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    12 -5A-II next year

    Yeah , if you try to put to much common sense into it you’ll be wrong. 😃. Texas City would interesting. Oh and forgot Crosby doesn’t have to sweat Vidor anymore! Coogs your free!!!
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    That’s pretty duh statement, of course you can only win games with Hispanics in those places because that’s all that freaking lives there. You’re killing your own argument. NS used to be basically all white and sucked at football, now “Hispanics have taken over” and the black and white population of the school combines to less than 30% of the total and they’re winning state titles. You can apply the same logic to Duncanville who’s majority Hispanic now as well. My wife graduated from Dallas Skyline. They’re 75% Hispanic and have a similar enrollment to NS. Up until recently they were basically DFW’s version of NS. Now they suck because their coach went to Duncanville. Go look at the before and after records for both teams and you’ll see the differences. Hispanics moving in make your enrollment go up, they don’t make you sorry all of a sudden. Dayton doesn’t have a problem with Hispanics ruining their football program. Dayton had the fewest black kids I can ever remember seeing on their team the past couple years we played. They have a problem with a crappy coach and low participation rates. You’re misconstruing regentrification with simply having additional enrollment that happens to be Hispanic.
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    Crosby vs Huntsville

    Should have bought a bunch of them. Those might be a one-time collectors item.
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    Jasper 87 Coldspring 16 High scorers for the game Asia Mitchell 19 JaKayla Brown 12 (sophomore) Kinley Shumake 10
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    WO-S vs Silsbee

    This thread may end up on Jerry Springer before Friday😂
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    Carthage 55 Lumberton 17/FINAL

    I just want kids that can play with a sprinkle of athletes here and there. I don't care what race they are. I've seen Hispanic kids that's came through that was the best athlete on the field, example, Bruce Reyes at WB. I've seen a Philipinio kid in Quirante. I've seen a Bermudan kid in Whaley. I've seen a white kid in McGuffie.. the list goes on. If they can play and ball, they can play and ball...
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    Game Day

    Wishing all an injury free game and safe travels. Congratulations to all that won last week, you’re one step closer to your goal. To all the winners this week, congratulations and we will see you next week. To all the losers, good season and we will see you next year. Go Friday night lights.
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    I didn't understand some of the offensive playcalling man. Sad thing is on 4th and inches late the kids were begging to go for it and they punted. Unbelievable.
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    San Marcos Tournament

    Bmt United (8-2) Congrats Shewolves stay hungry and keep working...See yall Nov.26 @ Texas City...
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    Crosby vs Huntsville

    If you mean when they had RJ then, alright. Otherwise it would’ve been insulting enough for you to call us a glorified Dayton.
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    Carl Padilla Projected 10-5A DI

    Man, all the Baytown schools in one district and GCCISD still won't have a representative in the football playoffs
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    I would interested in knowing how you think the coaching style has changed? This is the same style offense Newton has ran since 1968. The same offense that Barbay taught to Jack Alvarez who taught it to Greg Neece. Westbrook the OC now played in this same system and learned it from Barbay coaching here as well. The style is still the same now what isn't the same this year that Neece had the pleasure of having was the 3 guys named Foster, Barlow, and Brown, as well as Noah Williams the year before. So those 4 guys can make any coach look really good. Say what you want but Newton doesn't have any of those guys on this years team not even close to that caliber. The offense is still clicking this year and scoring tons of points and putting up yardage. Just because you hear someone saying the same things over and over in the stands or on the radio doesn't mean they know what the play is. Just because you see someone pulling doesn't mean its the scat. Folks are getting ridiculous the problem with Friday was the fact that Newton had 5 TO's and a couple suspect calls on some big plays that brought TDs back that they end up not scoring on. Newton is fine sit back shut up and enjoy watching these young men play. Get off the coaches back they are working hard day in and day out to put these young men in a position to be successful. No one goes to your job and tells you how terrible you are at flipping burgers or loading wood or driving a forklift so don't come to a game and yell at the coaches about how stupid they are or get on the internet and blast them behind a screen name. I will tell you like I told the last guy if you don't what is happening instead of hiding behind the keyboard go to the fieldhouse and voice your concerns with the coaches. If your not going to do that shut up and enjoy the fact that Newton has lost only 2 games over the past 4 seasons and appreciate what these kids and coaches are doing.
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    Like I have stated, I really do not have a problem with a 4 team playoff system as long as every district has at least 7 teams. I just don't think it's a good system when 0-10, 1-9 teams make the playoffs but 7-3, 6-4 teams do not. That's strictly about geography and not about success on the field. A team should earn it's way to the playoffs and not be automatically placed in it or only required to win one game to get in. UIL should do whatever is necessary to equal out these districts. Then and only then would I view a 4 team playoff system as a valid system. I do not really want to go back to a two team system but if it's entirely impossible for the UIL to eliminate these 4 or 5 team districts, then I say go back to a 3 team playoff system ( still keeping the divisional districts) and reward the district champ or #1 seed a bye in the first round. This will give some incentive for teams to win district titles and require a team to at least win a district game to qualify.
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    Yeah silsbee won but I feel like West Orange beat themselves. I have a hard time saying silsbee was the better team
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    Might be the best thing I've ever heard you say about Silsbee....Might start liking you after all. lol
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    From DCTF's Matt Stepp

    Matt Stepp @Matt_Stepp817 · 1m The UIL plans on releasing the classification cutoffs and division breaks for football sometime this week...could be as early as tomorrow or as late as close of business Friday
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    WO-S vs Silsbee

    Don't sugar coat it buddy, that looks like the first half score.
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    HJ 56 CC Flour Mound 38 Final HJ plays Cedar Park tomorrow 3pm Both teams 2-0 in pool play.
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    Alpha Wolf

    From DCTF's Matt Stepp

    We might take some losses but not to Nederland...
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    WO-S vs Silsbee

    I will put it simply, Jack Dallas was a winner. One other I put on that list,,,Tremaine Lewis. WO-S has had some really good QBs but those two make that list.
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    Yes sir! Been needing to happen for a while! Go Pirates!
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    Alpha Wolf

    From DCTF's Matt Stepp

    Yes sir, the Titans don't have nowhere to run and hide...😀
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    WO-S vs Silsbee

    Just an example of Lamar being a host: Vidor vs. Crosby several years ago. Vidor was the home team and filled the home side to capacity. 8,000 strong. Crosby had around 4-5000 on the visitor side. Lamar thought having one concession stand with two workers on each side was sufficient for a lowly little high school playoff game. Also, only one gate taking tickets with just one attendee. Also very little security on site. Needless to say, there were extremely long lines and lot's of folks missed a good part of the game. Lamar just doesn't care about hosting high school playoff games and it shows.
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    By the way. Congrats Silver&Blue on the win. Best of luck moving forward!
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    Hoopsgiving Classic 2019

    Personally, I hope the help won't get there for another 3 or more weeks.
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    Diboll 6 Cameron Yoe 21/FINAL

    Diboll was an excellent football team, and had one of the best defensive fronts we've seen since being in this classification. I can see why they held teams to negative yards and no first downs throughout the season. How'd the sub-varsity play out in the district this year?
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    Right Call?

    To many Refs can’t get a charging foul right, and you expect them to know something like that? C’mon no-look....😂😂😂
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    Bmt United (9-2) next up #6 6A Summer Creek at United Gym Nov.30
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    Silsbee Vs Giddings

    It’s the 3rd round of the playoffs. If both teams are healthy every game should be a war. I didn’t say bellville was going to beat wos by 50, I just said they are going to pull off the upset.
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    BREAKING NEWS from DCTF Matt Stepp

    They already rewarded the in house AD for going 1 & 24 and he gets to keep his job - if one applies that wisdom to the new hire things are looking pretty gloom. Either way the new HC will have his hands tied unless by some miracle they leaned their lesson after 9 years of gross negligence from homer insiders and give a new outside HC the reins to rebuild the program form the ground up .
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    BH Vs. Manvel

    For those interested Texan live will show the following 5AD2 games:Brenham/CalallenChampion/PioneerHuntsville/Fort Bend MarshallAledo/Red OakManvel/Barbers HillOther games worth noting:Cameron Yoe/GrandviewArgyle/BrownwoodLone Star/Highland ParkKaty/North ShoreCedar Park/ManorSouthlake/Midland Leewww.texanlive.com/
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    Bellville 54 Jasper 35/FINAL

    I'd be shocked if there was a coaching change. We had such a hard time finding someone that wanted to be there and he's doing a good job. People are overreacting to one bad night. Question for Jasper fans. Who's out there that would want that job that would do better? Be careful what you wish for.
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    WOS vs Bellville

    Shut Yo Mouth!!!!
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    We went through that after our championship game appearance in 2004. Hurricane Rita had a lot to do with that after our QB transferred to Diboll, but we fell off really fast after Coach Lauve left and we went through two other coaches before Darrell came in. It can go south really quick with a series of bad decisions. Navasota is another example of that...
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    Newton 48 Troup 14/FINAL

    How did your team do tonight?
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    Shelbyville 72 Tatum 64/FINAL

    #1 2a. Shelbyville 72. #11 3a. Tatum 64. Finale OT
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    Carthage vs Lumberton

    You just don’t know me. Nothing about what I said will change. I set in the stands every game all game when we went like 0-22 or whatever it was
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    Question about Texan Live.com

    Well shoot. I may just save my $9.95 and listen to KOGT. They do such a good job it makes you feel as if your there anyway.
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    Mr. Buddy Garrity

    Carthage vs Lumberton

    Lumberton might wanna get one of them snow machines and coat the field Friday afternoon.
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    Crosby vs Huntsville

    Just to clarify, the Huntsville QB was hurt in the first half of the 2nd game of the season against PNG. It was an ankle injury. He missed the College Station game, and then played about 4 District games. He clearly was not 100% and the backup QB played the last 2 District games. The main running back has also missed a lot of games, so yes the offense has struggled to stay on the field at times. All those season stats cited in an earlier post won’t mean anything on Saturday. The Hornets appear to finally be healthy again and it showed last week against Marshall.
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    Diboll vs. Cameron Yoe

    Seems like Yoe has more going both ways this year than usual. For instance RB #25 is also starting LB and WRs #4 and #1 or both DBs. Diboll has pretty good depth and only have a couple going both ways.
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    Participation trophy

    This has been a thing for decades. I remember Cosch Stump holding it up after we won a bi-district playoff game and were heading back to the locker room. We had fun with it for a few minutes then moved on.
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    Nederland/United Scrimmage?

    and here comes Soulja with a rebuttal.
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    Proud of my Raiders
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    Manvel 49 Nederland 14/FINAL

    I heard Mazyck is moving to PNG this summer Just playing, Nederland sticking aroun...lets go Ned
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    I remember the day when 10-0 vs 10-0 in bi-district was more common than not.
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    The pregame is on already. KJAS doesn't usually start that until 30 minutes prior to kickoff.
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    I’d say T. Byrd d2. Lol
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    Silsbee vs Shephard Bi District

    Most teams at this point in season will have players playing hurt. The one that you say is questionable will play. Grades are not an issue.

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