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  1. Talk to the Governor. Not like UIL is doing this all on their own.
  2. At first I was critical of the hire but after hearing his interview I can gurantee you it was alot better then Toms lol *at least the ones ive heard He said all the right things, but Until the rubber meets the road its all talk...His staff hires will be very important for success to be obtained at Texas
  3. Post is gone. Can talk about the firing and new tu hire now. Carry on.
  4. You talk like your schools program is comparable to Aledo’s. Lol. You keep grasping that Crosby is the Mecca of High School Football. Y’all have the same amount of State Championships as Vidor.....which is ZERO. Lol
  5. Too much talk about the slot-T. The Liberty Hill defense is probably freaking out as well. It will be a case of Liberty Hill not being able to stop the Crosby offense. Crosby will force a few fumbles and get enough stops to win.
  6. It’s the dislike factor. Every time Trump opened his mouth, more people decided to vote Biden. People talk about the Nixon/Kennedy debate in 1960 as pivotal... I think Trump’s first debate performance combined with skipping the second debate probably sunk his chances with undecideds who voted early (before the third debate). It was just so offensive. I wasn’t the only conservative saying “JUST SHUT UP!!!!” He needed a good performance and be pooped his bed.
  7. Talk all you want..... your team does what you stated above grants you the right to say what you want!!!!
  8. Ok, I give. The band director will be placed as acting AD and Head Football coach until further notice. They may not win many games, but their new formations will be the talk of the district!
  9. 49 carries. Talk about riding a horse. 😜
  10. Yep! Not condoning murder, if you don’t understand. She was a total disgrace at last year’s State of the Union address. You want to talk about dividing the country, look no further than those actions. She is another in a long line of lifers in Congress that need to get the hell out. They are only interested in lining their wallets.
  11. It's hilarious that you try to attribute your TDS to Trump supporters. It's really making you look stupid. You used to have some pretty good posts on this forum, but apparently your true intellectual capabilities are shining through. Revisionist history doesn't serve you well. Trump didn't say he was gonna "Lock her up". That was a chant started at his rallies. He never said he would even go after her. Who is the liar? He wanted to repeal and replace Obamacare. Couldn't get it done through Congress. Happens to every president. Every economist I heard talk about trade has said hi
  12. Here’s one for you... do you remember all through 2016 when he was going to “lock her up?” I don’t remember her even being questioned. Do you remember how he was going to “repeal and replace” Obamacare? That didn’t happen. Do you remember how he was going to fix our trade imbalances and put America first? Our trade deficit is worse than ever. Remember that wall that Mexico was going to pay for? Where is it? I’d like to go visit. “Oh, but Covid happened” you all cry. Covid is just the excuse that you use to justify Trump’s failures. This is what all of his blind supporters like yourself
  13. Heck no..... talk about disgracing the flag
  14. Montgomery had a better offense than Nederland and just lost by 20. They were right at 5,000 total yards through 12 games split evenly at 2,500 passing and rushing. Take into consideration they had FBM and Huntsville’s defenses on their schedule, also dropped 52 on Crosby’s defense. Looks like Montgomery had 391 total yards on 60 plays, 196 passing and 195 rushing. Don’t see any turnovers unless they were on special teams? Montgomery’s defense was about a TD worse than Nederland’s on the year though. Kind of surprised FBM was about to still beat Montgomery by as much as they did with
  15. I believe Carthage beats WO-S but not by 40, more like 28-14. They're not 3 deep at every position like some folks but the ones they send out can scrap. Congrats to the Bulldogs on another title, great season, great team. And for you spatula head, you talk like a man with a wooden neck, lay off the brake fluid. Enjoy the moment, try some humility or somebody might take you where the fart was left. Sounds like the Dogs gonna be a handful again next year, we'll see.
  16. You should talk to you Dr before taking it. It has caused a serious allergic reaction in 2 nurses, I believe. Do you have a epi-pen. I have bad allergies, too
  17. Looks like its again gonna be another tough District. Don't know much about the new teams Friendswood, Laporte or Ball. Figure United to be strong. GCM should be the better of the 3 Baytown schools. Then we will have to see about PAM. We are losing a small Sr class but a few key contributors. Defense was very young but made strides last season. Our success will be how long our offense can keep the defense off the field and fresh.
  18. Thanks for supporting communism. Talk about bowing down, you might as well bend on over and kiss it goodbye.
  19. Talk about winning a state title and making it look easy. Really wish we could have seen a healthy West Orange take on this bunch.
  20. "The thing that bothers me most about the accusations being flung from the left is that they are done out of pure hatred. If Trump were on trial, these people wouldn’t even make the jury pool. Gee, I wonder why that is? Now, an impeachment proceeding is nothing but the haters flinging unsubstantiated claims against one person. Funny how that works." That's what I took as your defense.... "so what if those claims are unsubstantiated? They impeached my Lord and Savior Donald J Trump on unsubstantiated claims, now it's our turn." When the President continues to claim that the electio
  21. Rumor is someone has videos of a payoff. I have friends at Lindale and in Austin ISD. Getting the talk on both sides. I don't pretend to understand legal merit, I'm not a lawyer and I don't think you are either. The argument from the Austin side is the game was relatively evenly called in first half, then a mass change happened, if a video of a payoff exist then TASO might be dealing with a pretty interesting lawsuit. Lots of Ifs, ands and buts. I don't have the answers just giving you info I'm getting from up there.
  22. He didn’t even try. If you’ll remember, when our cities were burning, all Trump wanted to talk about was Joe Scarborough. It was just another opportunity to rise up and be a leader... an opportunity to gain some support from people who didn’t like him.... and he just mailed it in. This was during the middle of the violence after George Floyd’s death. Floyd died on 5/25... the offic
  23. Dear 2020 Gilmer Buckeyes, This letter is a tradition, started in 2004 and carried on with every State Championship Team since then. Before you head out on this last trip of the season, we want you to know that your Army of Buckeyes are behind you! You are the best of us. You are our sons, our brothers and our PRIDE. No matter what happens Friday, just know that we could not be more proud of you! We have watched you use your motto to climb your mountain this season. AWTHEED! All Ready. It is something you have lived week by week, day by day, practice by practice, and rep by rep. Your wil
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