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    1999 PNG Indians to be honored?

    I heard Art Briles was going to be the special guess speaker.......
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    I would suggest you visit the Equal Justice Initiative, aka the Hanging Museum, in Montgomery, Alabama. That is a horrible word that white people have forever forfeited the right to use. It's about a days drive and will leave you in tears. As for black people, some of us have turned it into a word of endearment and others would bury it. I go back and forth on it every day and have educated my children why it's not a good word but I understand why we as a group use it amongst each other. I can't call my lady' friends the b word but she can. I have no problem with that. Taneshi Coates said it better than I could, that ain't y'all's word and y'all can't tell us what to do with it. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.vox.com/platform/amp/identities/2017/11/9/16627900/ta-nehisi-coates-n-word That said. The punishment seemed fine, he seems remorseful and I hope he comes out a better person because of this.
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    The Hill at The Dog Pound!!!

    Guess I better drop the kids off at the pool before I head out then. I’m one chili dog from disaster
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    Yeah, they are a little different than the mid county refs you normally see 🤔
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    I expect Newton to be really down this week. They have only won 45 of the last 47 games they have played. I think it will be closer than people think. I say Newton 52 that other team 0.
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    If Lil Tex was alive he'd try to like this post 100 times.
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    Gilmer 16 Newton 0/FINAL

    Nothing to be ashamed of. It was bound to end sometime. Congrats on the impressive streak.
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    The Two Pirates?

    Following SETX football, one could not help but to recognize the similarities between the two Pirate football teams here. Vidor and Deweyville. What do these two programs have in common? Obviously, they share the Pirate mascot. Both Pirates seem to always be the underdogs, no matter the opponent. Both Pirates are considered small in their respective districts. Pirates generally give up size, speed and talent to their opponents. Pirates have no quit. Pirates play with all heart. Pirates have no fear. Pirates are tough and resilient. Pirates are bought-in to their programs and have a deep-seated loyalty to each other and their Coaches. If Coach Matthews or Coach Prouse asked their young men to attack a nuclear submarine, all you'd hear was the splash of the warriors hitting the water. Obviously we're not getting sized for our State Championship rings but if you appreciate a hard working, hard hitting, never give up, gut-it-out type of football team...y'all are always welcome, we'll save you a seat. It's a great day to be a Pirate.
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    Nederland @ Dayton

    Well! Guess the gas has ran out on this thread..... Fun Fact: Someone will win at Bronco Stadium tomorrow.
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    The kid who was snapping on FG's was playing his very first game of the season, and had only practiced a few days this season. He is one of the kids who was in the wreck. Being his first action, coupled with a wet ball for much of the first half may have been the issue. He will get it together with more practice/reps. The QB Yowman was snapping on FG's earlier in the season, and it was working fine, but too risky to have your QB doing that. They will get it corrected. Also keep in mind that barring a setback, arguably the Top RB (Holland) in the area will be back in a few weeks, so this WB offense has the potential to be even more scarier moving forward. The other younger RB's has filled in very well, but Holland is special and he is a huge mismatch in the passing game against most anybody's Linebackers. Another weapon is on the way.
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    Vidor is a joke. No parking. Towing tens of cars when people have nowhere to park. Announcer should be flagged. PNG was flagged at least 10 times in the first half and he wants to run his mouth. Terrible sportsmanship and it starts with the head coach.
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    Wow!!! thank You for sharing thats a testament to his faith and character. it got me teary eyed.
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    [email protected]

    That was Montana Quirante. 😀
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    Silsbee 24 Lumberton 12/FINAL

    Pleasant Grove, likely to win State in 4a-D2, runs the Wing T and they threw for 2000 yards last year. Just because you are a run based offense doesn’t mean you can’t throw it.
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    Boneyard Boys

    Vidor 37 Crosby 27/FINAL

    Game over.
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    Not just for athletic purposes, but we have get our kids back in school so they can get back on their normal routine...
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    kicker 2.0

    West Orange Stark vs Bridge City

    I’ve always been a big believer in a system, or a rhythm. It has happens to us. The Jasper kids weren’t in the normal routine in game day, plus it was a completely different team they were facing than scouted. That all equals an off game. I’m not blaming the loss solely on that, however, it sure didn’t help. Jasper will be fine.
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    Hardin @ Warren

    Sneak peak of the game.
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    Barbers Hill 21 Vidor 7/FINAL

    Ok i’m About to whoop both of y’all! Meet me behind the monitor !
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    Silsbee Tigers basketball

    Yates is loaded for bear this year. They will be handing out 100 pieces like Oprah. You get 100 and you get a 100.
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    best coaches in the area???

    The ones with the best athletes. Lol
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    Lumberton at Livingston

    The way everyone starts about lumberton is really making me just want to leave the football part of this site for good. Dang people
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    LCM @ Splendora

    I agree. BC folks thought they were in the game but the yellow flag was the only reason the game was close the first half.
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    Oklahoma at Texas

    Didn’t make enough plays. Good game cousin “daters.”
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    I remember y'all last year. Look at yourself in the mirror...….
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    Mr. Buddy Garrity

    Full Moon 10/11/19

    This my excuse for tonight 😂
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    West Orange-Stark 17 Silsbee 9/FINAL

    I think the loser of this game has a easier path to state! The winner would play Jasper in the 3rd round I think.
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    Best teams in the area.

    United Everybody else.
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    No doubt it's coming...smh. I wonder how many very qualified and decent nominee prospects will take themselves out of the conversation to avoid the nonsense we saw from the democrats at the Kavanaugh hearings? ...simply because they are afraid to lose the right to kill innocent babies.
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    Art Briles

    Ole' Lynx Hawthorne. Lots of strange things going on over there.
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    I'm more worried about the NC QB killing us with his legs than his arm per the footage I've watched. The wind shouldn't be too bad, right now they have it 8-15mph on Friday night in this area, shouldn't be a problem for anyone in the area.
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    BH vs. Baytown Lee

    Unless PNG and Ned are leading the district everyone wants to call it weak. Last year we were only better because PNG had boy wonder:) BH I hope can get over the hump and beat PNG, but for this week we must stay focused on a pretty good Gander squad
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    [email protected]

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    Congrats to Shug, making a strong statement, think he should be getting more looks, I think he might have opened some eyes this week!!
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    Physical Atmosphere

    PA announcers

    I'm a Vidor fan but I have always cringed when our announcer speaks and sometimes I even find myself blushing from embarrassment. He is just very unprofessional IMO. Now I will take flack for saying that but........... I'm just being honest . Ole Reba wears the crown though ! No one compares
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    [email protected]

    Didn't know this, but, yes there is. Here is a primer: 10-SECOND RUNOFF WHEN IT APPLIES: Þ It must be in the final minute of the second or fourth quarter. Þ The clock must be running. Þ Before a change of team possession. 1. A foul is committed which immediately stops the clock (prevents the snap). OR 2. A player’s helmet comes off (not the direct result of a foul) and is the only reason the clock is stopped. OR 3. A player is injured and is the only reason the clock is stopped. THE OPTIONS: Þ The offended team may accept or decline the 10-second subtraction. Þ If the 10-second subtraction is accepted, the game clock will start on the Referee’s ready for play signal. Þ If the 10-second subtraction is declined, the game clock will start on the snap. Þ The 10-second subtraction may be declined while the penalty yardage is accepted. Þ If the yardage penalty is declined, the 10-second subtraction is declined by rule. Þ The team to whom the 10-second subtraction is being applied may avoid the 10-second subtraction by utilizing a remaining time out. Courtesy: TASO - SFA Chapter
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    Not so sure that the UIL will come down on them. It depends how the two schools handle suspensions. True story, there was a basketball program who got into a big brawl with another school which the DEC ruled a double forfeit. The one school dealt out some serious suspensions, including a season long suspension of one of their better players. Seeing that, neither the DEC or the UIL levied any more sanctions (other than maybe probation to the programs). The team that levied the season long suspension on its player won the state championship that year.
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    West Orange Stark vs Silsbee

    You really have no idea!
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    Season Predictions!

    I agree with all of the above - Two teams not mentioned to keep an eye on: Livingston and Tarkington Livingston has Mya Miles who is one of the best players in the area - they also have a new coach Tarkington - returns all of their players off a team that lost a close game in Area and finished second in 21 4A - I think they come out of 21 4A as the champion this year but the misfortune there is they would see HJ in the 3rd round. For all 4A teams in our region - the road to SA goes through HJ - no doubt about it. Another 4A Region 3 team to watch (although not in SETX) is Fairfield - they only lost one Senior off a team that lost to HJ in the Regional Final. SETX girls basketball is on the rise - IMO - we have some very athletic teams and some very good players to watch this season.
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    Silsbee 24 Lumberton 12/FINAL

    They ran the spread in 99 and early 2000’s when coach Fuller was there in Lumberton. They also had a D1 Qb in Tony Eckert that went to SMU. I believe he is still in the record books for most passing attempts in a game against Jasper. Lumberton people complained about Fuller they were throwing to much and they ran him off. He was actually ahead of the ball game. I’m sure if Babin had the QB and receivers he would be in the spread.
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    B-Unit (Bo!) We in here (Bo!) We can get the drama popping, we don't care (Bo! bo! bo!) It's going down (Bo!) 'Cause I'm around (Bo!) C-backer, you know how I gets down What up, Blood? (What?) What up, Cuz? (What?) What up, Blood? (What?) What up, gangsta? What up, Blood? (What?) What up, Cuz? (What?) What up, Blood? (What?) What up, gangsta? We don't play that We don't play that We don't play that B-Unit, we don't play around I came up with that all by my pasty self.
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    Gilmer 16 Newton 0/FINAL

    “I judge you unfortunate if you have never lived through misfortune. You will have passed through life without an opponent—no one will ever know what you are capable of, not even you.” – Seneca
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    Vidor 37 Crosby 27/FINAL

    Lol. 😂
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    Why not! I get blamed for everything else!🤣
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    The BU staff has been assigned to different campuses throughout the district so picking kids up is out of the question. Every Coach have to be at a middle school or even WB at 815am and they cant leave until 415 initially but i think its getting changed. The whole thing about that is, WB is getting certified teachers to aide their classroom for the next few weeks and our kids are at home doing nothing. Said that to say this, no one looks at the big picture!!! People can say what they want, athletics are very important at school. Successful athletic programs are even better because the students want to be successful in academics as well. why not highlight the week with academic competition as well, debate, robotics, and anything else. That's how you improve your district, just like we should have had a split day at WB, meaning the WB students go to school for the AM/PM shift than United students come the other shift. GP and Summer Creek did it. There are always better options but its a sports forum so sorry for rambling but i think the community needs to know stuff like this. There are other options. Coaches already pick kids up, i just feel every coach that has CDL should be able to pick kids up and drop them off because if school was in session they would have transportation!!!
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    Alpha Wolf

    BU peeps can we chat?

    I was about to type out a long response but I'm going to leave this thread alone...
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    A lot of drying out work going on over at The U. I was told that both gym floors are fine and the field house didn't get any water in it (go figure that one out). The boys are currently at the Butch having practice...
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    Guitar Man

    Lumberton 54 Evadale 6/FINAL

    Nah, they need to be shown that the world isn't fair. If you don't play in a blowout win or loss as a senior, that is saying something. Let the best football players get the reps because in the end, it'll benefit your team more and it's a life lesson that the world isn't always gonna be nice to me. Kids need tougher skin these days.
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    Not quicker than I thought. Williams actually was the better throwing QB last yearas a sophomore. But he lacked confidence. By the end of District Play he may have reason to strut like a peacock. And let me say this now. They will be at the top of the heap next year as well. Having said that, they may not even win this game against Gilmer. But after watching the Gilmer , Carthage game on YouTube, I have even more confidence in Newton. But it will be all out War. Newton doesn't have down years, as per say. Cmon, if you call a regional Championship a down year. IMO, Newton is actually on their way up. They will continue to improve their program year after year JMO. Only advice I would offer, and nobody's asking me. But like every other genius on this site. I'm going to give it. Develope throwing, athletic quarterbacks. That's been my only knock on the program over the past 50 years. Very few throwing QB in Newton. Williams will prove to be by for the best and will be the measuring stick for Quarterback's in the future at Newton. I'll see all you Newton folks mid December at Jerry's. Have a great Day!!!
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    Evadale @ Lumberton- Sat 1pm

    Don't take it so serious folks...this is just a couple programs who want to and are able to play. It doesn't matter...At least they are fortunate enough to have kids/parents/students who can make it to the game. Let them play. Some local areas are still underwater with players/coaches who've been flooded out, again.

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