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  1. Who are the "Trump apologists"? Who are the ones defending his mean tweets? As petulant as Joe Biden acts now, can you imagine how he would react if the media treated him like they do Trump? Talk about "bigly" petulance. Do you think the media will go after the GOP candidate (whoever it may be) with every derogatory, unsavory, unethical accusation known to man? And yet, somehow Trump will still get the blame.
  2. “They’ve Got Nothing Else to Talk About, This is The Worst Administration In History:” Rep Jim Jordan Drops Bomb on Biden and the Sham Jan 6th Commission During Firey Bannon Contempt Hearing!
  3. I have been on here since this board was the smack attack board. If you can't give or take a little good spirited rubbing then you are the problem. It is not about being "trashy" or a keyboard commando. It is about talking sports and not taking ourselves so damn serious as message board coaches or legends from long ago in our own minds. I have played flag football games with this group back when we would play Orange County vs Jefferson County posters. Bringing in the groups from west of the Trinity brought in a whole other level of sensitive whiners and know it all sports gurus. Most on here bring a good analysis and topics for discussion. If you can't do that as well as take a little trash talk in fun then you are in the wrong place and need to stay on the ant mound patting each other on the backs about how don't stoop to such low levels as engaging the fans from the east. And I hope Nederland whips y'alls snobby, whiny butts this Friday.
  4. Lots of comparisons of common matchups and also talk about our backups played this and that. I’m just curious. Is that why the Hill had y’all down because the backups were playing. Asking for my friend separation scientist.
  5. I still can't believe he really said that. Talk about alienating a voter base.
  6. I watched The George Lopez late night talk show on its very first episode on TNT. He came out for his monologue and most of it was about how stupid George W. Bush and his supporters were. I remember thinking... "how does it make sense to outright alienate half of your potential viewers on Day One? Don't you want your show to be a success?" I had the same feeling every time that Trump did something that would alienate any decent person who wasn't already a fan of his. It's a recipe for disaster... and that's what we got. It's not tweets about the opposition... it's tweets about the 50% of people who weren't enamored with him, and it encouraged them to go out and vote against him.
  7. I couldn’t wait till Friday to talk about this game… This is the district championship for us. Sealy would be undefeated of it weren’t for a bad case of the injury bug. Unfortunately I don’t think they are back healthy just yet either. This is such a big rivalry for these two schools. Bellville hasn’t won since Sealy hired Coach Mobley away from Sweetwater when he had lead them to a state final the year before(4 years ago). But this season Bellville should just be too much for the Tigers. You never know though. These two towns are separated by just 14 miles of highway with family on both sides. There is no love lost here. Bellville leads the all time series 48-34.
  8. Folks call the Slot T outdated and to hear them talk, easy to stop. The thing is, you’ve got four people to watch. Pretty good bet one of them will find an opening. Combine that with some good blocking and it’s very effective. If we’d throw in an occasional complete pass, almost unstoppable.
  9. It's just sad to watch my Bulldogs right now!! The Defense is pretty darn good but the O is the worst I've seen in a long time . I know a few of the young men on this team and when i talk to them i can hear the hurt and frustration in there voice!!
  10. By looking at the forecast it looks like the rain chances have went down. All this talk about blowouts I think are just trash talk. Usually when you have two good teams that come in and play a game it’s usually tight unless a injury occurs in a game to one of star athletes. I think both Matthews and Peevy will have them prepared to play. I do think the game will come down on LCM defense and how well they defend the slot t. Vidor will probably play ball control keep keep LCM offense on the sideline and that is key to winning the game for them. I did see where if the game goes sold out online that you can buy tickets at the gate. Get there early
  11. talk is about more add ones to the already lovely campus at west orange stark starting to look more and more like a small collage campus and more to come. the city of west orange is annexing more and more and the plant will start up 2022 bring lots of work back into orange the school is looking for more parking looks like they found it now for the skill center going to get larger and better the nursing skill center some skilled teachers to teach the kids witch the parents should love. now the new press box is going to be a double decker with a elevator large lounge for press and coaches on the first floor will be the wo-s prep room two sides one side for mustangs coaches and side b the other coaches side this is a up to date dream press box so they say the very the upper level will be for the wo-s press to send links back to the war room at halftime to show the kids what has happened . now as for the scoreboard talk has it brick will be on both sides to protect it from big storms
  12. It s all about control. They talk about slavery And being owed but crt is leading them to modern day slavery, govt dependent. All for your vote so politician can stuff their pocket. people that fall for this have zero common sense and have the lowest of low standards.
  13. If you talk about the o-line from Carthage then you have to talk about Myles limping around and us having to rotate in a backup, who’s not even the backup now, the entire second half. Still they needed a kick return late to win by a fg. They “snuck” by because they have 8 state championships and know how to win those kind of games. Great game by them, they beat us straight up. They played a cover three defense against Crosby that I had never really seen played on the high school level. Last year in the opener we played 6A George Ranch with a healthy Dunn and Branch and lost by 7. Manvel beat Crosby by 33 points last year and did have a better team than they do now which exactly why we had a chance to beat them this year. While we’re about to go into the half up 10-7 we roll than snap back and then kick it into the back of our lineman and it bounces right into a Manvel player’s hands and he returns it and we go into the half down 14-7. I have never seen Crosby do that. Manvel’s run game is sick, we held up very well against them all night outside of one 75 yard run Seymour had. Great night from the defense holding them to 28 points, they just beat Angleton 49-10 last week. Angleton only lost by 2 points to FB Hightower the week before. On the back end we miss three WIDE open td passes that game, and I’ll move on from that. Against PAM we give up a td on the opening kick but the defense only gave up 20 that night. Third game last year Montgomery scored 52 on us and they were not as good as the PAM team we lined up against this year, and would probably lose to them by double digits this year. Think about it, at this time last year we had 0 impressive wins? You kind of cross-thread your argument when you say Crosby isn’t as good as last year but neither is anybody else🤔 You can say we’re not as good but think about what you would’ve said if I told you we were going to play for a state title at this time last year? Lol, we were “average” all the way until the third round last year. Your reasoning is that you think the 5 great games Crosby played to get to the finals last year were fluke but the BH game this year wasn’t?
  14. I don't think this group at Silsbee will be deeper than that 2017 team. That 2017 team actually had 9 players that went on to play either football or basketball at the next level. They were truly 12-13 deep. I'm just going off what area coaches have told me what they think about this group. All have stated that outside of Harris and Miller, there is no Adams, Bush or McCain. But they believe that both Harris and Miller can be those type stars if not already there. They also said this group is much deeper than what Adams, Bush and McCain had there junior and senior seasons. This talk is widely based on what these coaches saw in middle school. Silsbee had several weapons with this current group and not like when Adams and McCain were middle schoolers. I'll just say this, based on what I have saw and what others have told me, I will be very disappointed if this particular group doesn't at least make a state championship game appearance during these next 3 years. I honestly think they are primed to win another state championship. Maybe not this year, but in next three for sure.
  15. Besides those poorly delivered remarks, I thought it was funny that she was near no one but was wearing a mask, apparently to support the administration‘s policies or wishes on masking. The she removes it to make her remarks and then walks away without it. Look, I’m wearing a mask even though not within 20 feet of anyone but will take it off so you can see me. Then she walk away without it, going through the same space that she walked in a few moments ago. Talk about all for show….
  16. A second? I talk about timing all the time particularly and did so particularly when I was working. A car going 60 miles an hour goes approximately 90 feet a second. In 1/10 of one second her vehicle went about 9 feet. If she would have entered that space and 1/10 of a second earlier or 1/10 of a second later, she would’ve never been hit. When people get in a car accident and the other person ran a stop sign but maybe hit the back passenger door where no one was at, they will say something like, I was in a bad wreck but I did not get hurt or maybe got a couple of bruises. Yeah…… but if you had entered that intersection 1/30 of second earlier, we would be calling you a ride to the morgue. Life is literally that close in time.
  17. This is music to my ears. I have hoped you fools in Hardin would begin to turn on Barrier so he would pack his stuff and take that incredible son of his somewhere where he has a real chance to shine. Fools is what you guys have always been and it is what you will always be. Someone already mentioned it, but Anthony Morgan could've been a Hornet, but alas, his father wasn't good enough for you guys. This story will end the same. You guys can sit at Hardin grocery and talk about how the kid was "almost a Hornet" while you recycle Haynes for the 10,000th time. Geez
  18. This is music to my ears. I have hoped you fools in Hardin would begin to turn on Barrier so he would pack his stuff and take that incredible son of his somewhere where he has a real chance to shine. Fools is what you guys have always been and it is what you will always be. Someone already mentioned it, but Anthony Morgan could've been a Hornet, but alas, his father wasn't good enough for you guys. This story will end the same. You guys can sit at Hardin grocery and talk about how the kid was "almost a Hornet" while you recycle Haynes for the 10,000th time. Geez
  19. This is music to my ears. I have hoped you fools in Hardin would begin to turn on Barrier so he would pack his stuff and take that incredible son of his somewhere where he has a real chance to shine. Fools is what you guys have always been and it is what you will always be. Someone already mentioned it, but Anthony Morgan could've been a Hornet, but alas, his father wasn't good enough for you guys. This story will end the same. You guys can sit at Hardin grocery and talk about how the kid was "almost a Hornet" while you recycle Haynes for the 10,000th time. Geez
  20. It’s time for the cream to start rising to the top of the coffee. We can be overly humble and talk about how every team needs to be respected, blah blah blah. If we’re being straight up though, a team with aspirations to get back to Arlington should dispatch this TC team with relative ease. Crosby has played better the first six games of the season this year than we did last year. Lot of talk about the 2pt try in the BH game but no mention that that’s probably a game we lose regardless had it been played a few weeks earlier. We’re manufacturing a bunch of points without huge offensive statistics, that’s a key performance indicator of a dangerous team. Crosby doesn’t have a bunch of usable depth yet this year but I think we played about eight sophomores in the second half at some point last Friday. From an int, to some great tackles, to a few pancake blocks, to both rushing and passing tds, I would say they all produced in their given reps. At some point we’re going to have to be able to give Kirkwood and Womack legitimate breaks. Crosby playing well enough against TC so that the youngsters can come in and show that, would benefit the Cougars a lot moving forward. Defensively we probably need to figure out what to do when Casey gets a bunch of attention and we can’t get pressure with 3 or 4? Feels like we give up too many passing yards when we can’t get to the QB consistently. This game will be a good test for the run defense though. It’s the point in the season where Crosby needs to start ending dreams.
  21. Yep. I agree. I don’t have a kid on the field but I do know several of the parents. I understand wanting to talk smack but these are high school kids. No point in calling them out like that. You always respect your opponent.
  22. I said 10 years, as in ‘11-‘20 which is where he’s 2-4, officially 1-5. I think you have to classify both ‘13 and ‘20 as blowouts. His first two wins against Crosby his first two years as PNG’s coach were against Flannigan who was not a good coach at Crosby and was fired a year later. Flannigan missed the playoffs his first year and then went six straight but was still fired at the end of the ‘11 season. What he did just didn’t work here. That’s why we’ve looked different under the last two coaches. You can say the same for BH letting Gage go now. What I’m saying is BF doesn’t get RJ’s, that’s why I point to him as a singularity at PNG. Crosby coaches get the Walter-type kids. Riggs was good but he was not a better receiver than Rose, he just got the benefit of playing with RJ who made you keep 8 in the box to stop him from running. Again, he was a very good high school player. You talk about Walter’s game against y’all like it was better than Williams’ 300+ and 5td performance or Howard throwing for over 300 and 4tds the same game. You forgot that though because of the 10tds RJ put up. I didn’t go all the way back through the stats but Crosby has probably has close to nine 1,000 yards rushers since the Twins graduated. Our coaches get a lot of explosive players so the Twins weren’t an anomaly at Crosby. RJ was for BF and to his credit he took advantage. They were his three best years, we never made it out of the second round with the Twins though. Point I’m trying to make was theorized by Crosby in ‘11 and verified by both Crosby and BH with their recent play under their new coaches comparable to where it was. Undoubtedly BF is a great person and sometime that’s enough.
  23. Let's keep the talk to KP and Crosby in this thread please.
  24. tvc184

    Wake Up

    I made that point a couple of days ago in another forum. In the 2008 presidential election, the Republican stance was that the Democrats would eventually come up with death panels to determine who lives and who dies. Of course that was scoffed at as a scare tactic. I said this mandatory vaccination talk from the federal government is exactly what the Democrats denied 13 years ago. If a person was denied life-saving treatment because of a personal choice not the take a vaccination, that is one more step toward those death panels that we heard would never exist.
  25. This is all a part of the grand scheme. Call me crazy, a conspiracy theorist, whatever one can come up with. All of this is connected with the government paying people handsomely to stay home due to Covid. Look at the resistance worldwide. The world order is happening. Wait till China pulls the plug on rare earth materials, which they own that market, no one will be able to get a cell phone. Talk about panic.
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