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  1. CHEF stands for…… Christian Home-School Educated Families. When I coached a home-school team we played in a league primarily based out of Louisiana called ACEL, and a lot of those teams had that acronym. If that’s the team from Baton Rouge they are normally pretty salty.
  2. !!!CY70>GO12=F;ABS!!!! Interpretation - 3 times excited, Chester Yellowjackets 70 points scored greater than Galveston O’Connell 12 points, meaning Game is Final, from Aubrey Bradley Stadium My dial-up AOL won’t allow me to alert AI Scoreboard bot.
  3. Chester takes game 1 of the season 70-12. Way to go boys, and keep working hard!!!
  4. 64-12 Chester on top, ball on the opposition’s 20.
  5. 62-12 Yellowjackets - about 3 minutes before half.
  6. Surely there is someone at the game that can post an update.
  7. Chester is up 34-12 at the end of the first quarter. I sent the scoreboard bot a Western Union telegram.
  8. Chester loses game 2, 8-1. Great season Lady ‘Jackets!
  9. Congrats!! Hard to believe that was Kelly’s first - they’ve had some great teams through the years.
  10. CH has a great tradition, and routinely go deep. They have state championships and have produced some great alumni that went on to play at high levels. With all that said, give me the Bobcats from the OC.
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