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  1. I'm going to say it one last time Silsbee stops the streak tonight. All you Newton fans keep talking that talk but don't get mad when yall didn't walk the walk. 🐅🏈💯‼
  2. oh ill be there. remember YOU said if we look and play like we did against deer park against United, time to worry. now with that thinking, we can all agree we are better than Madison if the same team showed up from deer park, but i ask you, how do we get better against a team that the JV could probably beat?? going down this schedule, i see losses against United, New Caney, Porter, and KWP. i also know we don't talk about injuries on here, but two big injuries to starting defensive and offensive line looks dim as in it LOOKED pretty bad. they might return mid to end of october. i disagree with morgan on how he said the qb played well. 10-18 for 135 yards and threw for 2 TD's and ran 10 times for 80yards, TWO turnovers. lets break it of those passes went for 59 yards to alex ned and the other TD was 9 yards to Rubin for a total of 68 yards. the other 8 passes went for 67 yards. he ran 10 times for 80. one play was for 68 yards that mean the other 8 rushing plays went for 12 yards. not to mention the two turnovers. these were NOT GOOD STATS.
  3. Yes this is Will Farr senior year, they also have 2 other running back, Anthony barns and Chase Smith that are very good with lots of speed, which is helping Farr get the breaks he needs. Chase Smith is probably hands down the fastest kid in the school and he is a sophomore, I believe. Several of the boys talk about he fast he is. Regardless of the running game when you have the size and strength they have on the O-line and D-line a semi descent running back can get lots of yards. With a very good running back like Farr and that line it opens up a different type of game... Look for a couple running backs to be over 100 yards in this one.....
  4. You bullpups and german sheppards are having a love fest. Its disgusting! Where's the trash talk? Stop all this love making. Smdh... 😁😁😁
  5. The Clinton mafia is very thorough. Dead people don't talk.
  6. Nothing with the program will get better until the morale changes. If you talk to the kids in the program they are tired. Half of them want to quit. You should ask some of the kids how they are talked to. How some kids are treated better than the others. Ask these kids why they want to quit. The majority will say Coach Bobby Little. He talks to them like they are trash especially the ones of color. Look how many kids have come back since this group has taken over. They don't care about these kids. They bully these kids into doing what they want them to do. It's a sad day in bronco land.
  7. Purple colored glasses. If you are going to talk trash at least be smart enough to do it.
  8. Lateral fumbled but scramble for 3. 2-7 P -4. 3-11 don't talk about the refs... don’t talk about the refs... don’t.... interference.... uh... interference 1-10 at Nederland 45
  9. Tonight at 7:00 pm at Provost Umphrey Stadium on the campus of Lamar University. You can listen to it on KLVI by clicking on the following link:
  10. Hey navydawg 31, this is coach Bear. I’ll be at the game, if you are solo and want to talk football, text me 281-787-4534, and let know

    where you’re sitting. I’m gonna try to get on north shore side out of the sun. Coach Bear 


  11. Ill address what needs to be addressed in order. Everyone whos anyone knew shug was PA pride and harrison ran him off because agenda.... diff discussion though.... PAM knocked out in first rd last year so....? The coaching staff would have had to have brought up shug in a discussion in sugar bowl prep to have him discussed for them to talk like they did about him on air... Anyways so when he lines up at QB this year if/when Ehlinger gets injured you'll eat your words???
  12. Let's not act like this guy wont get snaps at QB when Ehlinger gets that first concussion...... "move to a different position" LOL they have been salivating to get shug on campus guys and broadcasters for sugar bowl knew to talk about him, because the coaching staff couldnt wait to get him there.... the kid has IT... PAM homer still salty he left yall lol... smh but yeah, lets just move him to DB
  13. I'll ask Coach Walkoviak the next time I talk to him. I'm sure he'll remember.
  14. I know all the talk is about the qb situation, but who is gonna step up at receiver this year for Silsbee?
  15. Running for your life, yes I seen it. Do you have those stats? I remember big sacks being taken, not throwing the ball away. I seen just chunking the ball into coverage to avoid a sack. I dont care how good the competition is. Those are things you can't do as a starter in varsity over and over again. Thw Hot shot RB did well, but his natural position is RB and he has been gifted at it for years, even before high school. He did well, but it shouldn't have had to be like that. I'm glad Foster got his stuff together and graced the reigns and took off. And I know you want what's best for the team and I understand your angle on this. I want what's best too. Believe it or not, I'm still following the team and when i see those kids, I talk all of them up. They know they have a leader in Foster and he's gained all of their confidence and trust INCLUDING the coaching staff...
  16. I remember this talk last year.. also was told Orangefield is growing and possible move up for them?
  17. Those 30 schools are well aware of where the kid stands academically. You do realize that they won't even talk to kids they don't think will meet their academic requirements, don't you? Bottom line... the committee probably thought the same thing that I'm thinking. What can this new school possibly do for him academically that the school district in which he actually lives couldn't do in K-11? My answer..nothing. I'll say again. The kid should've changed permanent residence along with his legal guardian and then this wouldn't have been an issue. This exact circumstance is exactly what this specific rule is for.
  18. We've started doing a new show that will air live on our YouTube channel and will also be converted to a podcast on multiple platforms. Gives us a chance to not only talk football, but also allows coaches to relax and have a good time. Matt Faye from the Beaumont Enterprise was on our preview show and Beaumont United Head Coach Arthur Louis swung by tonight. What you see in episode 2 is the format you'll see for the rest of the year. The preview was made for TV. Episode 2:
  19. Ey, you see how much I talk you up. You're doing great.. and thia volleyball section is the best around thanks to you.
  20. That certainly doesn't account for "decades" as you proclaimed... when you talk decades of Liberty talent you best be talking about the Winters/White, Bua, Joiner, Chambers, Moss, Trahan, Douglas bloodlines... Freigas I remember playing with were linemen...and I only know the name Slack from the last couple of years...
  21. You can have your opinion. Say whatever you want. But dont talk down on the kids because of race. I've been trying for months to it peaceful, out of respect for the site. No respect for a racist from the whitest city in Texas. Oh no wait, you dont rep BC either. Just another old angry white guy mad cuz you got trucked by WOS when u played?
  22. I’ve seen quite a few folks, on other venues, complaining about Trump talking to Putin and Jong-un often. I’m no genius of foreign affairs, or the Art of the Deal, but since Russia and North Korea are problems, it seems to me it’s prudent to stay in contact. And in the case of Jong-un, to play to his vanity, and talk about how good he is (that would probably work on Trump too, lol). Trump tried that with Putin, but he’s not buying it. Still, to keep an open dialogue is important. Jmo.
  23. That Clinton talk is just as Hillary said, a vast right wing conspiracy. The enlightened know that the Clintons "care" more than most.
  24. Mixed up kid...... if what I read was actually his “manifesto,” he denounced both parties. Condemned immigrants, expressed hardcore environmentalist viewpoints, and hated big corporations. Specifically lamented that the media would blame Trump. Heres the problem. It’s identity politics. We’d all be a lot better off if everybody would stop choosing up sides. I’m afraid that there’s more to come. They’ve created an entire culture that believes that they’ve somehow been totally screwed in the best country that exists on earth and that cops are trying to kill them for no reason..... Nobody wants to talk about the effect of telling white kids that they’re inherently racist and that the only reason that they’ve achieved anything in their short lives is because the system is rigged. The left will create two kinds of young white men with all of their talk of privilege. The boot lickers like Beto that spend all of their time apologizing for perceived slights and imagined offenses.... and angry white kids that hate everything the left embraces. “Mixed up kid” refers to the kids way of thinking... he can’t even tell which side he’s on. His actions are those of a monster and he should be punished accordingly.
  25. That is s must read article for anyone that wants a summation of Mueller's testimony. Talk about stripping it down to the bone. Hoorah John Nolte.
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