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  1. District opener in Lumberton Friday night @ 7:30. Who ya got?
  2. Just not sure how many players LCM picking up from WOS! 🤨
  3. [Hidden Content] Same kid as last year. 2nd year starting @ RB. He is a load and is very nimble for his size.
  4. I heard it was miserably hot there also and you all had no locker room for halftime
  5. Defense has the talent! Just have to come together and play as a unit. Offense can’t carry us every week.
  6. Very impressed with Tatum. Very athletic team. QB can go! Ward ended up with 18-193yds & 2 TDs. It was hot! Good luck rest of the season!
  7. This is gonna be legit! Been in line forever now to get parking!
  8. I'm a Cowboy, Longhorn, & Lumberton Raider fan! Nothing surprises me anymore. Always feel cheated on or that my dog died. Just give me another beer!
  9. He is legit! 6’2” 285 and strong as an ox!
  10. Even if they made all their kicks they still lose. WOS 4 out of 5 on 2 pt conversions.
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