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  1. At Chester we prefer Wrangler, gotta work before school, and after! And no gimme Skoal rings, you gotta earn those.
  2. Great homecoming win, and great crowd for homecoming.
  3. Wow, knew them ‘Dawgs would fight tooth and nail. Let’s go Colmesneil.
  4. How ‘bout them Yellow-Jackets!! Great way to start the season off. Congrats coaches and young men - keep working hard.
  5. Is there a thread that updates scores so you don’t have to go into each game thread?
  6. I think the ‘Dawgs are gonna surprise some people this year.
  7. Come on, would be honored to have you.
  8. Beautiful Aubrey Bradley Stadium, a great place to play.
  9. I don’t claim to be a political scientist (nor do I want to be), but wouldn’t this be impeachable? I mean I know they hated Trump and tried like hell to “get him”, but this is blatantly against American interest.
  10. God bless America. I DO believe in free speech, but seeing all these actors post this anti-American vitriol frustrates me. To each his own, but doesn’t mean I have to like it.
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