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Port neches groves vs brenham 6pm Friday Nov 25 nrg stadium!!!


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10 hours ago, 87Cub said:

Yeah, we just don’t have the animals up front like we did in prior years.  Good skill position players, with good speed.  New coach has a wide open offense as opposed to the run first philosophy like before.  They are alright, kinda inconsistent.  They had Lake Creek on the ropes in the 4th qtr a couple weeks ago before we made a couple is stupid mistakes and Lake Creek scored twice in like two minutes.  It’ll be competitive.  

You are a class act as always.   Great assessment 

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16 hours ago, prepballfan said:

Hearing some strings were pulled to get this game. Former alumni helped. Two historical programs. Brenham has great fans and its always a pleasure to play them. Very similar to playing Dayton. Classy program top to bottom. I also wish we could play with the awesome PAM team. 

This is correct. It’s good to have coaches and programs with connections, on both sides of the field. It won’t surprise me if a certain state senator attends this game.

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24 minutes ago, Mr. Thornton Melon said:

Be sure to hide some snacks and drinks in the wifies purse proir to this one. Don't wanna send the kiddos to the concession stand every time with a hundo . Once snuck a 18 pack into minute maid via a diaper bag , both my brother in law and I enjoyed big savings and the game.

I've worn a huge jacket every time to NRG, hidden compartments everywhere for food, in the stands eating salt and pepper wings, smoked sausage etc.... Only had to purchase a Texans cup (in which I hated) but I got free drinks with it though. 

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13 hours ago, WOSdrummer99 said:

2nd round. Only time we've met.

11/29/86   WOS  23-7  Brenham

Always loved playing after Thanksgiving. Good luck this week against PNG.

Actually, it was our third playoff game.  We were split into two zones in our district, and the zone playoff was the first playoff.  Hey, it was a good game in the first half. We were beat up.  Three offensive lineman sick or hurt. RB too.  We wouldn’t have won anyway, but it definitely put a damper on things.  

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This is the hidden content, please

Game Tickets at Ticketmaster are currently on-sale on-line at the above link.  However, the only ticket option is $16 General Admission.  I see no other options available.  I am very confused as to the pre-sale & student prices that were quoted earlier in this discussion.  I also expected an announcement from the district as how to access for the playoff game tickets, by now.

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From The TicketMaster Site: 


Date Fri • Nov 25 • 6:00 PM
This is the hidden content, please
Houston, TX

Additional Info

General Admission Only

On game day the NRG Stadium south ticket windows will open at 3pm. 2 & older require a ticket.

Ticket is good for all games this day (if applicable) but no in/our privileges.

Park on south end of NRG Stadium.  Only the South Parking Lot will be open.  

Brenham is home team on west side of stadium.  PNG is visiting team on east side of stadium.

Parking Lot opens at 4pm.  Gates open at 5pm.


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