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    Younger generation is good with the transferring and all the bs. I personally hate it. I get moving for jobs and personal reason blah blah. But in my worthless opinion it is ruining the integrity of football from PeeWee up. I know my view will be the unpopular view but its how I see it.
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    Wos jumbotron

    Seen in West Orange yesterday, what appears to be part of the new scoreboard.
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    30 years of training. These days she kicks me out of the house.
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    So it's fair to say that Nederland is off to a 1-0 start and Lumberton and Newton are 0-1? Grad, update the standings please per Mack.
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    Nederland-Newton-Lumberton Scrimmage

    This was my take after seeing everything except Nederland/ Lumberton game conditions. And yes, scores are meaningless, not because it isn’t s real game but I think it is s practice to see where you might be okay and where you need work. During the controlled scrimmage, the best squad was the Newton offense. They seemed to move more consistently and in bigger chunks of yardage on average. The squad needing the most work was the Lumberton offense. I don’t know what formation they are running but it looks like a Vidor clone.... all stacked in close and I don’t think I ever saw any wide outs. They had some positive gains but not consistent and they could almost never pass protect from that formation. I don’t care what offense you run as long as you can do it but they really weren’t getting it done very often. In the controlled scrimmage the Nederland pass defense had some big holes open up. Lumberton hit a wide open receiver for about 25 yards underneath and Newton did the same for 40-45. It wasn’t the yardage but the missed coverage or scheme. Like Nederland got 35 yard pass on Lumberton but it was actually pretty good defense, the Nederland player just made a good catch. The rest of the controlled was a lot of give and take with the wet conditions hurting the ball handling. In the game conditions, the clear winner was the Nederland defense over Newton. To say bottled up would be an understatement. Good practice for all of the teams and they all had some positives but plenty to work on. The Lumberton player looked to suffer a possible season ending injury. He was on the field for about 15 minutes before they could move him. Hopefully it was just a lot of precaution, it is not as bad as it looked and maybe he can get back and finish his season. At least it didn’t look like a neck injury.
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    BS Wildcats

    El Paso Shooting

    Big girl? She, along with all the other associates, have disappeared. Maybe they have came to the realization that there party is made up of a bunch of "idoits".
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    Mr. Buddy Garrity

    Football Question

    I believe he's asking about this season.
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    Mr. Buddy Garrity

    Notable transfers this year

    Had nothing to do with shopping around, I wont go in-depth on the issue cause that's the family's business.
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    Wos jumbotron

    Wrong again...it got there late last night
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    Two -a- Day Numbers

    All those kids and still can’t beat LCM
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    The annual Season Opener will take place on Nov 16th at the M.O. Campbell Center. Here is the 8 game slate: 9:30am Nimitz v Houston Christian 11am Benjamin Davis v Sam Houston 12:30pm Langham Creek v Summer Creek 2pm PA Memorial v Westbury Christian 3:30pm BMT United v Dickinson 5pm Morton Ranch v Jack Yates 6:30pm Hightower v Cy Creek 8pm Shadow Creek v Episcopal
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    Alpha Wolf

    Beaumont United...

    They won't be the cellar dweller this year. Matter of fact, they make the playoffs this year.
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    Robert Mueller Isn't Senile!

    He was a dirty cop forced to take the witness stand! https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/07/25/nolte-robert-mueller-isnt-senile-he-was-a-dirty-cop-forced-to-take-the-witness-stand/
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    Herman's Texas Longhorns

    Is this good? Time is a non-renewable resource This ain't last year
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    Silsbee at Vidor Scrimmage Thread

    Briscoe will have his chances I'm sure. Good luck to both him and Foster.
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    PN-G/WO-S Scrimmage Thread

    Holler up at the group sitting around the 40 just below the press box, they'll know.
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    I see some people are letting their "views" spill over into the sports threads. Take that back to the prejudice/political threads. Smdh...
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    Would you consider North Shore and Duncanville 2018 football teams to be synamomous with Physical Speed?
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    This is How You Shoot a Basketball

    Nice. My college coach used to do a similar shot like that from half court. He d would sometimes start practice off with “if I make this no practice” He made it numerous times during my tenure but never after he made that statement.
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    Two -a- Day Numbers

    OF beat Newton in 14 and 15
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    Mr. Buddy Garrity


    Transfer Portal time again.
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    Love having the opportunity to scrimmage WOS speed/ Helps see what we have coming in district & great test for our defense. Would be great to play them in pre-season game again. If scrimmage is all we can get, PNG will gladly take it. Nothing but respect for those Mustangs.
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    Mr. Buddy Garrity

    Beaumont United...

    Which program has a state title on it's resume from the hardwood? Checkmate.
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    BS Wildcats

    2019 Houston Astros

    Don't like it! If you're going to sit in those seats, you should be ready for the balls hit in your direction.
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    2019 Houston Astros

    If Alvarez keeps this pace up, he could be the all-time HR king......without steroids. I can see why he was intentionally walked 6 times in a row in AAA. I feel lucky that I am able to witness this happening in my lifetime. Baltimore is horrible, but no one else has scored 23 runs on them and hit this many HRs, including the longest ever hit at Camden (Correa).
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    Criticism? I’m going to take advantage of it. 😂
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    Nederland Running back transfer

    Saw the new kid today at practice.....BEAST.
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    They know what a forward pass is??
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    Alpha Wolf

    Nederland Running back transfer

    Hadn't heard anything but I'll let you know the night of September 5th...
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    Wos jumbotron

    Further evidence that the jumbotron installation is imminent. This picture was tweeted by Coach Bottley at WO-S earlier today:
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    Preseason rankings

    Someone please save this post.... will be the source of a pretty good chuckle....
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    Looking for Lumberton broadcaster

    👎They just need a recording to say Run Right-Run Left
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    Lol no dude...Coach T killed it
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    Agreed. This is the opening game on a Thursday night Aug 29. I was going to go, but I am hearing rumors it will be broadcast on ESPN2. NS offense will be awesome but their defense will have a lot of inexperience on the field. Katy will be deep and a little more fast than they usually are this year. I look for a relatively high scoring game due to this. This is the premier opening game in the state IMO.
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    Hamshire-Fannett HC open

    Open enrollment doesnt make a kid eligible for UIL activities. Residency is what determines that. He should know he’s already being watched closely and if the “t’s” arent crossed and the “i’s” dotted H-F will find themselves in a bind. A sudden influx of players from Beaumont wont fly in that district. I hope he knows what kind of mess he’s creating for himself and the district.
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    Uh-Oh, Cummings!

    A two-faced democrat. Imagine that!
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    The Dems Debate...

    The thing that is/was missing is that there are not any American flags any where! I shouldn't be surprised though!
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    Very true, but this team of Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors will be exciting to watch. Been waiting a long time to watch this group play together.
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    Willie Jones's son will be a beast by his Junior year... And will be taller than his dad and brother.
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    Mr. Buddy Garrity

    Beaumont United...

    Toby coming back?
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    9/6/2019 Jasper @ bridge city

    No they weren't. Jasper won their district and Splendora won 11-4A DI. Jasper is DII
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    Jimbo Fisher's Aggies

    Awesome story
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    It can't get here quick enough...
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    Thia the funniest think I've read all morning...
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    Agreed! I am glad PNG plays Silsbee, Huntsville & Tomball in pre-season. The defensive stops against these teams will tell the tale of how district will go. It will also give our offense a great challenge to get ready for the season. I am so ready for football.!!!
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    Robert Mueller Isn't Senile!

    With Mueller's testimony, it has become clear that the majority of the time he was not running the show. Just hauling in the money through the rape of the taxpayer. I feel the one running the show was Andrew Weissmann. With the unfortunate early morning raids on people being his modus operandi, this, to me, proves what i have felt all along. Which is Mueller was a figure head shortly after this witch hunt began.
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    Mr. Buddy Garrity

    Countdown is on.

    We are now 33 days away from the start of the 2019 #txhsfb season.
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    2019 FOOTBALL TEAM PREVIEWS LITTLE CYPRESS-MAURICEVILLE BEARS 2018 Record: 4-7 Overall, 3-2 District 3rd Place in District 11-4A-I The Little Cypress-Mauriceville Bears qualified for the playoffs for the fifth time in six years. To make it six out of seven, Bears' Head Coach Randy Crouch will rely on the return of a veteran squad (7 starters on each side of the ball). Head Coach: Randy Crouch Offense: Seven starters return to the Little Cypress-Mauriceville offense. Senior quarterback Ethan McCollum will take over the full time duties. He will be joined in the backfield by senior running back Landon Bearden. Junior wide receiver Brandon Pollock (11-4A-I Offensive Newcomer of the Year) will be joined at wide out by seniors James Williams (1st team all-district) and Darian Williams. Senior center Carter Cates (1st team all-district) will be featured on the Bear offensive line. Defense: Seven starters return to the LC-M defense in 2019. McCollum (1st team all-district) and senior cornerback Ken'Teon Champine will key the Bear defense from their secondary spots. Special Teams: Darian Williams (11-4A-I Special Teams Co-MVP) will be the primary kick returner for the Bears in 2019. Schedule: Aug. 30 - Woodville, 7:00 pm Sept. 6 - at West Orange-Stark, 7:30 pm Sept. 13 - Jasper, 7:00 pm Sept. 20 - at Vidor, 7:00 pm Sept. 27 - Hardin-Jefferson, 7:00 pm Oct. 4 - OPEN Oct. 11 - Bridge City, 7:00 pm* Oct. 18 - at Splendora, 7:00 pm* Oct. 25 - Livingston, 7:00 pm* Nov. 1 - Huffman Hargrave, 7:00 pm* Nov. 8 - at Lumberton, 7:00 pm*

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