk count goes, believe it or not, Jordan Edwards can dunk. He's just an inch taller than Braylon. Seen it with my own eyes. Not sure he can pull it off in a game or not. It would probably have to be on a put back or something similar. Whoever number 40 is for Silsbee can also dunk. Still don't know exactly who everyone is on this team yet. Him or Cartwright are probably our best bets.
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    BH is down this year. Max (district MVP) scored 40 in a game last year, and they ended this game with 37... a little quick DUDE...
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    Lumberton vs. Big Sandy @6:30

    I'll take BS in a close one.
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    College Football Playoff

    A coach that can barely speak English is about to win the National Championship
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    TABC rankings Updated 1/6

    No that's right. Yates High is 13th, Yates Communication Magnet School is 22nd. 😎
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    Silsbee 89 West Orange-Stark 59/FINAL

    He'll be missed, but we'll have more than enough kids to fill that void come next year. I heard he was going to West Brook during football season. Wasn't sure if it was true or not. Won't matter as much this year now that Cartwright is back. They're about the same size wise when it comes to height. K`drian is a much better offensive player. Might miss Brisco on defense a little though.
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    ........on to the next. 😎
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    Silsbee 80 Bridge City 71/FINAL

    Miller not Martin
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    3rd place is great for my 1st time. If my team wouldn't have let me down I would've been 2nd. Can't wait to do it again next season.
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    College Football Playoff

    Texas kid from LaGrange. We have to do better, keeping those kids in state
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    I see this is going nowhere. FYI Mr. Inexperienced.... who has gray hairs😳
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    Because basketball is an inferior sport.
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    TABC rankings Updated 1/6

    Proud of these girls!!
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    West Orange Stark 2020

    When they post things about not scoring enough points it has everything to do with it.As long as coaches are winning everyone is on the band wagon.A few bad decisions and people want to bash them.I said after the game I would have gone for that 4th and inches and then I let it go.Some just can't seem to.smh.
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    ALLOUT Now?
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    West Orange Stark 2020

    A little 'shade' thrown, I see... 😂😂😂
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    Lmao at some of these ridiculous predictions. Smh. Poor guys 🤦🏾‍♂️
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    Nederland vs Silsbee

    Bush returns with 45 secs left Tigers up 88-86
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    UT alum

    The Schism Begins

    Chomp chomp chomp...
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    Hardin 24 Kirbyville 44/FINAL

    They have to understand a few things, first where he’s coming from and second how long it will take the kids to buy in . I’d be willing to bet there are some kids walking the hall in Kirbyville that would be able to help the program. He will get these type players in the gym eventually. I’d be willing to bet he’s forgotten more about the game of basketball than those complaining about how he coached.
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    Bandwagon Ranger

    Coaching Carosel

    Pennington at New Caney is retiring.
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    Port Arthur Memorial State Runner-Ups 2015 and 2017.. Numerous Individual State Champions from 2010-2018...(State and National Record Holders 2017) PA Boys Basketball Won State... WB Football Runner-Ups in Football...
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    Well deserved. I’m sure Cornel will be joining him there. WOS has been blessed for many years having those two back to back.

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