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  1. Santa Fe too much for Bulldogs. Maybe time for some new blood in Big Ned?
  2. This one is a toss up. Battle of the cellar dwellers!!!
  3. Thats who I thought. He played soccer with our team for years. He is a stud. Good genes!!!
  4. SHHH.... You will be crucified if you speak ill of our little nepotistic paradise.
  5. There is a huge disparity of numbers in 6A. Small 6A schools will rarely be able to compete. The answer is either a d1/d2 in 6A or a 7A. This is the only way it changes. I really don't think combining WB/BU is the answer.
  6. I think Dayton has a legitimate shot at winning the district. Their O-line is huge. They have a legit QB. They have a legit RB. They have a couple of good WR. Their defense is tenacious.
  7. I think LP has a shot in this one if PAM can't get their offense firing better than they have been. Still PAM by 21
  8. Pathetic. Congrats to Dayton on a well played game!
  9. Great job by the coaching staff having Nederland prepared to play tonight.
  10. I'm happy Dayton is making a comeback. The kids have had it rough the last several years
  11. Next week you play another mediocre team. Nederland will be the best team yall have played this year. Dayton is very unproven. I still think Dayton takes 3rd or 4th in district.
  12. Tatum did MUCH better than I anticipated!!! Great job by Tatum!!
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